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MobileSpy for Parental Control
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MobileSpy for Parental Control

With the drastic growth in information communication technologies, many communication applications/ software have been introduced, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and Messenger. The internet is also easily and readily available, so everyone gets a straightforward approach or way to these software types.

In a short period, these apps have replaced the whole way of communication. You can’t only exchange text messages but also videos, images, audio, live audio and video calls, etc. Although monitoring software is beneficial, all of them do not provide specific parental control features.

When you continuously monitor and track your teen’s activities, there is no need to worry. Various apps can perform the needed monitoring task and assist you in tracking your children, but you will learn about the MobileSpy app and its features in this article.

MobileSpy for Parental Control

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What is the MobileSpy parental control app, and why do you need it?

MobileSpy app is a remote tracking application that can monitor calls, social media apps, messaging apps, location, and many more. It is one of the best parental control applications, which helps parents monitor their kids and track their device data anywhere. Installing MobileSpy on their kid’s cell phones or laptops, or tablets will let the parents:

  • Trace the location history and location and location of the monitored device in real-time on the map
  • Remotely monitor SMS, calls, contacts, and multimedia files such as audio, video, and photos in stealth mode
  • Remotely monitor instant messaging or chatting apps like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp 
  • Set alert for suspicious words, places, contact and receive an alert notification if it is used
  • A detailed record of incoming calls and outgoing calls
  • Take single or multiple screenshots of the target device screen.

I will mention more about MobileSpy app features in the next section. MobileSpy has been specially designed for parents who can’t keep their eyes on their kids. With MobileSpy, parents will monitor their child remotely, without having physical access to the kid’s device. 

To add more, employers can also use this application to keep an eye on their employees’ activity and see if they are involved in suspicious activity. It can also help you with spouse monitoring to see whether your partner is cheating on you. Some tracking apps have a wide range of valuable and different functionalities than others.

In this blog, I will show one of the most promising software that offers awe-inspiring features for parental control, “MobileSpy.”  For more details about the reason behind using parental control, the app follows the link. 

Features of MobileSpy app

A wide range of features is available with MobileSpy for parental control. Looking at its features in detail, you will realize that MobileSpy is the best parental control app.

Track calls

mobilespy app to track callsMobileSpy app call tracking feature can monitor Incoming, Outgoing, as well as Missed Calls. It can provide you call details of the target device like date and time of calls made, call time duration; if saved on the contact list, it can also trace the name or number of the caller on the target device. 

You can easily trace out if your kid is talking to someone unknown and suspicious about this feature. You can also find out if your kid is getting bullies, threatening, or blackmail calls.

Track contact

You can monitor the contact of your kid with Mobilespy. It includes features like viewing the kid’s contact list, detailed contact overviews such as name, profile image, contact number, address, address location information, and map link. 

To add more, you can also download the child’s contact details onto your device. Looking at the contact details, you will know who your kid talks with and how long your child is in contact with that person.

Track SMS

The SMS tracking feature of Mobilespy helps parents monitor the incoming messages, outgoing messages, whole message body text, date and time stamps of each message, and contact details of the person sending messages to kids. 

Using the SMS tracking feature of Mobilespy, you can see with whom and about what your kid is chatting. If you find something suspicious, you can take immediate precautions accordingly.

Track location

mobilespy app to track locationLocation tracking is one of the vital features of the Mobilespy parental control app. This feature enables you to trace the existing location, including the exact latitude and longitude. It can also provide you with a record of your kid’s location with time and date. 

Mobilespy also provides the address of the location along with a map link. It is one of the significant features of parental control because knowing your kid’s real-time location can make you aware of whether or not your kid is on the right track.

Track website history

web historyOne of the fantastic features of Mobilespy is tracking the history of the website that your kid visits. The fantastic thing is that even if your child deletes browsing history from their device, you can still access it from your Mobilespy dashboard. 

Mobilespy website history tracking feature provides browsing history logs, time and date stamps of the visited website, frequent visits per website, URLs of visited sites. With Mobilespy, you can always keep an eye on the type of website that your kid visits. You can know what your kid does online and be aware of them if you trace any potential danger.

