How to monitor kids remotely

How to monitor kids remotely
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How to monitor kids remotely

You, as a parent, are worried about your children’s daily activities online, but how to monitor kids remotely?

how to monitor kids remotely

It is your right to be concerned about your children’s safety, but it is your responsibility to have positive control over them. That is why parents need to use software and know-how to monitor kids remotely and their online activities. 

When your child goes cycling, what do you buy?

A helmet, a kneecap.

But what happens when you get them their first smartphones? That is where we step in. We have developed an application called Mobilespy that acts as the right proactive tool to set up the right policy on your child’s devices.

There are various kinds of monitoring software for parents. But Mobilespy is considered the best free parental control app or a spy phone app to monitor kids remotely, their online activities, and protect them.

Parenting in the digital age

Parental Control

Parenting is well challenging. It has always been and always will be put in this digital age, and I think parenting will be the most challenging than it will ever be. Rearing a child is a difficult job; providing for your child by working a full-time job and taking care of them at home is no less than a full-time job too. We pay more attention to our virtual presence than our existence in real-time and space (by space, I mean our activity online). Everything is exposed to digital technology, including children and their parents.

Children tend to like socializing virtually on many digital platforms available to them. Now coming back to why parenting is challenging in the digital age, most children are exposed to many digital platforms. They have learned to socialize virtually but have trouble socializing in the real world. They are more reserved because they are used to socializing behind a small screen.

The digital features are raising many uncertainties. In this digital age, the rift between parents and children is increasing quite a lot. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep them safe. Digital and technology are not going anywhere. Because of this digital age, children will be exposed to some digital technology in one way or another, and it cannot be helped.

Why do we need to monitor kids remotely?

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Digital is everywhere, and now parents’ fear about the impacts of digital technology is overwhelming as many children have fallen victim to the negative impacts of digital technology. Violence, sexual content, sexual abuse, advertising, being exposed to pornography and depression, cyberbullying, harassment, the dark side of social media platforms, and poor concentration affecting academic success are significant negative impacts. Without proper supervision, the Internet can lead your kids to the wrong path. Parents are eager to discuss everything to prevent the negative impacts of digital technology and the practical steps they can take to shape their children’s digital lives positively.

The positive side of spying on technology is still unexplored. Many of us still think spy apps are illegal and unethical. Follow the link and gather more ideas about how monitoring apps can help in better parenting.

However, this does not mean that you have to restrict your kids from using smartphones and the Internet completely. Instead, you can monitor, track and limit their online activities. If you want to keep your kids safe from the dark side of the Internet, then why are you not using Mobilespy yet? Mobilespy is the best Parental control software or parental control app available in the market. Mobilespy allows various features to access your kid’s smartphones online.

Monitor Kids vs. Spy Kids

Sometimes parents take monitoring as a form of spying and do not feel comfortable monitoring their kids’ mobile activities. Many children may argue about being monitored 24/7 by their parents. This may bring conflict between parents and the children. But it is very important to understand that these kinds of monitoring software keep them safe rather than invade their privacy. If you feel like you are invading their privacy, explain to your child the importance of digital safety. Develop a mutual agreement on why you are using Mobilespy. Monitoring your kid’s smartphone activities is the best way to ensure their safety online with limited scope. The monitoring process is the legal process. Monitoring is entirely different from spying, as spying is the process of accessing your kid’s mobile phone without their consent.

Why use MobileSpy to Monitor Kids Remotely?


  • Limit Screen Time

The use of YouTube and online games are the major factors in parents’ worries. Most of the children in their teens are found to stay on their cell phones to play video games all day and night. This not only hampers physical health but completely damages mental health as well. It stimulates depression, anxiety, violence, and social isolation. YouTube keeps people addicted by increasing their screen time. It targets not only adults but even children at the age of 4.

They are found watching YouTube videos for more than an hour. Though you can use YouTube Parental Control, the survey shows that only 40% of parents are taking advantage of the feature. In such cases,

Mobilespy can act as a guide to monitor the children’s screen limit time. This app also comes with a feature of notification alert. Mobilespy alerts the parents if they found their children spending most of their time on YouTube and online games.

  • Monitor Kids and online activities

Children are found stuck up in the corner of the room, sticking their eyes to the device using different social media platforms. Almost every kid is exposed to at least one platform of social media. The phenomenon of scrolling through social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Twitter affects the neural system the same way cocaine does. The cult of selfie phenomenon around the Facebook app, Instagram app, and Snapchat is universal. It develops competition in these young minds on who can take a perfect selfie and get more likes.

Low likes and fewer followers make them upset, and they feel ashamed of themselves. Kids are concerned about being accepted by others on social media leading them to the wrong path. But children should understand that real life is not what they see through a small screen of their phone. 

Mobilespy can keep an eye on social media such as Whats app, Hangouts app, and other platforms and track what they are posting and the list of people they follow. This app helps disconnect your children from the fake world of social media and underscore the notion of being free to be who you are. 

