How To Spy On Facebook Messages Free Without The Phone? Facebook Spy Apps

how to spy on facebook messages free without the phone
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How To Spy On Facebook Messages Free Without The Phone? Facebook Spy Apps

Facebook still tops the list of most used social media apps in 2020. Using this app has both pros and cons, as teenagers are more addicted and spend more time on these apps. Parents want to keep an eye on their children, but how can they spy on their Facebook messages for free without the phone.

spy on facebook messages free without the phone

Chatting and messaging have grown rapidly across the world, and we can now see that everybody has a range of social networking applications on their mobile phone. Facebook has been the most popular way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Facebook Messenger is one of the best among the top instant messengers in the industry. The vast majority of people of all ages and demographics send and receive messages from their loved ones.

As a result, teenagers are already using social media applications and competing with all other social networks. It allows the user to send and receive text messages without paying a single penny. You can also chat with friends and relatives, make audio-video calls, share multimedia, and send voice messages.

Ever wondered, How to check boyfriend’s Facebook messenger without touching his phone for free? Or have the questions like how to spy on Facebook Messenger?

If yes, then read this blog till the end. This article has covered the list of best Facebook Messenger spy apps that help you spy on someone’s messenger for free.

Spying on Facebook messages can be useful if you suspect your wife of adultery or if you want to keep an eye on your adolescent kid. As a result, few people are willing to spy on Facebook messenger without the target phone.

Hello there! You might be thinking, isn’t it unethical to spy on someone’s Facebook messages? So, here are some valid reasons why you would need to go through those Facebook messages.

Reasons to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messages

  • Need for parents: A concerned parent may need to track their adolescent’s Facebook conversations to determine what types of conversations they are having and which individuals or types of friends communicate with through Facebook Messenger. Children may use Facebook to engage in prohibited behavior, such as sending prohibited pictures. Teens learn illegal practices such as drug use and early sex via the Internet. So, they use these Facebook messenger spy apps to track their children.
  • Need for snooping gf/bf messages: A snooping girlfriend/boyfriend who wants to calm his/her frayed nerves and convince herself that his/her partner is not cheating on her by spying on her boyfriend’s Facebook messages. So spying may track someone you care for sending illicit messages to another man or woman.
  • Need for a company: An HR at work will need to monitor employee productivity by deciding how much time they spend chatting on Facebook messenger while also determining who uses the company’s Wi-Fi the most by sharing large format funny videos during company time. Employees can waste otherwise productive hours on this social network, causing a company to lose money.

What is The Illegitimate Reason For Spying On Facebook?

If you make Facebook Messenger your default messaging app, hackers can spy on your Facebook messages. They spy to steal sensitive information from your phone, such as phone numbers, passwords, addresses, ATM pins, bank account data, and so on.

You might be thinking about how to spy Facebook messages free without the phone. Is it possible or not to spy without the target phone? Of course, yes. You can use different apps to track Facebook messages, even call recording and SMS. 

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Steps Spying Facebook Messages Tools Provides You For Spying Without The Phone

You’ll need to install mobile monitoring apps if you want to spy on someone’s Facebook account without using a target device. There are different spy apps available in the market, and you can use any of them. But choose the app that has social media monitoring features.

Following are the steps to be followed while using those spying apps: 

Before beginning, a subscription is required

Use your mobile device’s web browser, which must have an internet connection. Also, access to the best mobile monitoring service. When you have access, obtain the license and search your email for credentials to navigate the web portal later.

Possession of the cell phone for an extended period

Tracking and spying on Facebook messenger is impossible without a target phone unless you add a mobile phone monitoring app now and then. So, gain physical access to teen devices and begin the installation process. After successful installation, activate it on the target mobile, and it will remain undetected. The target person will not be aware that anyone is spying on them through their smartphone.

Activate the online dashboard using your password and ID.

You can now browse the electronic web portal freely, but you must use passwords to access the online control panel. Furthermore, you can upload the information to a social media app without using the target cell phone. You can also get your hands on the Facebook spy software tools. Let’s go over all of the resources in the following section.

How Is it Possible To Spy On Facebook Messages Without A Phone?

With the use of Facebook spying apps, you can easily have access to Facebook messages

Following are the main features you get after the use of the Facebook messenger spying app:

  • The spying app provides you with the feature of social media monitoring feature:
    We can use a web portal to obtain Facebook Messenger logs without using the target mobile device. Text message logs, chat conversation logs, shared photos, videos, voice message logs, and voice video call logs are all available.
  • Real-time recording is possible after the use of a spying app
    On the target mobile computer, parents can use the online dashboard’s powerful features to navigate. You can capture a series of short videos of the screen in real-time, and the captured videos of the target mobile screen will be sent to the web portal. You can see all the captured videos and see what the teens are up to on the messenger.
  • The spying app also provides you keylogging feature
    The end-user will record keystrokes made on the target computer, such as password keystrokes, message keystrokes, and messenger keystrokes. You can spy on Facebook Messenger conversations without the target computer until you have the keystrokes.
  • Remote screenshot of the required section is possible after using a spying app
    Using an online control panel, parents can simultaneously schedule a large number of screenshots of the target device’s screen. Here you have proper evidence after having a screenshot.

Accessing information is also easy from their computers

You may also use their desktop computers when they are at work or elsewhere. So go through your boyfriend’s browsing history and search for the one that says Facebook Messenger, click on it and bask in the light of your discoveries. I hope you don’t come across any heartbreaking news. You may also use their desktop computers when they are at work or elsewhere. So go through your boyfriend’s browsing history and search for the one that says Facebook Messenger, click on it and bask in the glow of your discoveries. I hope you don’t come across any heartbreaking news.

After resetting their Facebook password, you can spy their Facebook messages.

