Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Hidden Spy Apps for Android
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Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Android has more than 81% market share because of its affordability and flexibility. Android is available in different price ranges and features, due to which many parents buy their kids an android phone. Kids use their phones to watch videos, play games, post, and chat on social media. The internet has content for a toddler to grandparents. In this case, you can imagine your kids getting exposed to inappropriate content. They may be getting bullied or exchanging inappropriate photos and videos. After the age of 12, some kids start smoking and drinking too because of peer pressure by lying to their parents. You never know what your kids are into. So it would help if you had hidden spy apps for their Android or iOS device.

You can prevent your kids from straying from the right path by using Spy Apps for the phone. They support android and iOS spying. These kinds of spy apps let you monitor your children’s internet activities, call logs, contact lists, Facebook spy, Viber spy, WhatsApp, Snapchat spy, etc., messages without your kid knowing. You can even track their location. Set an alert for entering restricted areas (Geo-fencing). You can use mobile spy apps as a mobile tracker if it’s lost. 

Hidden Spy Apps are very easy to use and are affordable. They are also available for free in the market, but they have very few features and don’t work like paid apps. You can monitor your kids, employees, or spouses with spy apps. Perfect choice for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring.

You may be wondering, are hidden spy apps for both Android and iOS devices Legal and Safe? 

If you use this hidden spy app as a control app for your Android or iOS phone, like monitoring children’s activities, it’s legal to use. Still, if you try to install it on someone without their knowledge, it will be considered privacy theft. In Android phones, android spyware can cause you legal troubles.

Many people prefer hiring hackers to get information on their spouse’s phones and messages. Still, they won’t have to hire a hacker to get information on the call log, messages, deleted messages, and locations. They suggest going to this and that hackers in comment sections, but hackers are costly to hire, and they work only up to extracting data and submitting. With Spy Apps, you can spy on them daily and every second. Spy Apps also has a feature of undetectability, keyloggers, sending data regularly and remotely. You cannot install spy apps on android devices remotely. It doesn’t matter you have rooted the target device or not. You need to install the spy app manually by getting access to the target android phone.

Top 9 Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Let’s talk about spy apps in detail on our Top 9 Hidden Spy Apps for Android:


spyic- hidden spy apps for android

Our list of hidden spy apps for Android starts with the Spyic app. Spyic is a spy app with a very clean and simple design that makes its users easy to navigate and understand the app’s features. If you want to install this app, you should enter your email id, which you currently use and have access to. Then you will get to download and the payment option. Download the desired package you feel suitable. This spy app is completely hidden from the app drawer and background. It comes with 3 plans Basic, Premium, and Family. The family plan supports 3 devices in one ID, whereas the Basic and Premium plan supports only one device per ID. Below is the image of ‘Purchase plans.’

Note: Use the email id to which you have access because every spy app sends you your admin id and password on the email ID you entered. You won’t be able to access the login id and password if you put a random email id as it will be sent to that id.

Spyic has features like:

  • Recording call logs, access to the target person, android device contacts most called numbers, most incoming calls, and missed calls even if they are deleted will be shown in Spyic Control Panel.
  • Track calls and most called numbers.
  • Read SMS/MMS and messages from Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Viber, and many other social media apps.
  • Web history tracking like site visits and time spent on certain sites even if they are deleted. Block inappropriate websites and content that your kids are visiting by checking their browsing history.
  • Requires rooting your target android phone to access advanced features.
  • Sim card tracking and Sim change alerts.
  • The most awesome feature here is that the Keylogger feature is limited to capturing typed keywords only. It even captures what your kids are reading in text format from a website and shows you.
  • This app works stealth and in a hidden mode which makes it undetectable by anyone. Best choice for parent control.
  • Only the admin can choose to show or hide this app as well as uninstall the app.
  • This app is famous for its stealth operation, which doesn’t heat the device.

Pros and cons of Spyic


  1. Supports different operating system
  2. Silent syncing.
  3. Keylogger works appropriately.
  4. Easily access the photos of the target device.


