Registered users can only use the mobilespy.io monitoring product or service for lawful and legal purposes, and you are advised herein that downloading, installing or using the mobilespy.io monitoring Product or Service with some other reason can breach national, local, or federal and state law.

mobilespy.io app is developed for legal surveillance by parents wishing to monitor their underage kid, or by employers wanting to monitor their workers with their informed consent. mobilespy.io software buyer must own their device, be a legal guardian, have their employees’ approval, allowing them to monitor using the mobilespy.io before it is installed and activated.

mobilespy.io app should not be used to monitor a spouse’s mobile, parent, wife, husband, child over 18 years old, without their informed permission.

If you are attempting to use mobilespy.io software to monitor a smartphone that you do not own or have the proper permission of the smartphone owner to do so, you may violate federal and local laws. Under such a situation, we will work to the full degree with the law officials.

mobilespy.io software takes no responsibility for any abuse or harm that our mobilespy.io software can cause. It is the buyer’s obligation to follow all their country’s laws and make legal use of mobilespy.io software.

You take full liability for the proper use of mobilespy.io and will not violate any federal or state regulations. The mobilespy.io consumer must ascertain and follow all relevant laws about mobilespy.io’s purpose in their region.

It is the duty of the end-user to obey all the laws in their region. mobilespy.io will not be held responsible for any unauthorized use of the product. By installing and updating mobilespy.io, you agree mobilespy.io does not bear any liability from now on. Logging SMS messages of other people and other phone behaviour, or downloading mobilespy.io on another person’s device without their permission, may be deemed an unlawful practice in your country. By purchasing, downloading, installing or activating mobilespy.io, you agree to all our terms and conditions.