In that case, you have to log in to your Facebook friends on their cell phones connected to the Facebook account’s email or phone number.

  • Log out from Facebook
  • Click on the “Reset password” button and obey the reset password commands, and keep the new password in place. Viola. Viola! Now you have their Facebook passwords, and on your cell phone or device, you can open your friend’s Facebook posts.

Now, here’s a word of caution: take advantage of your new opportunity quickly. Because as soon as they log out, they can reset their passwords because they can’t log back into their account. After all, you changed their password. And it would help if you did your spying as soon as possible.

You can try phishing to spy the Facebook messages.

Unless you have a lot of money to throw around, using this tool to spy on Facebook messages is not for the faint of heart or novice computer user. You should employ a competent phisher if this is the case. The phisher makes a clone of Facebook Messenger and replaces it with the original Facebook Messenger version. You can check what they are doing if they type in passwords or use the clone Facebook app. However, this is the most complicated method of reading your boyfriend’s Facebook messages because it requires a large number of software codes and a detailed comprehension of programs, as well as a large number of crisp Dollar bills.

Here Are Some Facebook Spy Apps For Android Without The Target Phone

With so many Free spy apps for Android without target phones available, deciding on the best spy app. In the spyware industry, there are many scams. Many companies lure people in by touting the most effective mobile phone tracking features. If many features are lacking after purchase, customers lose patience. Also, the functionality provided is buggy and deceptive.  So it would help if you were careful before choosing any of the spy apps. These apps will help you to spy Facebook messages free without the phone.

Let’s discuss the best Facebook Messenger Spy App to spy on Facebook messages without a target phone for free.


mSpymSpy is one of the best parental control remote cell phone spy software programs that does not require a target phone. Also, when it comes to the best Facebook messenger spy app without a target phone for free, no one can beat it except web-based program allows users to access GPS, call logs, and messages saved on a remote computer.


Using the mSpy Facebook messenger monitoring tool, you can:

  1. Control the flow of texts, photos, videos, and images on Facebook messenger through a monitored device.
  2. Track the date and timestamp of exchanged media files.
  3.  Track video duration and view all of the content.
  4. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  5. It offers a free trial.


  1. You have to jailbreak the device to track Facebook.
  2. It also requires registration.


cocospyCocospy is another well-known and trustworthy app for spying on Android phones. It is a fully safe and legal spy app that does not need the target phone to work. Cocospy is a well-known mobile phone spy who does not need access to the target phone and has many happy customers. It is the most powerful parental control Facebook spy app. With this spy app, you can monitor almost all of the target’s activities without accessing the target’s phone.


  1. No need to jailbreak the device.
  2. Real-time location tracking.
  3. Excellent customer support.
  4. Easy to set up.
  5. Reliable.


  1. It doesn’t offer a free trial.
  2. Rooting of the phone is required to track the Messenger application.


AiSpyer helps you to precisely monitor your target’s current position. It also tracks call logs, SMS, contacts, images, site history, email, calendar, keylogger, and app details on the target phone. It’s impressive that a phone tracker for Android can quickly spy on all common social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Thread, and WeChat.


  1. Affordable
  2. Support iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows
  3. Offers Keylogger feature.
  4. Screenshot feature.


  1. Can’t see the phone’s videos.
  2. Complex to set up the application.
  3. Browsing and clipboard features don’t work well.


HoverwatchHoverwatch is a legal government-operated technology that allows you to monitor your child’s phone using remote cell phone spy software without using target phones. It allows you to spy on Facebook messages for free without the phone.

You to record SMS, call logs, and social media conversations. It can record phone environmental factors and capture photographs from a distance.


  1. Offers remote monitoring
  2. Allow you to see all Facebook messages as it saves them as chat.
  3. The Facebook spy feature of Hoverwatch is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and MAC devices.
  4. Hoverwatch provides you with a free account with full functionality to spy on Facebook messages. 
  5. Get the possibility to track up to five devices at the same time.
  6. Users of tracked devices won’t accidentally discover it.


  1. Infrequent updates of an app.
  2. You have to root the device.


Spybubble is a safe, stable, and simple mobile application. It can assist in tracking and spying on SMS without downloading the target phone. It tracks phone calls and text messages and offers a comprehensive report on them.


  1. Affordable.
  2. Real-time location tracking.
  3. Updates information every five minutes.


  1. Limited features on iOS devices.
  2. For iCloud, details are needed for iPhone.
  3. If you don’t use the stealth mode, the app icon will appear on the App list.
  4. You need to root the Android device.


SpyToMobile is another free spy app for Android that does not need the target phone to extract information from target Android devices. It is a spy app that focuses on tracking employees’ and friends’ PDAs.

You may use SpyToMobile to spy on Facebook. You may also view WhatsApp messages and Viber conversations that are taking place on the target computer.


  1. It offers real-time location tracking of the device.
  2. Affordable and easy to use.
  3. You don’t have to root the target Android device to install and use this app.
  4. Undetectable.


  1. Limited spy features.
  2. It doesn’t record calls or surrounding sounds.
  3. Won’t report email and browser history.

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Final Thoughts

Nobody enjoys being snooped on. We all value our privacy, so if you don’t want to lose a friend or their confidence and goodwill, ask them about any topic you’re unsure about before deciding whether or not to spy on their Facebook messages.

Parents and guardians have legal and moral rights and responsibilities to ensure that their children or wards are online with the right people, holding healthy interactions, and visiting places that are not detrimental to them. The above-mentioned software will help you to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone.

This article covers the list of Facebook Messenger Spy Apps without target phones for free. So, I believe you get the answer to how to spy on someone’s messenger for free. 

Which Facebook messenger spy application do you use to spy? Drop it in a comment section.

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