How To Know Cellphone Location Of Employee?

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How To Know Cellphone Location Of Employee?

If you are an owner of the company, it’s important to have a system to track employee activities. Sometimes you might want to know the work history, performance, and location of the employee. An employee may spend work time on invaluable activities. It is easy to track employee activity at the office, but you require a GPS time tracking app to monitor their movement and performance if the employee has a travel job.

Employee GPS tracking app an important factor for your company?

It’s easy to track the activities of an employee at the office. It may help the company to have the highest level of performance of an employee. But if employees have travel jobs, it isn’t easy to track their activities without any tracking system.

Your competitor can misuse the confidential data of your company. An employee tracking system helps to track those criminal activities along with the location. GPS tracking app for employee also reduces the risk of leaking confidential data and secrets from your company.

And hence, these tracking systems help to maintain the morale of the employee.

Is knowing the location of an employee legal?

Yes! Laws related to the location tracking of an employee are yet confusing. Employers can track the location of an employee by following certain guidelines.

  • The employer should learn general law.
  • The employer can’t track their employee without their consent.
  • You cannot track an employee’s private phone unless it is used for office work.
  • Drafting the privacy policy is required.

Benefits of Tracking Employee’s Location

Managers can provide employees with actual, concrete, and reliable performance feedback using the employee location tracking system. Managers will give the best input to workers if they provide real-time statistics about their participation, leaves, completed tasks, etc.

Furthermore, when automated Excel reports are produced, employees have fewer excuses to justify their bad behavior. On top of that, when workers receive reliable input from industry experts, they will advance in their careers.

  • Location tracking helps to boost the efficiency of employees
  • It helps in improving productivity too
  • Helps in personnel decision making
  • Helps to protect the company’s privacy
  • You can track and verify the whereabouts of an employee

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GPS Tracking App for Employee

As there are many benefits of tracking an employee, you should also know the legal procedure involved. We recommend you clearly mention tracking employees in the office’s plan and privacy section. Following are some employee tracking apps for the company whose employees work in the field or remotely:


TimeCamp is the time and GPS tracking software to track off-site employees. It tracks the mobile location while the app is running. After the use, it gives us the report of duration, timestamp, distance, and google map view of the places.

Time Champ employee tracking tool

Feature of TimeChamp

  1. Integration with other most popular project management software, CRM, accounting, productivity, and many more. 
  2. Give the function to monitor productive and unproductive tasks.
  3. Accurate timesheet to know when and how your employee works.
  4. Attendance management to keep track of absences, leaves, vacations, and more.

Available on web mobile( android, iOS), desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux)


Hubstaff is a time and GPS tracking app for the employee. It provides a detailed view of how an employee uses office time and helps teams understand the workflow. It helps to maximize work productivity with productivity measurement. The app is a perfect solution for an accurate GPS location tracking service. Along with it has features like detailed reporting, payroll, and project budgeting.

employee tracking tool Hubstaff

Feature of Hubstaff

  1. Accurate GPS location tracking.
  2. Different monitoring options to view employee activities.
  3. Automatic integration with over 20 project management programs.
  4. Support unlimited job site
  5. Capture the screen randomly.
  6. Mouse and keyword tracking.
  7. Fleet tracking.

Available on web, mobile (Android, iOS), desktop

Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet Mobile is basically for teams working on the move, which includes field workers. It provides a service to connect people through mobile devices despite being at other locations. It provides authority to managers to use GPS functionality to monitor employees and their workflow. Timesheet mobile also has team messaging with a drag and drops feature.

Features of TimeSheet Mobile

  1.  Message sent to the managers that warn them about an employee departing the job site.
  2. Attendance tracking system for scheduling vacations, leave, and sick days.
  3. Team messaging
  4. Scheduling with the drop-down feature.
  5. Auto punch and violation notification.
  6. Dial-up interactive voice response clock in and clock out options.

Available on web, mobile (iOS, Android)

Labor sync

Labor sync provides the tracking feature to monitor the working hour and their location. It has a GPS time tracking system to keep all information about employees’ locations and vehicles. The real-time GPS tracking system provides you with a report about the employee site and route. This tool helps to optimize the process and helps in the productive use of time and money.

Features of Labor sync

  1. Time tracking with GPS monitoring for exact reports.
  2. FIeld notes and messaging.
  3. Customizable and comprehensive report.
  4. Payroll, project, and budget management.
  5. Always monitor to see what employees are doing.
  6. Overall employee management.

Available on mobile (Android, iOS), desktop


Tsheet has optimized GPS functionality with background synchronization backup of data. And provides secure data even in a location with poor signal. It also provides a map of activities and visualizes the locations of the user. Though it doesn’t have an auto clock in and out, but uses geofencing technology and notifies employees to clock in and out while leaving the designated place. It is a great tool for project management.