Social media spy

social mediaMobilespy app can monitor many popular social media networking sites used by your kid. Social media monitoring is an essential aspect of a parental control app. By spying on your kid’s social media accounts as a parent, you can know a lot about your kid. 

Parents can better understand the feelings of a kid. Parents can know about their kid’s friend circle, interests, talent, skills. It helps in knowing whether the kid is on the right track or not. Social media monitoring can trace whether or not the child is being bullied or bullying others. 

Track FB messages

Using the Facebook messages tracker of Mobilespy, you can view your kid’s private and group chats, see the date and timestamps of each chat, date, and time of each call made on messenger, seeing at the information parents can also check out the people behind contacts. 

Facebook is a top-rated social media platform. There is more chance that your kid is also using Facebook, so Facebook monitoring is needed.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp is another popular app that can be spied on with Mobilespy. It can monitor all your kid’s sent and received text messages, track all the incoming calls, outgoing calls, and text, date, time, and duration of each chat and call, view contact information, photos, videos, and other multimedia files shared on WhatsApp. Using this feature, you can trace each activity of your child on WhatsApp.

Snapchat spy

Snapchat is a popular app among teenagers. They send snaps of each moment to close friends. Spying on Snapchat will help you to know more about your child. 

Mobilespy app can track every call and text of SnapChat,  date, time, duration of each text and call, both sent and received messages privately or in a group, all multimedia files; Photos, videos, shared on Snapchat, contact information.

Instagram spy

Instagram is also one of the popular apps among youngsters. They update stories’ Instagram stories’ about each moment to close friends. 

Spying on Instagram will help you to know more about your child. Mobilespy can track every call and text on Instagram, date, time, duration of each text, call, send and receive messages, track private and group text, track all multimedia files; Photos, and share photos on Instagram contact information.

Viber spy

ViberViber is also one of the most popular for sharing photos. Spying on Viber helps parents to understand their kids better. Mobilespy can track every call and text on Viber. 

It can also provide details such as date, time, duration of each text and call, spy on both sent and received messages, track private and group text, track all multimedia files, audio, video, photos shared on Viber.

Skype spy

This feature of Mobilespy tracks Skype calls and texts, dates, times, duration of each Sent and received text messages and calls, track contact information, say on Photos, videos, and other multimedia files shared on Skype. 

Its monitoring tools can also help you to prevent inappropriate content from reaching the wrong recipient.

Email spy

Email spy helps parents determine if their kid is getting spam, fraud, or email from ambiguous people. Mobilespy Email spy function keeps track of each Sent and received the email, time, and date of every email. It can also provide recipient information.

Photo and video spy

Photo and video spy features may sound unrealistic to you, but Mobilespy does it for you. Parents can easily view each image and video taken on the child’s phone by using Mobilespy. The photos and videos stored on the phone or tablet can be accessed by parents remotely.

Not only this, each downloaded multimedia file can be monitored. Mobilespy also provides the date and time stamps for every clicked/downloaded photo and video.

Application spy

As you can view all the apps stored on your kid’s device, you can make your child aware and delete the inappropriate app if installed. Mobilespy parental control app also provides the installed time, date of every app. It also provides details like app size and version of the app.

Application activity

Spying on application activity can show everything that your child sees on their phone. Parents can view the applications installed on their kid’s devices. Mobilespy also features recording the screen time of each app and calculating the daily average application screen time.

This feature is handy for parents to spy on their kids as the Mobilespy application spy also gives the app’s exact time and date. It showed when a particular app was installed and for how long the application has been used.


With Mobilespy, parents can take single or multiple screenshots of their kid’s device remotely and secretly. Screenshots are saved by Mobilespy automatically for further use. Parents can take screenshots of their kids’ devices anytime and see what they are doing in real-time.

Stealth mode

Kids often show rebellious behavior when they get to know that their parents are spying on them. In such a case, parents can use the Mobilespy parental control app to work in stealth mode. When your kid is using a phone, they won’t feel parents are spying on them.  

