How can you stop your kids from watching 18+ Netflix shows like Squid Game?

How can you stop your kids from watching 18+ Netflix shows like Squid Game?
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How can you stop your kids from watching 18+ Netflix shows like Squid Game?

18+ Netflix shows can create adverse consequences for children and teenagers such as addiction to pornography, social isolation, mental health issues, and many more. Read this blog to learn the ways to stop your kids from watching 18+ Netflix shows like Squid Game.

Netflix has a wide variety of content ranging from drama, comedies, and animation, giving hours of fun with conventional and original content. However, there come risks when you own a Netflix subscription, particularly for our young children, despite the entertainment. 

How can you stop your kids from watching 18+ Netflix shows like Squid Game?

Almost all of these programs are packed with 18+ adult content, such as graphic sex scenes, nudity, and violence classified as TV-MA, indicating adult audiences onlyDue to which many parents fear how to stop their kids from watching such inappropriate Netflix shows.

What are the Consequences of Watching 18+ Netflix Shows on Kids?

18+ content on Netflix may impact your children’s health in unexpected ways over time. Researchers have addressed poor physical activities, sleep issues and weariness, blood clots, heart issues, poor eating habits, social isolation, behavioral addiction, and cognitive loss

Some of them are: 

Pornographic addiction

Since the concept of pornography is clear, its impact on adolescents is indeed a contentious issue. The 18+ pornographic contents and erroneous information of Netflix geared at adults can disturb your child or lead your kid towards unlawful or harmful behavior

There has been some analytical research on the subject. Still, none have come to a definitive conclusion due to the lack of clinical study data since many teens are ashamed to talk about their sexual activities.

Aggressive Behaviour

Tv shows on Netflix like ‘Squid Game’ having a violent storyline increase impulsive behavior, anger emotions, physiologic reactivity, hostile appraisals, aggressive activity, and adaptation to violence while decreasing empathic responses

These types of violent TV shows can affect the emotional, psychological, and physical development of children.

Social Isolation

Netflix isolates youngsters from society as they quit seeking real-life encounters and avoid experiencing the company of others. They don’t feel constant social interaction because watching 18+ content on Netflix fascinates them more than interacting in society, resulting in stunted communication abilities. 

As humans are social beings, this scenario is extremely unnatural and may substantially impact psychological well-being due to compulsive porn problems and a deviated attitude that leads teens to suffer in isolation.

Mental Health

The connection between watching sexual content on Netflix and mental health has come under question. 

Teens who watch adult content are more likely to be depressed because depression causes people to desire to escape their current state of frustration and consume more pleasure to relieve this strain. 

Teens who are depressed and have poor self-regulation tend to engage in adult content to distract themselves from their bad emotions. Also, it is found that youth felt calmer and happier after watching 18+ content on Netflix, showing that the frequency is inversely connected with the level of depression.

Other issues

Apart from the main issues, other consequences such as obesity, heart issues, poor eating habits, poor sleep, falling grades, and even low self-esteem can also be seen in teens who watch 18+ content on Netflix.

How can you stop your kids from watching 18+ content on Netflix?

It isn’t always simple to keep your child away from 18+ content on Netflix, such as the ‘Squid game,’ packed with sexual content and violence. 

So, as a parent, what could you do if your child comes across anything extremely inappropriate — and you’re scared it might affect them? 

Some tips and tools are provided that can help you to stop your kids from watching 18+ content like ‘Squid game’ on Netflix.

Use parental control

Netflix has released a slew of new parental controls that allow you to monitor your children’s viewing and restrict particular shows and movies. You can create a profile so that kids can only see programs and movies appropriate for their age group. This parental control allows parents to set up ;

  • A kids profile
  • Choose maturity ratings or block specific series and films
  • Lock profiles on your account using a protected PIN,
  • Turn autoplay on or off 
  • Access viewing history for a children’s profile

Monitor and review the child’s profile

Take some time to examine the material available before allowing your kid to utilize their new Netflix account. Even if you have ‘Children’s Experience’ enabled, you may see certain titles that you do not want your kid to view.

Make an ‘Acceptable use Agreement’ at home.

Make a mutually agreed set of rules for all family members, especially children, for a smooth and safer Netflix experience. It leads to a pleasant approach to discussing internet safety and establishing some ground rules. 

Talking with your kid about these principles helps improve their critical awareness and self capabilities and motivates them to establish healthy digital habits.

Child Consultation

Try to make an effort to speak to your children about their internet experiences frequently. 

Talk with them about any inappropriate or disturbing stuff they might have encountered and reassure them that nothing is so terrible that they cannot tell you about it. If you hear of content that scares you, investigate it more. 

Assure your kids that they can always come to you if they have any issues; feel it is wrong or disturb them, and not get in distress.

Watch together

The simplest approach to protect your children from inappropriate content is to watch along with them. 

When kids are on the screen, please sit back and check out what they’re watching. It keeps them safe from inappropriate content but also builds connections, encourages togetherness and norms within your family.


We find various inappropriate material on almost every streaming site, such as Netflix; we must educate our children about what they may see. Then help them understand which content is important in the first place. 

Our duty as parents is to be experts on our children and assist them in developing healthy digital habits; according to their developmental phase. 

When our kids watch improper material, we should not blame or scold them; instead, we should try to understand what they are going through to help them handle it sensibly. 

After we’ve helped them analyze their experience; we should assist our kids in developing a strategy that will protect children against potentially harmful content in the future. 

After you implement all the strategies and tips; it can help your kids stop watching Squid Game like 18+ Netflix shows in the future. 

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