  1. Expensive
  2. Spy software is outdated.


cocospy- hidden spy apps for android

Just like other cell phone spy apps, Cocospy is also unique in its way, even having similar features. This app keeps updating you about the current activity of your kids and sends data to you without delay. This phone spy app has one flaw, and that is, it causes your device to heat. 

Cocospy has features like:

  • This app shows the record of incoming and outgoing calls and contact lists even before this app was installed.
  • Read SMS/MMS and IMs. Use social media spy features for the Facebook spy, Snapchat spy, Viber spy, etc.
  • It tracks the browsing activity of the target person perfectly, which can help you know what your kids are watching.
  • This app doesn’t require rooting the target device to use it to its full potential.
  • Gives you every notification received by the target person on their device.
  • Tracks every social media like Facebook, Viber, Instagram, and other IMs perfectly and send data accordingly. Still, in the case of WhatsApp, you will get disappointed seeing how it sends data.
  • Perfect for social media spying and keylogger spying.

Pros and Cons of Cocospy


  1. Keylogger feature help to identify abusive words on the target phone.
  2. Real-time location tracking
  3. Monitor all social media accounts.
  4. SIM Card feature notifies you every time the target person changes SIM.


  1. Required rooting for some device to work.
  2. Doesn’t capture Screenshots.
  3. The phone might get slow down.


mobile spy

This hidden spy app also has the option to try now and buy later. You can try first and decide to purchase later. This spy app works perfectly on android and iOS. It has a cool User Interface (UI) and is easy to use. MobileSpy shows detailed activities of the target along with a screen record. This app can take screenshots of the target and send them to the admin. This app works perfectly in the background and doesn’t heat the device or drain the battery like other spy software.

MobileSpy has features like:

  • This app also has some features like other spy apps like call log spy, SMS spy, notifications alerts.
  • The wow feature of this app is the Wi-Fi Logger. This feature lets the admin know which Wi-Fi the target is connected to their device and in which locations.
  • Screenshot recording of the user’s activities is also a great feature because you can know what they are doing right now.
  • Tracks the location and gives live location updates. The accuracy of this app’s tracking is on another level compared to its competitors.
  • Many features work perfectly without roots. Rooting the device is required to access advanced features like keyloggers record.
  • Geofencing allows you to set a certain location as a blocklist, and if the target goes there, you will get an alert. 
  • You can even allow certain areas like your house and neighborhood and receive an alert if the target leaves that area.
  • Has a SIM card location tracking feature.
  • Alert on change of SIM card on the targeted device.

Pros and Cons of MobileSpy


  1. No need to jailbreak or root the device.
  2. Works on complete stealth mode.
  3. Track GPS and live location.
  4. Social media monitoring.
  5. Remotely control the device.


There are no surveillance issues in MobileSpy.



As the name suggests, this hidden cell phone spy app is flexible in-app features as it doesn’t require root to explore its full potential. You can install this spy app on a rooted phone too. With a rooted phone, this app can even record calls from Viber and show encrypted messages. 

FlexiSpy has features like:

  • Sends data from the device remotely by Internet, email, and FTP from recorded call logs and message history even if they are deleted.
  • Recording past locations, current locations, and restricted locations.
  • It shows the keystrokes of a device without rooting your device.
  • Perfectly hidden from your kid’s or employee’s phones with no sign of background operation.

Pros and cons of FlexiSPY


  1. Work on stealth mode.
  2. Permit you to track users’ log on and log off activity.
  3. The advanced feature Call Recording works properly without rooting.
  4. Excellent support service.
  5. Best keylogger feature.


  1. Premium plans are pricy.



mSpy is also one of the most known spy apps among its types. This app is also famous for its features and affordability. It has more than 35 features in total.

mSpy app has features like:

  • Spying on social media like; Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, etc.
  • Alerts in the location of your kids.
  • Wi-Fi network connection alerts.
  • Typing and browser history records
  • Sends data even if browsing history is deleted.
  • Very easy and quick setup.

