How to block shows on Netflix?

How to block shows on Netflix
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How to block shows on Netflix?

Wondering how to block shows on Netflix? Read this blog thoroughly.

Netflix is an OTT streaming platform that contains many great Movies and Shows. Over the recent years, Netflix has been regarded as one of the most popular streaming platforms, and Netflix is the largest entertainment media company by market capitalization.


Netflix contains many great movies and shows, but some of its shows contain adult content inappropriate for kids. However, Netflix has included Netflix Parental Controls that allows parents to restrict some of these adult-themed shows for their kids.

But you can also block various shows on Netflix, setting up different parental controls techniques in Netflix.

Why block Netflix Shows?

Netflix has many great Movies and Shows. It is quite famous and trending these days, not among teenagers only, but kids and the old generation are also using this platform for streaming their favorite shows and movies.

Netflix contains many great movies and shows, but all these shows and movies are not appropriate for kids. Netflix also includes 18+ themed movies and shows inappropriate for your kids. As a parent, you don’t want your Kid to watch such inappropriate shows and movies, affecting their mental, emotional, and physical health.

That’s why Netflix provides a feature called ‘parental Control’ through which you can easily block shows and content inappropriate for your Kid. You can also block shows on Netflix following various methods and steps; this guide will provide details about these methods.

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Ways to block Netflix shows

We have included all the required information and steps to be followed to Block Netflix shows, and let’s have a look:

Create Kids Profile:

kids profile netflix

In the account setting of Netflix, you can create a kid’s profile. If you select the Kid’s profile option, Netflix will block every inappropriate content and show for your Kid’s age.

Follow these steps to create a kids account:

  1. Open Netflix
  2. Click on the Account icon and select Manages Profiles.
  3. Click on the Edit icon on the profile you’d like to edit.
  4. Now click on “Allowed TV shows and Movies” and Select “Little children only.”
  5. Click on Save

By saving these settings, you can use Netflix, and only the Shows and Movies appropriate for kids will be shown.

The next step for blocking Netflix Shows is with the help of a Third-party application. Let’s see how to block Netflix shows using MobileSpy:

How to block Netflix using MobileSpy?

use mobilespy to spy

MobileSpy is one of the recommended applications for tracking and spying. This application provides a vast range of features to its user and is very easy to use. Using this application, you can track social media, phone Activity, Location, and many more. Using the MobileSpy app you can block 18+ shows and movies inappropriate for your kids on Netflix.

Apart from Blocking shows, this application also provides features like Social Media Tracking, Phone Activity Tracking, Multimedia Monitor, etc. MobileSpy delivers some fantastic features at an affordable price. Let’s see the features of the MobileSpy Application.

Features of MobileSpy Application

The features of the MobileSpy Application are as follows. These features will also help you block Netflix shows and ensure that your kids are not watching anything inappropriate for their age on Netflix.

  • MobileSpy allows you to track the entire activity of your Kid’s phone. So, you can track what your kids are doing and watch on the phone if they are watching some inappropriate shows on Netflix; you can easily Block these shows.
  • MobileSpy also allows you to track the activity of your Kid’s phone. So you can easily track what your kids are doing on the phone, and you can also track their app usage time so that you can know what they are using their phone for or which application, the software they are using the most, and visiting which website regularly.
  • You can also Enable the parental control feature on your Kid’s device and applications they use on their phone so that they can only access content appropriate for their age. 
  • MobileSpy allows you to block inappropriate content, features, applications, videos, shows, etc. and helps you monitor your Kid’s activities.

How to lock profile on Netflix?

Netflix allows its users to lock their profiles for privacy and security purposes. Profile Locking System allows your kids only to access their accounts and not the others. Profile Locking System is regarded as one of Netflix’s best features for parental control, and you can use PINs to lock your profiles.

Follow these steps to Lock Your Profile on Netflix:

  1. Open Netflix
  2. Go to your dashboard and search for Profile Lock in the Menu bar.
  3. Re-enter your password for confirmation.
  4. A pin code box will pop up in the box. You have to create your PIN and save it.
  5. Now, on the locked profile’s side, you will find a small box you have to click on and enter your pin to access the account.

Following these steps, you can lock your profile and make your profile more secure and private.

How to see what your kids are watching on Netflix?

You can monitor and view your kids’ activities, what they are watching, or what they have watched by checking out their history, and if your kids are watching some inappropriate content or show, you can block them.

Follow these steps to monitor your kid’s activity on Netflix:

  1. Open Netflix
  2. Go to the dashboard.
  3. Click on the viewing activity menu.
  4. Click on View from the options.
  5. Now you can view the watch history of your kids.

If your kids are watching inappropriate content or shows, you can easily take action and block them.


Netflix contains many great shows and movies, but it also includes shows and movies inappropriate for kids with adult content. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your kid’s security and safety, but kids spend more time on electronic gadgets like phones, laptops, desktops, etc. It is possible that they can view some inappropriate content or 18+ content on the internet or while using Netflix, so you need to block some of the shows from Netflix. So, it is necessary as a parent to block these shows so that your kids don’t get access to inappropriate content. Hence, parents can block some shows on Netflix following the above-given steps and ensure that their kids don’t get access to these contents.

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