Monitor Location

Monitor Location is an advanced monitoring app that offers a wide range of location-tracking features. Effortlessly track the locations of the target iOS devices – simply subscribe, install, and start tracking.

monitor location.

Monitor Location Features

A parent can know where their child is, a spouse can monitor their partner’s whereabouts, or an employer can see if their employees are on-site within a few clicks. All thanks to MobileSpy’s location monitor. From real-time locations to histories with exact longitude, latitude, and time. Everything is in stealth mode – monitoring made discrete and effortless.

Monitoring real-time locations

MobileSpy’s location monitor allows you to obtain the exact latitude and longitude of the iOS device you wish to monitor in real-time within a few clicks.

Accessing Location History

Stay updated on every location the target iOS device has been to. Effortlessly access the information on latitude, longitude, address, date, and time of each location the target user visits.

Instant Real-time Alerts

Get instant alerts whenever your target iOS device leaves or enters any specified location. Know if the target device is entering inappropriate areas or exiting a site without your consent.

Map Link Access

Have a clear view of the target device’s location in a map link view. Map links make it easier for you to access and analyze the locations of the target iOS device.

How To Monitor Location On iOS Devices Through MobileSpy?

How To Monitor Location On iOS Devices Through MobileSpy

MobileSpy allows you to monitor the location of your iOS device in three easy steps.

Step 1: Get the iCloud credentials of your target device.

You will require iCloud credentials for the device since jailbreak is not an option. So, start by obtaining the iCloud credentials of the iOS device your target is using. You should be able to do it effortlessly whether you are a parent, employer, or spouse.

Step 2: Choose the MobileSpy subscription and register.

In the second step, select the MobileSpy subscription that is most suitable for your spying endeavors. So, visit the MobileSpy website and choose a subscription that meets your needs. In addition to login credentials, you will receive an email with a complete installation guide. Once that is done, you will be able to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Last but not least, you must install the MobileSpy app on your target’s iOS device and you can start to monitor it.

A few minutes of physical access to the target device will be enough to install the app. Follow the installation guide (received in your email) to install MonileSpy on the target’s iOS device, after which you can track and monitor the target’s location.

To spy on the target device’s location,

  • Visit the MobileSpy website on your device.
  • Enter your valid credentials to access your account.
  • On your dashboard, select the Location option from the sidebar, located on the left side.
  • You can now see all the locations the target device has been to, with an accurate timeline.

You can set the dates manually to view past locations and even enter locations on the search bar to see if the target phone has been to that place.

Benefits Of Monitoring Location Feature

For Parents

As parents, nothing beats the feeling of relief of knowing where your kids are whenever you want. This is precisely what MobileSpy’s Location Monitor feature for iOS delivers.

Let your kids travel and experience life with their friends but have the power to watch over them at all times, so they do not get in trouble. Maintain a perfect balance between their freedom and your parenting.

Get alerted instantly whenever your child visits an inappropriate location.
Maintain peace of mind by staying updated on your child’s location at all times.

For Spouse

If you are unsure whether your spouse is completely honest with you about their travels and locations, then MobileSpy’s Location Monitoring feature is the perfect tool for you.

Simply install the MobileSpy app on their iOS device to know their real-time location everywhere they go. Have access to their location history on your phone and easily find out if your partner is honest with you.

For Business

As a business owner, you must know where your employees are during office hours, especially remote and field workers.

MobileSpys’s location monitoring feature helps you track your employee’s locations at all times and observe if they are on-site during working periods.

Set up MobileSpy apps on company-provided iPhones and effortlessly track their locations at your will. It helps you keep them productive and efficient.

What Can You Do With The Location Monitor feature?

MobileSpy’s location monitoring feature is accessible after the app is installed on your target’s iOS device; it allows you to:

  • Spy on your target’s iOS location in stealth mode
  • Track coordinates (latitude and longitude) and access the map link.
  • Access the date and time of each location the target user has visited.
  • Locate and find iPhones if they are lost or theft
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the targeted device?

In order to use this monitoring contact feature, the targeted device does not have to be jailbroken or rooted. Once you install the app, you can access all data remotely.

Start Remote Monitoring with these
3 Steps

Sign Up
Sign up for account to track online activities of your target. All you need is an existing email ID and you are good to go.
Install MobileSpy
Download and install application on the device you want to spy. It will takes only a handful of minutes.
Start Spying
Log into your account and start tracking your target’s Android phone in stealth mode.

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