Pros and cons of mSpy


  1. It helps to recognize cyber-bullying.
  2. Approachable interface
  3. Available in numerous languages with excellent customer support. 
  4. Cheap and easy to use.
  5. Jailbreaking or rooting is optional for advanced features.
  6. Can block unrequired applications.


  1. Rooting of Andriod phone is necessary to take the feature of Instant Messaging.
  2. Few spying features.
  3. The surround sound recording feature is not supported.
  4. Only monitor one device at a time.



This mobile tracker app is the total package of spying software. Try to name it. It’s got tons of features, from call logs to sound records. What aren’t features available in this app?

iKeyMonitor has features like:

  • Live phone call recording and listening.
  • Listen to surrounding sounds live and record them.
  • Sends data from the device remotely to the admin. 
  • Live camera view of the front and rare.
  • Apps blocking and monitoring.
  • Social media spy.

Pros and cons of iKeyMonitor


  1. Can grab the service of advanced features without rooting or jailbreaking the device.
  2. Can spy on text messages.
  3. Allows access to the user’s call history.
  4. Can capture screenshots.
  5. It is free.


  1. Can’t access the web browsing history. 
  2. To spy on Snapchat, you need to root the Android device.
  3. The battery dies faster while using it.
  4. It takes time to upload new data.



You will know whatever your kids may be over on or wherever they hover around with this cell phone monitoring app. Hoverwatch has different features and packages. Each purchased package comes with many features. It’s a perfect tool for kids’ and employees monitoring. 

Hoverwatch has features like:

  • Live screenshots sharing of current activity done by your kids.
  • Know your kid’s current phone location.
  • Transfers data timely. 
  • Real-time image capture from the front and rare camera.
  • Captures a clean and perfect image of social media feeds and messages.
  • Delivers data without harming the phone battery and memory.
  • Works smooth and quiet.

Pros and cons of Hoverwatch


  1. Cost-effective.
  2. Can monitor multiple devices with the same account.
  3. Call recording from both sides is easily audible.
  4. Apps settings can be easily modified.
  5. It doesn’t consume much time in uploading data.
  6. Capture frequent Screenshots from the target phone.


  1. Manual and intricate installation process.
  2. Few features compared to mySpy and FlexiSPY. 



This cell phone tracker is the opposite of the currently listed apps on this list coz you can download this app for free and use it for a lifetime. Despite being free, this spy app can hide from the background. It doesn’t heat the phones. It doesn’t cost to download and use as all features are free. This app doesn’t have purchase and upgrades options, so you can’t use extra features that it may not offer. But worry not, this app rivals other paid apps and has even the features that paid spy apps don’t have.

AppSpy has features like: 

  • It can record live calls and send you the record.
  • You can also listen to the live surrounding sounds of the target.
  • Access to photos and videos available on the target’s device.
  • Remote locking and wiping out data of the device.
  • App blocking features like installing or using them on the target device.

Pros and cons of AppSpy


  1. Record live audio.
  2. Works on Android phone. 
  3. Track Live location.
  4. More than ten features are available.
  5. Remote control service.
  6. Free and easy installation process.


  1. Fewer features compared to others.



FoneMonitor is among one of the top spy apps. It has a very user-friendly design and is easy to use. This app is specialized in social media spying. Any social media you know exists is clean and cleverly spied by this app. This app stands out for social media spying. Sadly, it doesn’t have features like call recording and camera access.

FoneMonitor has additional features like:

  • Call log monitor.
  • Location and geofence alerts.
  • Social media spying
  • Social media feeds like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and even typed passwords to log in.

Pros and Cons of FoneMonitor


  1. Attractive UI.
  2. Support for both iOS and Android.
  3. No need to root or jailbreak the device.
  4. Work can phone browser tool as well.


  1. Premium subscriptions plan is costly.
  2. Numerous features are missing from Android basic plans.
  3. The app activity tracker is not so accurate.
  4. Fewer features and services than competitors.


These are the best-hidden spy apps that you can use to spy on an Android device. Have you ever used or are planning to use hidden apps on your Android device? Let us know down in the comments.

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