Photo Spy

Photo Spy:
How to Spy Photo?

MobileSpy is the best spy app that lets you track and access all the photo stored in your target’s device remotely.


Photo Spy:
How to Spy Photo?

MobileSpy is the best spy app that lets you track and access all the photo stored in your target’s device remotely.


Photo Spy App Features

MobileSpy is the best spy app that lets you track and access all the photos stored in your target’s device remotely. Photo monitoring or photo spying feature of MobileSpy makes spying on pictures stored on your targeted device in stealth mode possible.

View photo gallery of target device in stealth mode.

Track photo gallery and access already stored photos on the target’s device.

Track and access photos clicked or images downloaded.

Track and perform photos monitoring taken by the target’sphone, along with the downloaded or saved items.

Show details of the photos stored or taken

View details of photos such as time, date stamps, files formats and many more.

How photo spy app works?


Spying on photos or spying on pictures stored on your targeted device is easy with the MobileSpy spy app. First off, Log into your MobileSpy home screen and find the option “photo spy” in the selection panel on the left to monitor the photos stored. After that, you can have access to all the photos stored without even touching their device; however, one-time installation on target phone is required.

You can use any device with access to the internet to get all data remotely. Your data is securely stored and safeguarded on the servers of MobileSpy monitoring app and you can access it on the targeted device. Whenever you want through the Dashboard/Control panel. All you need to start is to buy the software and install it

Why do you need to track photos?

Almost everyone has a mobile phone today. As per the research, most children own mobile phone by age of seven and it has become a fundamental part of their life. They usually spend time taking photos, making and watching videos, call recording etc. More often they share the photos in different social media platforms. Yes, photos are good medium to capture every moment of life but they can be a burden too. What if your kid has inappropriate photos of their own in their cellphones, what if they exchanged nude photos, what if your kids’ gallery is full of adult contents, what if your employee has photos of some confidential information of your business?

Thinking about such possibility is frightening and their damages could be irreparable. On top of that, hackers exploits the use of the internet. They can steal someone personal information that includes photos, and blackmail and bully your kids. As for business owners, there are lot of cases where a corporate data is leaked or compromised through photos and transfers. MobileSpy monitoring app might just be your perfect solution. Spying on photos using MobileSpy will help to deal with these situations better in a remote way. You can start spying on photos or other multimedia files shared by your kid i.e. sending or receiving; and can take necessary actions to deal with potential threats. You can also spy on photo gallery using Photo Spy feature of MobileSpy.

What will you be able to do with Photo Spy?

Once you install MobileSpy on the targeted device and use photo spying, you will be able to;

  • Spy on their cellphones without letting them realize that they are being tracked since the app works in stealth mode.
  • Track and access photos clicked through the photo gallery
  • Track and access downloaded or phots stored through the photo gallery on target phones.
  • Track and access captured screenshots.
  • Track date, timestamps and file formats.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the targeted device?

While you don’t need to root or jailbreak the targeted Android/iOS device to access most of the feature of MobileSpy, you might have to do this for tracking other’s photos.

Benefits of photo spy

There’s nothing more important than a child safety for parents. With photos monitoring feature of MobileSpy, you can track and access taken or shared photos on your kid’s phone and know if they are engaged in any risky behavior such as teenage sexting. MobileSpy makes spying on pictures stored in target phones. Similarly, a business owner can know what sort of data his/her employees have stored on company’s owned device gallery and ensure they do not have any confidential photos or sensitive data.

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Log into your MobileSpy account and start spying on photos in stealth mode.

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