Frequently Asked Questions

What is MobileSpy?
MobileSpy is a remote surveillance, monitoring, and a control program that provides you with an access to control and monitor all kinds of activities that takes place on the target IOS or android device anytime, anywhere. It has also got a proper data backup facility to back up the information tracked from your target device.The primary function for which it is responsible is to keep an eye on the online activities of your spouse, children, and employees.
How does the MobileSpy app work?
MobileSpy immediately starts operating in background as a background interception and survellience utility once it gets installed on the target device. During this process, it keeps hold of all the activities undergoing in your target device.Unlike other spying applications, you don’t have to jailbreak or root the target device for this application to operate. It also consumes very less amount of your system resources and is thus almost impossible to be noticed. It further provides you with an option to hide or display after it gets installed. Thus, you can start using it by logging in to MobileSpy account from your browser and access it remotely from your authorized MobileSpy account after you have installed MobileSpy on your target device.
Can I use MobileSpy anywhere?
Yes, you can use MobileSpy in any device provided that the device has compatible operating system and is connected to the carrier network.
What Android versions is MobileSpy compatible with?
MobileSpy works on MobileSpy is compatibleon Android 4.0 and higher versions.Android 4.0 and higher.
Do I have to register an account with MobileSpy before I can start using it?
Yes, you will have to have a registered MobileSpy account before you can actually gain an access to the MobileSpy control panel.
Will the target device have a visible MobileSpy icon in the app drawer?
Once you install MobileSpy on your target device, you will have an option to hide the icon. So, if you opt for it then the target device won’t have a visible MobileSpy icon in the app drawer. MobileSpy runs in a stealthmode and is almost impossible to spot.
Is MobileSpy legal?
In the USA, spyingapps are legal if you use it to spy the devices of your underage children or company owned devices given to employee. Thus, MobileSpy is legal to use in USA. You may also use itto monitor your own personal computers. But, we kindly suggest you to look at your local government laws and policies and verify it before actually implementing MobileSpy to monitor.
Can MobileSpy be installed remotely?
No, MobileSpycannot be installed remotely.
How do I install MobileSpy on a target device?
You'll need quick physical access to the target to install MobileSpy. Check if this is legal first before you get your hands on the target device. Root the target unit, then. Rooting is necessary if you want to use all the features of MobileSpy. Rooted applications include links to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Gmail.
How do I uninstall MobileSpy on target device?
You will have to do the following if you are about to uninstall MobileSpy:
1.Go to Phone settings and then to security.
2.Tap on Device Administrator
3.Tap onUpdate Serviceand deactivate
Once you do this go back to the settings menu and do the following:
1.Go to Apps and then to Update service
2.Find MobileSpyand then tap on uninstall option
How can I monitor the target device?
You can monitor the target device in a few simple clicks. You just have to sign into your MobileSpy account to have an access to the MobileSpy control panel. Then from the panel you can remotely monitor and control the activities happening in your target’s device.
How many devices can I monitor?
The number of devices that you can monitor depends on the type of your subscription. Since each subscription plan has specific limit on the number of devices that you can control, please check our plan details.
Does the device I want to monitor need an internet connection?
Yes,it is necessary to have an internet connection on your target devicebecause MobileSpy requires internet connection to provide you with all the information it records. You can receive the recordedinformation via Wi-Fi or mobile cellular network.
Where can I get technical support?
You can contact our technical support team just here. Include as many details as you can and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Start Spying Remotely with 3 Steps

Sign Up Free
Sign up for a free MobileSpy account. All you need is an existing email ID and you are good to go.
Install MobileSpy
Download MobileSpy and install it on your target’s Android/iOS device. The setup takes only a handful of minutes.
Begin Monitoring
After MobileSpy is up and running. Log into your MobileSpy account and start tracking every activity.

MobileSpy is affordable! From us, you get all the functions that you see and pay for.