Keylogger and keyword alert

Keylogger stores each keystroke of your kid’s device. Mobilespy also offers the feature of keyword alert filters for big data. Parents can Set up an unlimited number of restricted keywords and then get an immediate alert notification if a kid enters the specified keywords or phrases. 

It also provides the frequency of restricted keywords used by the child. Parents can get a notification each time if their child searches and sees something inappropriate.

Geofence alert

Geofence is another essential feature offered by the Mobilespy parental control app. With this feature, parents can easily set up an unlimited number of forbidden and safe zones. Mobilespy gives instant notification or alert if the child enters or leaves a restricted or geofenced location. Many potential dangers like kidnapping can be prevented. 

Parents can also see the device movement history of their kid’s device on a map. Tracing how frequently each zone is visited can help parents know whether their child is on the right track or not.

WiFi loggers

Mobilespy WiFi Logger feature tracks all the connected WiFi hotspots with the name of each connection. It can also monitor the time, date of each connection. 

Parents can find out the location where their kid signs in WiFi frequently and know about child activity.

Uninstall alert

The uninstall alert feature helps to find if any application on the kid’s device is uninstalled. 

Parents can see why and which app was deleted and quickly know when something out of the ordinary happened with the application.

Complete working of MobileSpy application

It is effortless to use Mobilespy to set it up and explore all features by following just three simple steps. Complete working of Mobilespy parental control application is given below:

Step 1: Sign up for free

You can use your existing email address and do a free sign-up to use MobileSpy.

Step 2: Install MobileSpy App

Then you have to install the application on the target device. Remember to follow the installation prompt provided, as the process is different for Android and iOS.

Step 3: Start monitoring

MobileSpy parental control app is ready to use. Now, log in to your dashboard and explore all the fantastic features of MobileSpy. 

Why do you need the parental control app?

With the drastic growth in information communication technologies, many communication software has been introduced. With the development of information communication technology, the parental control app is slowly becoming an inseparable part of parenting in the digital era.


Parents app is needed for web filtering, setting the time limit, and more. The panic button, set time limit, device usage calculator, block apps are essential parental control applications.

Google play store has many android apps like password managers, threat detectors, etc., powered parental control to help digital parenting.

The parental control app is needed to keep an eye on the child and protect them from internet and technology threats. Parents can monitor their child remotely with a parental control app like MobileSpy, without having physical access to the kid’s device. There are multiple reasons to support why a parental control app is needed. Some of them are listed and explained below:

Prevent cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a burning issue nowadays. With the ease of accessing the internet and digital devices, cyberbullying has risen its graph. 

Various cyberbullying types, such as harassment, exclusion, extortion, online blackmailing, identity theft, etc., are common.

Parental control app can help determine if the child is a bully or is getting bullied by others. Bullying is not a joke as it can hamper kids’ brains very severely. 

Parents who use a parental control app to watch children can quickly know if their child faces online bullying and takes immediate action against it.

Protecting kids from obnoxious content

How can you block websites on Android and iOS devices?

The parental control app is needed to protect kids from obnoxious content. We all know how vague the internet is. It contains all types of data and information. All the information available on the internet is not appropriate for underage children. 

There are obnoxious contents that can hit the child’s brain hard. It is the responsibility of parents to make their child aware and protect kids from obnoxious content. 

While monitoring manually, it is challenging to trace what content the child is exploring, but the process becomes much more comfortable with the parental control app.

Category blocking

Parents can manage parental control settings to provide permits for certain valuable websites on a child’s device. Using the feature of category blocking, parents can block various violent, depressing, pornographic sites, etc.

Parental control app helps parents to keep their child on the safe side of the internet. To keep children away from all the goodness of technology in this modern age is not a solution. 

As a parent, you can open a wide door of opportunity for your kid by letting them use the internet and keeping them away from the negative consequences of technology. The parental control app helps you in achieving this goal.

Familiarity with technology

screen timeHow important do you think it is to be familiar with the latest technology? Very important. Right? Parental control apps also help parents be more familiar with the latest technology and popular trends among kids. This way, parents can also save their children from potential harm. 