Besides, Mobilespy allows you to monitor and generate log files of your kid’s online activities online and offline. With the natural use of spy software “ Mobilespy,” it replaces the trouble of peeking over your children’s shoulders and acts as a spy to get track of your kids’ activities online. It allows you to record emails, online conversations, passwords, and keystrokes. This ensures that your kids are on the safe side of the Internet. 

  • Browse web history

To ensure what type of content your kids consume day by day on the Internet, Mobilespy allows you to keep tabs on your children’s web history and surfing habits by finding out which websites they visit frequently and getting details of the timestamps, frequency, and bookmarks.

  • Block concerning applications and websites

The invention of the new application, violent sites, and porn sites hamper the mind of these young kids.  Features are developed in such a way that it piques the interest of the children. For example, PUBG is the most popular game, and it is still popular after the two years of its release. It has become so bad that a 20-year-old boy from India died due to continuous play for about 45 days suffering from nerve damage. There are different kinds of other games and applications that keep the children addicted all day and night.

Another example is porn websites. Exposure to pornography early might disturb these children’s young minds, portraying a lack of emotional relationships between partners. They might change how the children view the world, increasing high-risk behaviors and affecting their sustained human relationships. The most damaging content for your kids includes sites that encourage self-harm. Children who are facing mental health issues can be severely affected by these kinds of sites.

Sites that encourage the use of drugs and alcohol create an environment where your children normalize behavior that is harmful to their health. These kinds of content are often illegal lurking around the Internet. These kinds of games, applications and websites are not appropriate for them. 

If you are wondering about How to block a Website

Then you can use Mobilespy.

Consequently, using Mobilespy can offer an added advantage of blocking the concerned application from your kid’s smartphones and keeping them safe from them.

  • Track Location

If you are wondering about How to track a phone?

Make use of Mobilespy.

What makes Mobilespy different from other applications and technology is that Mobilespy lets you track the smartphones of your phone in real-time and the location tracking using GPS phone tracker or cell phone tracker so that you are informed about their whereabouts and what kind of places they have been hanging out. Besides this, it comes with the feature of Find my phone location by number.

Mobilespy, why is it the right software to monitor kids remotely?

Take time and think about the activities that your children like to do online. When choosing a good parental app, you need to look at the features they offer. Every software defines features and functionalities that can attract people to the market. Those features are what define effective software. These are some key features a best parental control app must have to monitor your kid’s online activities.

  • Monitor kids and their online activities
  • Limit screen time
  • Block concerned websites and application
  • Track location
  • Web history
  • Set restriction during bedtime
  • Monitoring of social media

Mobilespy also works wonders with the key features in it, as we’ve discussed. Mobilespy’s good parental control app has these features that make it alluring to the people in the market. Unique is the features; more is the usage of the application. Mobilespy is recommended as the best software that is available in the market.

Besides mobilespy applications, there are other parental control apps that help you to monitor your kids remotely.

List of parental control applications

Norton Family

In the context of online security, Norton holds the number one position. It helps you remotely monitor your child’s computer (works on both PC and Mac) activities. You can block improper content, oversight online activities, and set time limits for a certain time. There is an option for the child to request more time limits which you can accept or reject. The Lock Now features of the Norton family allow you to lock the device. It also allows you to track your child’s location, spying on social media applications. However, it doesn’t have a screenshot service of online chat.

Net Nanny

The parental control application, Net Nanny, is entirely compatible with Windows, Mac, Android devices. This application lets you filter the websites according to your desire. Blocking pornographic content before it’s viewed is possible through this app. You can organize the screen time and spy on online activities. 


Qustodio includes everything that parental control should have. It is affordable.

You can set the time hours limit from anywhere and filter the web remotely. The interesting fact is that you can set a different time limit for each application. Not only that, you can track your child’s location and set up geofencing.


Children are vulnerable in this digital world. And this is challenging for the parents because they might have no idea how their children are using all these digital platforms. Their parents won’t be able to be aware of their children’s digital or online activity. It does not take much research to realize that the Internet is a scary place. Remotely monitoring kids and their online activities have become an important issue. While you may worry about disrespecting your child’s privacy, you will conclude a monitoring system is extremely useful.

The bottom line is parents can’t control their kids, and they cannot control technology. But technology can control another technology. There is an app like Mobilespy that ensures every parent about the wellbeing of their children in the real or the virtual world. Parents need to teach their children how to act, converse, and manage themselves in public. All these factors are increasing social interaction rather than isolating themselves from the real world. 

Thus, an application such as Mobilespy that can act as a guide and lead them to get a better understanding of the real world can bring a sense of relief to parents concerned about their children’s future. In this way, parents would not drive themselves crazy thinking of how their children use the Internet. If used in the right way, parents can have peace of mind about their children’s safety. Then your child can discover the safe side of the Internet.

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