How to Install MobileSpy on your Kids Android Phone

how to install mobile spy app
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How to Install MobileSpy on your Kids Android Phone

Everyone in the world today is bonded to their smartphones. Believe me when I say that, I refer to people from all age groups – young to the old age group of people. That should come as a surprise given that we are so dependent on smartphones that we rely on them for most of the simple daily activities. As such, I’m sure you as a parent have also given a smartphone for your child to use. But have you ever thought of installing a spy app on your kid’s device? This blog will teach you how to install a mobile spy app on your kids’ devices.

Now, there are many benefits to giving your child their smartphones as you can call them to know where they are or call you in times of trouble. Smartphones also give them a chance to have a virtual social life. However, when we talk about the disadvantages of giving smartphones to your child, we talk about the danger they may get in.

Do you believe your child would not be in any danger with smartphones?


You’re mistaken because smartphones open up the Internet world for your children, and without supervision, the Internet world is a dangerous place. Dangers include them being harassed or a victim of sextortion as there are many predators that you can find on the Internet. And given that you have allowed your child to have their smartphone at an early age, you must know what they are up to and their activities on their phones, while you also make sure they strictly adhere to a set of rules to ensure that they are safe.

Parents Should Think of Installing A Spy App

When it comes to the children’s activities on their phones, you need to know the websites that your child frequents and know who they are sending out emails and text messages to because, for all they know, it could be innocent play. But you should know the dangers that are lurking around.

So, what should you do? Not give your child a cellphone at all?

Or is there another option?

Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Giving your child a phone is necessary not because of their demand but also to ensure their safety. But, as we discussed above, that can open a world full of dangers.

But what if we told you there is a way for you to handle the issue?

Because there is a way to know what your child is up to in their mobile phones. All you need to do is download a spy app.

How to Install mobile spy app?

Spy apps are in the hype because they allow you to monitor one’s activities remotely without physically accessing the phone. And, installing a spy app on your child’s phone can help you ensure their safety and ensure that they aren’t a target or a victim of anyone’s blackmail.

mobile spy

However, many such spy apps exist in the market, making the right choice a little complicated. But we have got that covered for you as well. How? That is because one of the most famous, reliable, and best-recommended spy apps in the market is MobileSpy. In addition, a wide range of features is available with MobileSpy for parental control.

MobileSpy has been recommended by many and stands to be one of the best spy apps in the market currently. And if you don’t believe me, you can always try it out for yourself as well. MobileSpy is not only reliable and safe but also is easy to use by anyone outside of the technical field as well. And it is super easy to install and get ready for use. Read the entire installation process and know-how to install the mobile spy app.

Installing a Spy App- MobileSpy

Step1:  Pick a Subscription

Installing MobileSpy on a smartphone is as easy as installing any other spy app from the web. MobileSpy is available on the platform of both iOS as well as Android devices. So, you can get MobileSpy from the official website of the application.

Pick a subscription and purchase the Software. You will get an email from the installation guide, credentials, and a link to download the software.

Step2: Download and Install

Download it for the smartphone with your OS platform. Focusing on Android, all you need to do is click on the Android link, and the download will start automatically. 

Next, once MobileSpy is downloaded and installed, all you need to do is set it up on your child’s smartphone. To set MobileSpy and get it into use, you need to sign up with your email id. Once that is done, you choose the smartphone that you are spying on, i.e., in this case, your child’s phone.

Step3: Login and Start Spying

Next, you log into the account on your device using your email id, and then you are ready to monitor your child’s activities.

Not only is MobileSpy secure and reliable, but it is also easy to use and download. As we just learned, the mere steps required and set up MobileSpy are easy and can be done by anyone. Once the setup is ready, your MobileSpy is complete and used to spy on your child’s activities on their smartphones.

Now that you have installed MobileSpy, what can you do with it?

What features and facilities do you get?

How does MobileSpy help you monitor your child and keep them safe?

Explaining MobileSpy

In simple words, MobileSpy is a virtual spy that spies on your child’s phone and sends you information on the records that it has collected. MobileSpy does its work in such a discreet way that your child would never even guess that you have been spying on their activities. One of the features that MobileSpy offers you is to spy on the text messages and emails that they exchange. Also, you can track their location through GPS or using the SIM location option as well.

Not only that, but MobileSpy also lets you take a peek into your child’s social life and activities. Using MobileSpy, you can monitor your child’s social activities on social apps such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Along with that, you can also view the websites that your child visits. Again, make sure that the sites are age-appropriate. MobileSpy also has the feature of keyword alert that sends you an alert much like a warning on a keyword that you are not happy with. Along with that, the feature of keylogger and snapshot is also available on MobileSpy.

Final Description

You have to ensure that your child has a bright future and is not straying away from the right path. To ensure that the statement comes true, you need to monitor your child’s activities. Keep them under your supervision even when they are surfing on the Internet. We have a good grasp of how your child can stray and fall victim to Internet perpetrators through this article. Also, we know how we can monitor your child’s activities without them finding out about it – MobileSpy. You have good knowledge about how to install a mobile spy app now.

On that note, we also learned that installing a spy app, i.e., mobile spy, and setting up it is not a challenging task and is in anyone’s grasp. So, for the good of the future and securing your child’s safety, MobileSpy seems to be an excellent choice! The gentle GUI of MobileSpy is easy on the eyes and offers a simple navigation process for anyone to get used to quickly. Also, the features that MobileSpy provides are better and exactly what you would need to monitor your child.

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