Children of the digital age are very smart with the latest technology, so parents need to keep information about digitization and better parenting.

Restricting downloads 

To keep the child’s device safe, parents can use parental control apps and restrict the downloads. Kids are not mature enough to understand what app is helpful for them. They want to try new applications and end up downloading viruses and malware instead. If parents control their kids’ phones, they can restrict certain apps to protect them.

Why is MobileSpy the best mobile tracker?

If you are searching for a perfect parental control app, you must be wondering which one is the best. Every application claims to be the best, but you have to be wise while choosing. I would say MobileSpy is top in the market. Don’t worry because I am not saying it on the air.

 I have enough proof and explanation to prove that MobileSpy is one of the best applications for parental control. 


Before buying any software, it is essential to check compatibility with your device because even the best app will be of no use if your device is not compatible. Talking about the compatibility of MobileSpy, it is compatible with a wide range of android and iOS devices.

It is compatible with android version 4 or more. It is compatible with almost all devices, so you do not have to worry. But I would suggest you check the compatibility of the software with your device before buying.


One of the best things about buying MobileSpy is that you will get an easy refund. Once you have bought the app and are not satisfied with its features, you can claim a refund. To get a refund to read the refund policy written on MobileSpy’s official website. Fill in the refund fund and leave the rest for us.

No rooting/ jailbreak

Most of the features of MobileSpy do not require a rooting jailbreak. It offers advanced features without rooting the android device and without jailbreaking the iOS device. This feature is rarely offered by other apps available in this domain. No rooting and no jailbreak make parental control apps more hidden and secret.

Customer’s trust

Millions of people around the world trust MobileSpy. Almost 98% of its customers renew their subscriptions every month. You can believe in the trust of so many people. MobileSpy has gained its customer’s trust from its starting days.

Stealth mode

MobileSpy works on stealth mode, which means your child won’t know if the app is installed on their device. IT works in the background and uses minimum resources. When using the phone, your child will not be disturbed by MobileSpy at all. 

Unlike other apps available in the market, it does not heat the target device, does not drain the battery too fast, and doesn’t create any lag on the target device. Also, MobileSpy works remotely, so you do not have to worry about being detected.

24/7 customer service and support

MobileSpy has a separate department for customer care from where you can get support service anytime in a day. It offers support service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you face any problem regarding the app, you can reach the customer support department.

100% secure

It is one hundred percent safe to use MobileSpy. It collects some of your data for better customer service but never sells it to any third party for personal benefit. Your data is safe between you and MobileSpy. Do not worry about the safety of your data and private information. It is 100% safe to use MobileSpy.


The popularity of MobileSpy has covered 95+ countries. It is a top-rated parental control app. A lot of parents around the globe have trust in this. MobileSpy has worked very hard to achieve this popularity. Its functions, ease of use, price, and customer care have made it so much popular.

Legal information

In most countries, MobileSpy parental control apps are legal. But still, I would suggest you check your local laws before using this application. 

All the legal information such as Privacy Policy, Affiliate Policy, Cookie Policy, Refund Policy, Compatibility Policy, End User License Agreement, Terms Of Use, Disclosure are well defined. You can read everything from Mobilespy’s official website.

Services after-sale

Service after the sale is one of the things that makes MobileSpy so unique. Most of the product does not offer this. After buying the app, if you need any help, MobileSpy is always there. Unlike other applications, MobileSpy does not leave you just by delivering the product.

So what is stopping you from using MobileSpy? These are some of the reasons why MobileSpy is considered the best parental control app. After using the app by yourself, you will get to know the different perks of this app. Select the best subscription plan for you, and stay carefree.


MobileSpy is not the cheapest parental control app available in the market, but I can assure you that it gives the best value for money. It is very affordable as you can use this parental control app by paying less than a dollar per day. MobileSpy offers many premium features at a low rate.

Keep kids safer from cyber threats

Yes, parental control application helps keep kids safe from cyber threats, but some other measures must be taken alongside.

