How to Set Parental Control on Android Devices

How to Set Parental Control on Android Devices
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How to Set Parental Control on Android Devices

We live in a world today where virtual and digital devices surround us in every aspect of our life. From smartphones to smart cars – the virtual world has wholly been warped up with our reality. Children have learned to play their rhymes on YouTube on smartphones from the young age of 2-3 years old. And this I say from real experience as my niece, who’s just two years old, comes over to take my phone from me so she can watch some nursery rhymes on YouTube. That has got to say something about kids with smartphones. It will be easier after you know how to set parental control on Android devices. 

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Children start to use smartphones from an early age. They need supervision when using the Internet as well. There is malicious content on the internet that may harm your kids. And let’s face it, pornography content at a young age is just negative parenting for a child. But it is not in the hands of the parents to control their child. Or is there?

To calm you down – Yes, there is a way for you to control your child’s content on the Internet. Don’t believe me?

Try it out yourself! All you need to do is download the app – MobileSpy.

Yes. There are a few apps available that let you monitor your child’s activities. However, we cannot expect all of the users to be from the technical field as well. The term the people use for children these days goes by “Gen-Z.”  For people in their 30’s the generational name is known as “Millennials.” For older people, we have “Boomers.” Now, explaining these were because Gen-Z’ers take themselves to be too much in sync with all the new gadgets. And think that the millennials and the boomers can’t work one properly. This also means that the Gen-Z generation feels that there’s nothing they can do that they can’t hide from their parents effectively.

However, the Gen-Z generation could not be more wrong on this. Even if they stand wrong, a few among the herd from the millennials do not indeed familiarize themselves with technologies. But when it comes to their children, they will do anything to keep them safe and ensure a bright future. And, what better way to discipline them than to enforce parental controls on their activities, right? Because using parental control means giving your children freedom but in the right choice. And the better way to know how to set parental control on android devices physically would be by setting up parental control on the virtual world first.

Are you confused about what the virtual world is?

How do you set parental control on Android devices in the virtual world?

Because the children are mostly interacting with the real world through their mobile phones and, that little world where they lose themselves in the world of digital devices is known as the virtual world of the Internet. With the help of spy apps, it is possible to control your kid’s online activities. Believe me; it will be easier for you to set parental control on the virtual world rather than the reality.

Know how to how to set parental control on android devices- Which is real and which is the best

Many spy apps are available in the market that can help you with getting your job done. However, you could always be scammed by many Internet predators who are still on the prowl. Make sure that your child, too, isn’t getting scammed or harassed by the perpetrators. For parents using spy apps would be a wise choice. But, what spy app to choose from many of those? And we also understand that the compatibility of the spy app for your phone is a must too. And from every other spy app available – the most recommended app that is by far the best mobile spy app that has been used by people is MobileSpy.

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Set parental control without Compatibility Crisis

Understandably, there are people with their opinions, and sometimes these opinions may vary. As such, some people lean to using iPhones, considering them to be the best. However, some people prefer Android devices over iOS devices. However, not all the apps that are available in iOS are available in Android and vice-versa.

There comes the problem of the compatibility of mobile. But, the good news for you MobileSpy is compatible with both the iOS and the Android platforms. So, yea, you can use MobileSpy on either of the platforms without any hustle. But, let’s focus on the Android, shall we?

Key Features to MobileSpy

MobileSpy – One of the best spy apps in the market is equipped with many features that you may find could be useful for you as a parent to monitor your child. MobileSpy offers different functionalities that help to screen one’s actions on the Internet. From blocking websites to the skill to always know your children’s location – MobileSpy assists you with everything you require as a guardian. The Internet is an unaided world for each age gathering of individuals. 

This is because they’ve experienced everything and understand the uncaring individuals that some people on the Internet can be. MobileSpy assists with the functionalities as discussed below that will help you set parental controls on the Android devices of your child. 

GPS Tracker

  • Everybody has escaped their home in an attempt to have fun with their friends once. That is without letting their parents know about them sneaking out. Parents know about all the potential dangers that may happen out there. And for this very reason, MobileSpy comes with a GPS location tracker that will let you track the location of your child at any place and at any time.
  • Not only that but along with GPS tracking, MobileSpy also sent Geofence alerts to you while also having the feature to track the location of the SIM. So, in this way, you can always track your child’s location no matter the situation.

Call Tracker

  • With that feature being explained, another key functionality that MobileSpy provides is the feature to track through all the messages and the phone calls of your child. Most Internet predators blackmail their victims through text or calls. Cyberbullying can be harmful to a child’s mental and emotional state and may affect them profoundly, which is why you can use MobileSpy to make sure that your child is not going through trouble.
  • Parents can protect their children from cyberbullying. Your child should engage in conversation as per their age.  You can read into their phone call as well as their contact number and name as well.  You can also check the call duration and callers to find the type of company of your child’s friends.

