How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls?

how to block facebook messenger calls
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How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls?

Wondering how to block Facebook Messenger calls? Read the blog thoroughly to know everything about it.

Today, Facebook is one of the most top, common and familiar social media applications, offering features like uploading photos, videos, and sharing posts. It is now considered the most used and biggest app among social media, with a total user of over 2.9 billion worldwide. In addition, Facebook has released a messenger application as a separate complementary application for messaging and video calling.

If the device is connected to Wi-Fi, it makes it much easier to communicate in the daily life of every person through voice as well as video calls. On the one hand, it makes it so easy, you can make unlimited calls without any limitations, and even if you are connected to Wi-Fi. But having the ability to do anything you want has a greater likelihood of being misused than utilized.

It cannot be said that people are not facing the problem of receiving many calls and receiving unwanted calls. Thus, making a call invalid for someone can also be a helpful solution to a problem, and there’s no denying that Facebook messenger call blocking provides a lot of support for those who are annoyed by someone’s unwanted calls. 

It cannot be said that people are not facing the problem of receiving many calls and receiving unwanted calls. There may be various other similar problems and purposes of blocking calls. So, blocking Facebook messenger calls may also be a question for someone.

Why is this a serious problem?

Because of Facebook Messenger, it is much easier to call and text people than ever before. But, as the application started invading privacy, it was getting a bit worse. Any random person can call you or text you without knowing your phone number or any other details. More to it, you cannot stop it either. At times, you might get calls in the middle of the night when you’re already in bed. This could be troublesome for you.

Furthermore, Facebook itself never provided the option to disable Facebook Messenger calls to fix this problem to some extent. The regular Facebook application only gives you notifications about the messages, but not to see or reply directly. If you click on it, you’ll then be redirected to Facebook Messenger, from where you can respond to the texts as well as calls.

How to Block Facebook Messenger Calls

block messenger calls

Facebook has provided various ways and means of blocking messenger calls that you may be tired of. Now there is no need to worry about unwanted calls and messages on messenger. The solution to these problems is explained in detail as below:

1. Muting someone on Messenger

2. Block someone on messenger calls

3. Disabling Permissions Messenger Text and Calls on Mobile Phones (Android/iPhone)

4. Blocking Facebook Messenger calls on PC

Muting Someone on Messenger

Open the Facebook app

  • Log in Facebook
  • Open the chat of the person to mute
  • Click on the icon that seems like an ‘i’ on the top side of the chat
  • You can find the mute bell option right beside the profile and click on it

Then you will see several choices in which you can choose either mute call notifications or mute message and call notifications

After this, a time interval option will pop out, and you can click “Until I change it”

This feature provides the solution for a while until you use or open the messenger. They can still call and text you while you use the messenger app.

Block Someone on Messenger Calls

  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. Log in to Facebook 
  3. Open the chatbox of the users you want to stop calls from.
  4. You can find an icon that seems like an ‘i’ at the top side of the chat 
  5. After this, scroll down, and the block option will be available
  6. Click on ‘Block’, then you can choose either block on messenger or block on Facebook. If you choose to block on Facebook, it allows blocking that person permanently, and messenger calls.

Disabling Permissions Messenger Text and Calls on Mobile Phones (Android/iPhone)


You don’t need to be concerned if you’re a mobile user and don’t know how to ban people’s calls on Messenger. There is another way to easily block the messenger’s call from the mobile setting of mobile. This is how you can do it.

  1. Go to Settings on your phone
  2. Scroll down and go through the Applications and Permissions
  3. Usually, you can find the App manager on all mobiles and click on it
  4. Search messenger and choose messenger app in the application manager
  5. After this, you can find permissions downside and allow permissions as you want
  6. Next, you can find a microphone, camera, and phone icon there. Deny all three permissions to block/disable calls on messenger

Blocking Facebook Messenger calls on PC

Another way to easily block messenger calls is to do it from your computer. For that, you have to go to your browser and log in to Facebook. The process is as follows:

  1. Open Facebook using any browser you want
  2. Sign in or log in to your Facebook account
  3. Open the chat setting, where you can find a triple-dot icon right next to the contact menu
  4. You can see pop-up options “Incoming call sounds” and disable the option.
  5. After that, you can find three options there, and you can select a few time interval limits but choose the “Until I turn it back on” option, which permits merely will not get any notices from the messenger.

Final words

You can become the own boss of your account if you come to block calls in messenger. It may be a good decision to talk to the person who speaks in a good manner but to block the person who does not speak in a good manner, like in an inappropriate way. Also, to make your account safe and secure, blocking users on messenger can be the best way to prevent inappropriately and harassing conversations.

Therefore, you can easily block Facebook Messenger calls by looking at any of the above various solutions. When I have to suggest, I suggest that it is better to block calls and messages than to mute the conversations in messenger.

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