Increase awareness

Increasing awareness among youngsters helps to protect them from potential cyber threats. Children are more likely to fall victim to cyber threats. 

When using the internet, suffering from some educational content, playing online games, streaming something at any moment, they might face it. So it would help if you made your child aware of cyberbullying, viruses, malware, etc.

Protect your kid’s identity

Research shows parents post so much about their child on social media because they are not aware that it might lead to the identity theft of their child. Also, the attacker or the person with the wrong intention can reach the child very quickly.

Therefore, it is essential to protect your kid’s identity in the online world. Do not share about your child so much. Also, educate your child about different cyber threats and tell them not to talk or share any information with strangers. Teach your child to protect their information by themselves.

Protect your computer

Protecting every device that your child uses is so important. You have to check the new updates and manage security settings regularly to keep your child safe from hackers and scammers. Making use of trusted software to protect the computer is recommended.

Without protection, your child’s device is valuable to a lot of malware and viruses. Your child might not protect their device themselves, so you have to teach or do it for them.

Create unique passwords

Password protection is another essential thing. Each account of your child should be protected with a strong password.

This way, outsiders or the unauthentic person cannot reach the personal information of your child. Ensure to check each child’s account as children are not aware of having kept some easy passwords.

Tell your child to make passwords strong by adding both small and capital letters along with some numbers and symbols. Name or some other easy password is a ‘NO’. If your child cannot reset the strong password by themselves, you can help them.

Monitor online activity

Children are not much aware of what they should see and what they should not see. The Internet is an extensive network and has every information. All the information available here are not safe for underage child.

So, as a parent, you must monitor to check whether or not your child sees appropriate content. You can use parental control software like MobileSpy to keep an eye on your kid.

Promote appropriate use

Make sure the online interactions made by your kid are appropriate. While using the internet, tell your child not to interact with unknown persons. 

Teach your child to make a mature and responsible decision. Educate them about appropriate and inappropriate sites. Warn them not to visit sites with violent, scary, pornographic content. 

Keeping your child is a much more complex task than it sounds. You have to keep an eye on the list of things. If you are a working parent, it might be more difficult for you to monitor your child 24/7.

But do not worry, there is software that can help you do all this monitoring. Yes, it is MobileSpy. It will do all the monitoring parts for you and analyze the data to be more time-saving for parents.

Compatibility of MobileSpy app

MobileSpy application is compatible with a wide range of devices. It can monitor both iOS and Android devices. 

MobileSpy App compatibility on iOS devices 

It can monitor any device that runs iOS 7 to 8.4 and 9.0 – 9.1 with Jailbreak. Many features work on iOS 7 to 11+ even without Jailbreak.

For specific features, it is essential to jailbreak the target device. Having iCloud credentials can be merely helpful because you do not require physical access to the device to install it if you have it. You can easily install it remotely.

But if you do not have iCloud credentials, you require physical access to the target device to install it. To receive all the data, the target device must be connected to the internet.

MobileSpy App compatibility on android smartphones and tablets

MobileSpy is compatible with Android version 4 and more. You can enjoy certain features without rooting the target android device. 

Most of the premium and complex functions won’t work without roots. Unlike iOS, you need to have physical access to the target device to install MobileSpy. 

To transfer the data to your device from the target device, both devices must have an internet connection.

Check the compatibility of MobileSpy with your device before buying it.

Frequently asked question

Following are some frequently asked questions to MobileSpy:

Do I Need To Tell My Child That I Am Monitoring Their Cell Phone?

Yes, it will be more ethical to monitor your child by telling them. Parents often have confusion regarding the privacy violation of their kids. 

They do not feel essential to inform their child before spying on them. It is the responsibility of parents to tell their children the benefits of monitoring.

If a child is informed about a monitoring application installed on their phone, the child will be more prepared. If parents installed some monitoring application without saying it to their child, they might feel their parents do not trust them.

Is MobileSpy App legal?

Yes, MobileSpy parental control apps are legal in most countries. But it is still suggested to check your local laws before using this application. 