Text Tracker

  • There is also another functionality known as keyword alerts in MobileSpy that will help you monitor your child’s text messages accurately. How do you think you can monitor your child’s texting activity carefully? Hear me out a little. Your child could be involved with texting many people with a very active social life. That means more text messages and activities for you to go through. While monitoring your child, you should know you have your own life. You have personal commitments that you should not get away from. And you may not always have the time to go through all the texts. And here is when the keyword alert comes in.
  • It will send when certain words that you have set pop up in any of the conversations. And as soon as you get the alert from MobileSpy, you can go ahead and view it and then talk to your child about it and make them understand the pros and cons of the topic.

Social Media Tracker

  • Another functionality that MobileSpy will provide you to set parental controls on your child is to monitor your child’s social life digitally. Whether the activity is getting a simple coffee from Starbucks or the outfit they chose for the day, children post about it on the “hyped up social apps” such as Instagram and Snapchat. And, you will also be surprised to find out that you may know more about your child from their activities on their social media platform.
  • And MobileSpy offers you the excellent opportunity with the feature to monitor your child’s social media activities on various social apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and even the “hyped up social app” such as Instagram and Snapchat. This way, you can make sure of their safety on the social platform.

Other Features

Another exciting feature offered by MobileSpy is to spy on the Emails of your child. But sometimes, predators on the Internet use Emails for online sextortion as well. To avoid this, you can use MobileSpy to ensure that no one is blackmailing your child. Not only that but MobileSpy also offers features such as keylogger and snapshots. These features allow you to record the keystrokes of your child and know about their texting habits.  Another element will enable you to take screenshots of their device remotely as well.

Basic parental control for Android

Set screen lock

Whether or not you’re using a parental control application, you need to set a screen lock on your child’s device. In order to set a screen lock, follow the given procedure.

  1. Go to the Settings application of your child’s phone from the home screen.
  2. Now, roll down till you encounter ‘Security’ or ‘Security and Screen Lock’ options which is under the subheading Personal.
  3. Under screen security, click on Screen lock; after that, you will be spurred to enter a PIN, password, or pattern.  

 Set data limit

If your child spent more hours surfing the internet and social media, then one way to control them is to set a data limit. It is a simple and easy way. Once you set a data limit, the applications will automatically stop once they reach the limit. Follow the given instructions to set the data limit.

  1. Open the Settings applications from the target device and select the option “Network and Internet.”
  2. Then, choose “Data Usage.”
  3. And then select “Mobile Data Usage.”
  4. There at the top right corner, click on the gear cog icon.
  5. Now Select “set data limit.” 
  6. Once you turn on the set data limit, you can choose your data limit.
  7. Once the data limit is reached, your child will no longer be able to use the applications that require data to run.

Set up child account or restricted profile

Though many devices require the main user account, you can add a new user to your device. And as a Prime user, you can choose to add a restricted account for your kids on your phone. Also, you can set up a restricted account on your child’s phone. For that, go through the given process:

  1.  Select the Settings application from the home screen.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Users & accounts.”
  3. Select “Users’.
  4. Select the option “Add User.”
  5. Here select the option “Restricted Profile.” If you don’t have already enabled a screen lock, you will have to do that here.
  6. Now you have to choose the applications that this restricted profile can access. Turn off those applications that you prefer your kids not to use.

Restricted applications and Google Play Store content

  1. It is necessary to restrict some applications on your kid’s phone, and you can do it through the Google interface. And Google Play’s parental controls permit you to set rules and restrict applications on Android devices. Follow the below steps to adjust those settings:
  2. Open the Google Play application.
  3. Click on three horizontal lines, which are on the left side of the search bar.
  4. From the menu, select the option Settings.
  5. Under settings, select Parental controls and toggle on.
  6. After that, you will be prompted to set a PIN. 

  Note: You have to remember this PIN because it is required to change any parental control settings in the future. 

  1. Once you set the PIN, apply the content restrictions for applications, movies, TV, games, and so on.
  2. To restrict your child from viewing explicit content, you can uncheck the boxes for mature 17+ and Adults only 18+.

Block third-party Installation

Make sure not to download anything from third-party applications. Open the Settings application and click on Security and location or the Lock Screen and Security option to block those sites. Inside that, you will find the “Unknown Sources” option; make sure it will never turn on. This will help you to block third-party installation.


Thus, we can conclude that MobileSpy would be the best spy app for you as a parent to use to set parental control on your child’s digital gadgets. This can be falling victim to any predators or online sextortion. And as a parent, no matter the safety guidelines we ask our children to follow. Our ultimate goal is to keep them safe and secure. We also know that MobileSpy is one of the best spy apps available on the market for iOS devices and Android devices.

In this article, you get to know how to set parental control on Android devices.

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Given that MobileSpy is compatible with Android devices as well and with all the features that are provided by MobileSpy, it is safe to say that you can rely on MobileSpy to take care of your child in the best way. And what more could a parent want than their child’s safety, right? And what better choice than MobileSpy.

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