Cheating Spouse Text Messages Codes

cheating spouse text messages codes
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Cheating Spouse Text Messages Codes

Cheating spouse text messages codes are hard to decode. You must have good abbreviation knowledge to understand those codes. Those codes are self-created but some of the codes are common among youths.

If you feel like your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, you can use spy apps like MobileSpy that allow you to track their text messages on the different IM apps. However, these cheaters are getting smarter. Nowadays, they don’t directly go around texting the exact words that prove they are guilty of cheating. 

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What they do is text in codes or abbreviations. So, even if you are spying on their texts but don’t understand the codes, it can mislead you into believing they are not cheating on you. 

Therefore it’s very important for you to understand these codes and abbreviations. So, in this blog, I will explain to you the meaning of the text messages codes and abbreviations used by a cheating spouse. 

Read and understand these codes used by cheating spouses carefully so that you can catch them red-handed.

6 Cheating Spouse text messages codes or abbreviations that cheaters use the most

cheating spouse text messages codes


DTF is an acronym for “Down To F*ck,” which literally means proposing the question of whether the other person who is receiving the text wants to have sex with you. So, if you find the acronym “DTF” in your spouse’s text messages, try to find the other person responding to this text. 

Try to find out if there is another sexual reference mentioned in the texts. Check if that text message was meant for you. Then, you have pretty good grounds for calling your spouse a cheater.


A vacation taken with an affair partner is termed “Straycation”. So if your spouse is talking about going on a “business meeting” with a couple of “business friends” and you see the word “Straycation” in the text message, then your spouse is probably having an affair and going on a trip with that person.

First, you need to determine the person your spouse is talking to when they use the term “Straycation.” Also, take a look at how the other person responds to the message. Then confront your spouse before they leave for this “business trip.”   


ASLP refers to “Age, Sex, Location, and Picture.” If you see this term on your spouse’s text message, then he or she is trying to find someone to cheat on you. Hence, they ask for the age, sex, location, and picture of the person they are talking to.

ASLP is a term generally used in the initial phase when they both don’t know much about each other. They want to know the location they live, their age, and their picture so that they can make sure that it’s easy and safe to start an affair. 

If you catch your spouse using ALSP, then it’s not late to confront them. It’s just the beginning, and you might be able to save your relationship. But you never know, they may also be looking for a new affair and, at the same time, having another one.


NSFS stands for “Not Safe For Spouse,” which is usually used to hint to the receiver that the text they are about to send is not safe to read in front of their partner. 

If your partner is receiving or sending NSFS, look at the next text message. It will be something explicit that proves that your spouse on cheating on you. The text after NSFS can be nude photographs, explicit videos, or plans of hooking up.   

Look at the message if your partner is replying to the texts sent after NSFS with dirty talk or he or she is encouraging the sender to send them more of such content. This way, you can know if your spouse is guilty of cheating or not.

Therefore make sure to look at the messages after the NSFS text code. The sender or receiver can usually delete the message after that. However, with the help of spy apps like MobileSpy, you can access and track the deleted messages so that you can catch your cheating spouse. 


SN is another text code that you should know, which stands for “Send Nudes.” It means that the sender asks to click and send naked images or videos of the receiver.

SN is a popular term in sexting. If you find your spouse using this term, then he or she wants to sext with the other person. Look at the response texts of SN, which usually contain nude images or videos.   

SN is mostly used in apps like Snapchat, where the snap, image, or video gets deleted right after the receiver views it. So, there is no trace for you to find out that your spouse is having an affair.

However, apps like MobileSpy can even keep a record of disappearing content on Snapchat. With the help of MobileSpy, you can view the images and videos even if your spouse deletes them

Use of Emojis

cheating spouse emoji codes

We all use emojis while texting as it helps us express our feelings more easily. So, it would help if you looked at the pattern of emojis that your spouse uses to text another person. 

Emojis are also used while sexting or dirty talking. Many emojis can express that your spouse is having an affair. However, emojis can not be the only factor determining whether your partner is cheating or not.

When you see the emojis in a certain pattern, like “???” which could indicate that they would like to have sex with that person. Many women use the “?” emoji as an expression of their desire for a “D”.

Things to remember: Don’t just jump to a conclusion

The most important thing you need to remember is not to jump to your own conclusions when you see those mentioned codes on your pattern’s text messages.

At first, try to understand the context of the message. Read the complete conversation. If those texts are only sent to your partner, try to know if he or she is ignoring those codes or trying to encourage the sender to send more of those contents. 

All in all,

Text codes like DTF, Straycation, ASL / ASLP, NSFS, SN, and use of emojis are used by a cheating spouse. Use to track their text messages and determine if they are using these terms and catch the cheater in action.

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