All the legal information such as Privacy Policy, Affiliate Policy, Cookie Policy, Refund Policy, Compatibility Policy, End User License Agreement, Terms Of Use, Disclosure of are MobileSpy well defined. You can read everything from MobileSpy’s official website.

Do I Need Physical Access To My Child’s Cell Phone To Use MobileSpy App?

If you have iCloud credentials of your child’s device, then you do not require physical access to the device to install it. Unlike iOS, you need to have physical access to the target device to install MobileSpy.

Which Devices Are Compatible With MobileSpy Parental Control App?

MobileSpy is compatible with Android version 4 and more. It can monitor any device that runs iOS 7 to 8.4 and 9.0 – 9.1 with Jailbreak. Many features work on iOS 7 to 11+ even without Jailbreak.

Does MobileSpy require the internet for appropriate working?

Yes, the internet is needed to transfer the monitored data from the target device to your device. To run MobileSpy on the target device’s background to collect the data, the internet is not required, but it is needed for remote monitoring.

What is a refunding process?

MobileSpy refund process is straightforward. If you are not satisfied with the app’s features after buying, you can claim a refund within seven days. Fill in the refund fund and leave the rest for us. To get a refund to read the refund policy written on MobileSpy’s official website.

What can parents see on parental controls?

Parents can see each activity of their child on the phone. Parents can hence view calls, SMS, contact details, social media activity, real-time location, location history, browsing history, keystrokes, and much more.

How many devices can be monitored with the MobileSpy App?

You can monitor unlimited devices with MobileSpy. There are no device limits; however, it depends on the type of subscription you take. 

MobileSpy App Prices and Subscriptions

MobileSpy offers both basic and premium subscriptions. If you buy an essential subscription, you can get functions such as Call Logs, SMS Logs, Contacts, Location, Photos, Videos, Applications.

Both family and business premium subscriptions include functions such as Call Logs, SMS Logs, Contacts, Location, Photos, Videos, Application, SIM Card Alert, Website History, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, Email, Screenshots, Geofence, Keyword Alert, Keylogger, Alerts. 

It is very affordable as you can use this parental control app by paying less than a dollar per day. MobileSpy offers many premium features at a low rate. 

For a one-device basic plan, the price is $29.99 per month. For one device premium plan, the price is hence $49. 9 per month. For the two devices family plan, the price is $69.99 per month. For an unlimited devices business plan, the price is $19.99 per device per month.

Pros and cons of MobileSpy App

Everything has both pros and cons. Here are a few pros and cons of this MobileSpy application:


  • MobileSpy can monitor most of the popular social media and instant messaging applications.
  • It has an exemplary user interface and is easy to use
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices
  • It costs less than a dollar per day, so it is affordable
  • Varieties of features are available for parental control
  • Good customer support service. Even after-sale service is provided. The customer care department is available 24/7


  • We can’t do Installation remotely on an Android device. iCloud credentials of the target device are required to install it remotely on an iOS device
  • Rooting/ jailbreak is required to use some features.


MobileSpy app for parental control offers all essential functions required such as track call Logs, track SMS Logs, track contact details, trace real-time location, track location history, photos spy, Videos spy, Application spy, SIM card Alert, browsing history, Facebook spy, Instagram spy, Skype spy, Twitter spy, Viber spy, WhatsApp spy, Email spy, Screenshots spy, Geofence alert, Keyword alert, Keylogger, uninstall alert.

Their confusion regarding the ethics of using parental control apps. What do you think is right: interfering with their matters by spying or trusting your child blindly? Do you have safety concerns or want total control?

If you install a parental control app on your kid’s device, they may also feel you have no trust in them, and if you do not install such an app, your child might go out of track and do inappropriate things online. In such a situation, what you can do is use a mobile spy app like MobileSpy. I will explain why.

Unlike other apps available in the market, MobileSpy does not heat the target device, does not drain the battery too fast, and doesn’t create any lag on the target device. 

You can keep an eye on your child remotely. MobileSpy works in stealth mode, which means it is also tough for your child to find the app on their device. So, your kid won’t feel interrupted while using their phone.

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