Features of Tsheet

  1. Real-time view on who is currently working on what and from where.
  2. Determines which employee is closest to the next job site so that assignments can be made accordingly.
  3. Convenient time monitoring with mobile app.
  4. In addition to clocking in and out, employees can manually enter their time in real-time as well.
  5. A variety of advanced features allow your employee to customize the time entry for tasks, projects, and fields.


Timr has geofencing technology with an automated clock-in and clock-out feature. It is a good location tracking and management tool. This tool also tracks the company’s car and records mileage. It is customizable according to your need. Timr backups its data at two different places for the future.

Features of Timr

  1. Location monitoring which automatically records mileage
  2. Allow project collaboration and team communication.
  3. Centralized admin panel.
  4. Work hour and project time tracking.
  5. Customizable reports.

Available on web, mobile( Blackberry, Android, iOS, windows)


Gleeo has location monitoring with an efficient time tracking feature. The user interface of Gleeo is optimized with more features from colors to themes which makes it visible at any lightning. You can easily start and stop each job. It gives you a report about the duration you spend on each task.

Generating and exporting reports in real-time makes this app more efficient. The history of your location provides you with an animated timeline.


Features of Gleeo

  1. Simple start and end buttons
  2. Timesheet organized over multiple hierarchical levels.
  3. Export data to CSV.
  4. Location capturing.
  5. Manual edit options for timeline reviews.
  6. Monthly, weekly and daily data are displayed in an animated timeline.

 Available on web, mobile( Android)


Hellotracks collect the information about your job and track the location with hours you spent. It uses real-time GPS tracking and provides the route to the next site. Geofencing technology allows you an automatic clock in and clocks out system.

Hellotracks allows the clear visibility of data to you. An employee can choose their routes else; you have an option of suggesting them in real-time. The function of Hellotracks provides you with proper timesheets, mileage, and status of a job.

Features of Hellotracks

  1. Brilliant UI that makes it easy to navigate.
  2. Support web interface which allows administrators to oversee the entire workforce.
  3. A built-in messaging system that offers easy communication between the field and office employees.
  4. Can assign the task to an employee and oversee their progress.
  5. Managers can track employees’ performance, completed tasks, their average mileage, and so on.


Timeero is a GPS tracking app with geofenced sites which automates timesheets. There is no need to watch your employee, and it allows you to track location. Timeero also notifies you about where and where your employee is. At any time, Timeero also provides you with a mileage report. Overall, Timeero helps to save time and money for the company.

Features of Timeero

  1. Job management, time-off management, budget tracking.
  2. Facial recognition.
  3. Route reviews
  4. Mileage tracking
  5. Integration for exporting time and millage with a third party and popular accounting software like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Gusto, Ripping,  ADP, etc.
  6. Geofencing for the clock in and clock out automatically.

Available on macOS, web, mobile(Android, iOS)


Connecteam is a mobile-friendly app that allows for tracking the work hour from a certain location. GPS tracking system helps to track the location of the employee in real-time. This app makes communication easier between employees and employers. An employee can save job-related data for future use.

Features of Connectteam

  1. Exporting the timesheet is easy.
  2. Automated payroll processing.
  3. Job-related information like equipment, mileages, and so on.


allGEO has a feature of the on-demand location, which works in real-time. Individual workers and dispatchers can use this app to calculate the best route. It has the feature to record the mileage. It has geofencing technology that tracks the clock in and clock out time automatically from any location.

Features of allGEO

  1. Supports safety features even for lone workers.
  2. Real-time employee arrival and departure alert from the geofenced area.
  3. Real-time shift planning.
  4. IFTTT workflow based on employee, time, and location.
  5. Alert message for late check-in and early clock out. 
  6. Customizable workflows that allow managers to update assignments and schedule conveniently.


Vismo has an important feature, which prioritizes the employee’s safety. Some employees must work remotely from different locations around the world. Vismo is helpful to track if your employee is a victim of any physical and verbal abuse. It helps to track the dangerous locations and create geofences around that area. An employee gets an alert while entering the geofence area.

It records the location of an employee and provides the history of a location. It also facilitates peer-to-peer communication between employees.

vismo employee tracking app

Features of Vismo

  1. Sends alert notifications every time employees move out of the fenced area.
  2. The employee can choose when they want to be tracked and when not.
  3. Works perfectly with satellite phones.
  4. Suitable for security firms and rescue teams.


Timely facilitates productivity, project management, and GPS tracking features. It is mainly for those employees who work remotely with their laptops and computers.

employee tracking app Timely

Features of Timely

  1. Automatic time tracking.
  2. Integrated with another app.
  3. Group and Project planning for effortless scheduling, and visualizing goals.

Available on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows 


Every time you track and monitor the activities of an employee, explain to them the reason behind it. It would help if you were also transparent to an employee about what and why you are monitoring. Hence following are some important features location tracking provides:

  • Visibility and accountability of the workers working remotely or in different fields.
  • Proper management of field teams
  • Provides smart workflows to employee
  • Provides automated schedules and job dispatches
  • Proper analysis and reporting of employee

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