How to turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument

How to turn off your kid's electronics without an argument
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How to turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument

Think about when you were chatting with your close one, and some other family member called you to make them snacks. How would you feel? Not nice! Right? I know that will obviously make you angry. So will your children. If you just snatch your kids’ electronic devices while they are on the highest level of their game or when they watch their favorite series, of course, it will make them angry, and you both may have a hit argument. So that it is necessary to know how to turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument.

snatch your kid's electronics without an argument

In today’s world, technology overhead everyone, from kids to older people. That’s why parents’ struggle to make their kids successful human beings became a challenging and sometimes very creepy job. 

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“Spending more time online?”

Kids getting attached to their phones, tabs, laptops, and computers are so ordinary nowadays. They use their electronic devices to attend online classes or watch their favorite game series. Kids never let their electronic devices stay away from their eyes. 

Arguing about electronic devices is mainly because of improper communication between you and your children, which looks illogical. The device you bought for them creating a rift in your family is sad, and it’s a signal of mistrust. So don’t be a helicopter parent.

turn off your kid's electronics without an argument

When you snatch your kid’s electronics, then they might think you control them. And no one wants to be under anyone’s restrictions and when they grow up they will start to ignore you as well. Since kids are not mature enough to believe that you take their device out of the concern and to protect them, instead, they mourn on thinking they don’t have a phone.

Do our kids use electronics?

In this 21st century, it’s almost impossible to survive without the Internet and electronics. So, the same applies to our kids as well. They also use electronics to watch movies or shows and the family or play video games. But as a parent, you must know what they are doing on their device and restrict them if they’re entirely on their device than studying. Talking about other mediums, they can also use their mobile devices on a long road trips or take their phone devices to their friend’s houses. This way, you can also track where they are and what they are up to.

Negative impacts of electronic devices on kids

Everything has a positive and also a negative side to offer. Similarly, though the internet has many positive things to offer, from educational websites to inspirational programs, inappropriate videos and cyberbullying like harmful problems are not hidden from anyone. If children have both internet and electronic devices, they don’t need anything else for sure.

While adults are new to the digital world as they rarely got electronic devices in their early days, kids get familiar with every part of electronic devices. Electronic devices have a lot of negative effects on children. Some of them are:

Hamper Physical Development

Being physically fit and healthy requires physical exercise. In previous days, kids used to play outdoor games, spend time with friends and family, play with toys. But, most kids today spend most of their hours on their mobile phones, causing a delay in the development of a child’s physical abilities.

 As they sit in one place and watch tv, use electronic devices, there will be a risk of high obesity. Moreover, kids may use electronic gadgets to scroll down the newsfeed, which can cause sleeping problems. Also, on another side, they may not take care of their food diet, which can cause stomach problems. 

These all can hamper physical development.

Less focus on Study

Kids overusing electronic devices and playing games on mobile phones is a raising problem for every mother on the earth. While they spend their time on a phone screen, their focus on their Study is gradually down. Their focus is always on their watched videos or game score. That’s why they give them mobile devices only for academic purposes and turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument.

Health problem

Your child might get suffered from health problems due to regular exposure to the screen. Because of kids’ faulty position, electronic gadgets can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. And bright screen light and HD images videos can cause the problem of dry eyes.


Children who are often on their mobile phones might spend less time in person with their families and friends. They got happy in their digital world and isolated themselves from others. Due to this, they fail to develop social norms and skills.

In case your children seem too glued to electronic devices, it’s not too late; supervise them and guide them to the right path.

How to turn off your kids’ screen time without an argument?

To make your family a happy and healthy family, you need to know how to turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument. For that just follow the points below.

Educate your kids

One of the best ways to keep your kid away from an electronic device is to inform the risk of overuse. Tell them that everything is suitable for a short time. Overuse of devices can affect your kid’s mental health and damage their eyes. Set screen time and their boundaries before handing over electronics to your children. And tell them, if they don’t follow what you say, you will take them away. And make sure they agree on that.

The only reason children should use a phone is for educational research and online classes.

Swap chores for screen time

And the second one that we recommend you is to swap chores for screen time cards. Making your children realize that screen time is not a right; it’s a privilege.

It is like a reward that they earned. And on the other hand, your kid will follow your commands. Make them do things like putting their toys in the right place, dressing before leaving for school, being quiet and honest.  

Also, inform your kids that their electronics can be taken away anytime if they don’t obey you.

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Set healthy habits

Banning screen time at night and during mealtime will also generate healthy habits for your kids. Ask your children to complete their homework without the interruption of electronics. 

Whether sharing posts on Facebook or having a different tone while talking, it’s mainly because of the kind of people your children follow. It’s a part of their identity. Make sure your children follow the person who discusses an important topic. They can learn new and good things. Encourage your kid to play outdoor games and do exercise. Physical activities eliminate screen time.

Also, kids may stumble across adult content while surfing the internet. That’s why parents must set content and privacy restrictions to block inappropriate sites from their devices.

Have a sound conversation 

Hold family meetings or gatherings time and again. And discuss your kid’s screen time. Don’t discuss heavy topics with your children; just have a regular and casual conversation. Share your concern about what they do online, what they watch, who they follow at every meeting.

Discuss what happens when electronic devices take away and why it’s essential to turn them off. So that your children won’t think you are controlling them. If they feel you handle them, it will automatically create a rift in your and your child’s relationship.

Download parental control app

These parental control applications will help you remotely monitor your child’s phone. Many options are available to you, such as setting a screen time, blocking some content or sites you want, and tracking their location.

Since it’s not possible to roam 24/7 around your kids to monitor what they do, the Parental Control application lets you remotely supervise what your kids are doing online.

Separate time for family activities

Having a conversation about a particular topic is not enough. You have to organize family picnics or family time where there is no time for electronic devices. Take your children to ice cream parties or hiking. There you can enjoy and spend quality time with your family. This will help you to create a good bond with your children.

Remind their screen time

Since you grant electronic devices access to your children on the agreement, remind them when their screen time will reach the end. So that while they are in the middle or at the end of the game, they could prepare themselves. Reminding screen time will save you from an argument also.

Be respectful

Children who think of themselves as unimportant and unwanted want to spend time using electronics. Those kids might think they have found success in online activities. Winning on a game level that they have struggled with for a long time will also make them happy. And in that situation, if you make fun of that win, they want to spend more time on the phone than with you.

That’s why you should respect them and their thoughts while correcting them when they are wrong is a compulsion.

Final words

Even though you are their parent, and you want to live up to your responsibilities as such. But in order to turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument, you have to be their friend. If there is a friendly environment, then only you can do that.

Ultimately it’s all parent’s decisions to decide what to do to turn off kids’ electronics. But don’t start screaming and raising your voice in front of your children because it will make your family more stressed. Follow the above-listed points on how to turn off your kid’s electronics without an argument.

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