How to Know if my Phone has been Cloned?

how to know if phone is hacked
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How to Know if my Phone has been Cloned?

Most people risk cell phone cloning because of unpredictable and potentially dangerous circumstances. Anyone who uses the internet frequently, even at home, may be at risk. 

It might be your friend, family member, or you frequently experiencing signs of cell phone cloning. There is a possibility that malware-based scammers will target them. No matter what happens, detecting dangers early is better. 

Maybe you’re wondering how to check if my Phone has been cloned. The good news is that there are several ways to check if your Phone is cloned. Different spy applications and Bluetooth cloner tools make it possible to detect whether your Phone has been cloned.

See this blog in detail if you want to know more about how to know if your phone has been cloned.

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What is Cell Phone Cloning?

Cyber-criminals use cell phone cloning to take over a cellphone’s identity by manipulating the carrier and obtaining free service. It is an illegal method of copying the entire contents of a mobile phone and transferring it to a different phone. 

how to know if phone is hacked

Fraudsters often use this method to make illegal phone calls. The person who owns the cloned device will receive a cellphone bill for free calls made by criminals.

iPhone and Android phones are both susceptible to cloning. The practice of cloning phones is considered illegal in most countries, resulting in heavy penalties.

How do Phones Get Cloned?

Phone cloning is simply intercepting someone’s cell phone for illegal purposes. The process of cloning a cell phone can be done in different ways. The following are some of the techniques used to clone phones:

Copying a Phone Number

Cloning a cellphone becomes easier when you have an identical SIM card and phone number. 

Using a scanner, through an IMEI hack, anyone can obtain a phone’s unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. 

By getting access to the phone’s IMEI, you can make a duplicate SIM card, which they can insert into any handset without your consent.

Using this strategy to clone a cellphone is a little challenging if you are not an advanced computer user. 

Using a Bluetooth Cloner Tool

The Bluetooth cloner tool is also a great option for cloning a mobile phone. You can clone your target device using a Bluetooth cloner tool like Super Bluetooth Hack. 

These are the steps you need to follow in order to clone someone’s mobile device.

  1. Find the best BlueTooth cloner tool like Super Bluetooth hack in your google play store, and follow the instructions to install it.  
  2. Connect your Bluetooth device to the target device you want to clone. Ensure the target device is within range if you want to pair it.
  3. Once a connection is established, you can gain insight into the victim’s phone’s sensitive information, call records, and many more.

The cloning of a cellphone can be done in this way. However, this strategy is a little risky and can be used only on Android devices.

You can’t use this strategy if you can’t connect properly with your target device. 

Using third-party spy software

You can discover a variety of spy applications on the internet that can be used to clone a cell phone remotely. In order to clone someone’s phone, all you need to do is download a spying application and start cloning.

Even though spy applications differ in features, their overall purpose is to monitor sensitive information remotely. 

You can rely on a monitoring platform like MobileSpy, which allows us to remotely clone cell phones. The application is usable on both iOS and Android devices. 

What are the Signs that your Phone is Cloned?

If you are suspicious that your Phone has been hacked or cloned, you’ll notice that someone who uses your cell phone service is someone other than you. 

Your phone has been cloned if you notice any of these signs. 

  • A text message unexpectedly appears on your phone requesting a device reset.
  • No longer receiving calls and SMS.
  • Get a message indicating that your cell phone provider has updated your SIM card.
  • You see your device in a different location on Find My Phone. 
  • An increasing number of abandoned incoming calls or wrong numbers.
  • Unknown or unfamiliar numbers are suddenly calling or sending messages.

How to Prevent Cell Phone Cloning?

You should immediately change your SIM card if you suspect cloning has taken place. By updating the SIM card number within your carrier’s system, it means the hacker will no longer be able to access your phone number.

6 Effective Ways to Prevent Cell Phone Cloning

To save your Phone against cloning, you should take the following precautions:

  • Traffic Analysis 

An advanced methodology called artificial intelligence is used to determine the patterns of making calls. This can also be used to decide if the activity is fraudulent or different from the user’s actual behavior, for example, long-distance calls.

  • Blacklisting 

Blacklisting missed phones is a great way to prevent such unauthorized activities. The mobile identity register is used by service providers to Blacklist mobile devices worldwide.

  • Use PIN Number

The identification of customers using the Personal Identification Number is intended to prevent cloning. You can also secure your phone by using biometrics so that it cannot be accessed in the event of a loss or misplacement.

  • Keep your Phone’s Identity Safe

You could experience service interruptions with your own smartphone or cell phone if your IMEI number is hacked. You can also become a victim of ID fraud if thieves gain access to your personal information.

Safeguard your Phone’s IMEI, ESN, or MEID number securely. Don’t reveal it to anyone or websites you don’t trust. 

  • Use eSIM Card

Last but not least, if your Phone allows you to use an eSIM rather than a standard SIM card, you should do so. Someone can’t clone an eSIM phone very easily. If you use this strategy, your privacy will not be compromised.

  • Inform Your Service Provider

You should call your mobile service provider immediately if you suspect someone has cloned your phone.

In addition to these measures, ensuring that you’re using secure and efficient communication tools is vital. For those looking to enhance their email security and user experience on their smartphones, exploring the best email apps for Android and iPhone can provide valuable insights into apps designed with security features to protect your information.


Due to technological advancements, it has become easy to clone a cell phone, and Smartphones have become human beings’ digital identities. That is why smartphones are the primary targets for cybercriminals. So, it is important to safeguard a smartphone as it contains confidential information about the owner.

There are many sophisticated devices available for cloning that leave no traces afterward. The above guide will explain how phones are cloned, how to spot if your Phone is cloned, and how to prevent cloning. 

The moment you discover your cellphone has been cloned, you should take immediate action to block it. Also, you can use spy applications like MobileSpy to protect your privacy and provide real-time protection to prevent malware entry. 


1. Can you clone someone’s text messages remotely?

You can clone someone’s text messages remotely via various spy applications, using a Bluetooth cloner tool, copying a phone number, or using data transfer applications.

2. What happens when your Phone is cloned?

When a phone is cloned, all the calls and messages charges from the cloned Phone are levied on the original phone number holder. The confidentiality of your data and information is at risk.

3. Is cloning a phone a crime?

Since phone cloning involves hacking with telecommunications devices, it is illegal and punishable with heavy fines in many nations.