Best WeChat Spy App to Spy on WeChat Messages & Chat History

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Best WeChat Spy App to Spy on WeChat Messages & Chat History

WeChat is a popular social media app for instant messaging, video, and audio calls. WeChat has been a part of billions of users thanks to its exclusive features, including hold-to-talk voice messaging, location sharing, WeChat pay, Moments, Time capsule, image translation, chat alerts, etc.

Are you curious about tracking someone’s WeChat to view their messages and chat history? It is possible via powerful monitoring and spy apps. 

Why Spy on others’ WeChat?

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There could be several motives for tracking others on WeChat. Here are some possibilities,

Child Safety

Social media platforms like WeChat can be great for finding new friends, interacting with loved ones, and exploring features. However, they are equally vulnerable to children and young people. Children can be exposed to inappropriate and harmful content via WeChat. 

There are many instances where stalkers try to come closer to children to exploit them later. Children can be part of online grooming, harassment, bullying, and identity theft, and this exploitation can have a long-term effect on children. Monitoring your child’s social media or devices can provide a sense of security and give you an idea of what they are up to. 

Spy Suspicious Partner 

Spying on your partner can be another reason to use WeChat spy. If you feel your partner has been behaving strangely lately, acting abnormally, and is very sensitive to mobile phone usage, spying on them should be a solution. If they are cheating on you, there is a high chance they have been talking to others via social media apps like WeChat. 

Employee monitoring

Most business house owners complain about the lack of productivity in the employees; maybe it’s true because many of them are engaged on mobile phones and exploring social media. Spying on their WeChat can provide their effectiveness toward work and can determine if they shared confidential or sensitive information with others. 

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Best WeChat spy apps


WeChat spy

iKeyMonitor is an excellent WeChat monitoring  app to keep track of the messages and chat history of the target user. The spy app is compatible with both Android and iOS. You have an option to spy on Windows and Mac OS as well. 

With the assistance of this monitoring app, you can capture screenshots, see sent and received chats and files on WeChat, view the Keystrokes, and even listen to voice calls. It is a great app for safeguarding your child online. Rooting an Android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone is unnecessary; however, you will get fewer features if the device is not rooted or jailbroken. Here’s how you get started with iKeyMonitor WeChat Spy,

  1. Signup for a free account of iKeyMonitor
  2. Login to the cloud panel
  3. Download and install the app on the target phone
  4. Register the app with your license key
  5. Start spying on WeChat via Dashboard


  • Monitor multiple social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Viber
  • Track Multimedia like and remotely record videos, take photos
  • Block apps, enable screen time limit, and view schedules and calendar
  • Tamper proof and Discrete monitoring
  • Track someone’s locations and enable Geofence alerts
  • View call history, SMS, and contact lists
  • View keystrokes, browsing history
  • Account deletion, Email tracking, Enabled word alerts, and extensive remote control


  • For Mobile phones: $16.99 monthly(Free Basic + Addons)
  • For PC: $29.99 monthly


WeChat spy app

SPY24 should be another incredible option to monitor your child’s WeChat messages and chat history. This app allows users to keep hold of all incoming and outgoing chats, calls, media, and many more.

The received information can be viewed on the SPY24 Dashboard or archived on your device. SPY 24 supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Also, jailbreaking or rooting devices is not a necessity. No matter the target user’s device, you will get to know all the detailed information. The app works in stealth mode and has 24/7 chats available in case of emergency. To start spying with this app,

  1. Signup and register the account
  2. Login to your Dashboard
  3. Install the app on the target device
  4. Choose the best subscription plan
  5. Start extracting information on your Dashboard


  • Advanced remote cell phone control
  • Track social medias
  • See multimedia files, Appointments, and calendar
  • Record phone calls, capture screenshots, and  keylogger for iPhone and Android
  • View incoming and outgoing calls and texts
  • View GPS Location and watch internet history
  • Live viewing device, top analytics, Schedule restrictions, and 24/7 instant alerts


  • Basic Plan: $24.99 monthly
  • Premium plan: $59.99 monthly
  • Family plan: $98.99 monthly


WeChat spying app

If you want detailed information about your child or partner’s WeChat usage, Flexispy phone monitoring app should help. It is one of the best Social media spy apps. You can keep an eye on all the incoming and outgoing calls on WeChat. You can view the texts and multimedia files sent and received. 

The information can be archived on your computer or seen in the Dashboard. The compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. The app is supported on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. Flexispy lets you watch all the contacts, dates, and timestamps of your Kid’s WeChat. It is very easy to set up and get started,

  1. Get a license for the target phone
  2. Install and Activate the app on the target phone
  3. The captured data is uploaded to Flexispy Server
  4. Log in to your web account and start tracking


  • Phone call recording and interception
  • Track numerous social media like WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Remotely uninstall and deactivate any suspicious apps
  • Live GPS location and Geo fencing option
  • Create screenshots, track Emails and view all texts sent and received
  • Watch browsing activity and bookmarks
  • Enable Keyloggers, view Phone multimedia


For Mobile phones:      

  • Lite: $30 monthly                       
  • Premium: $79 monthly
  • Extreme: $119 monthly

For PC: $79 monthly


Best WeChat spy app

uMobix should be an outstanding WeChat Tracker and Mobile spy software  for parents concerned about their child’s online safety. You can remotely control and access WeChat information on the target phone. It includes viewing sent and received text messages, seeing total spending, access photos, videos, or other attachments.

 A detailed timestamp, contact details, and ID is shown on your Dashboard. The platforms supported by uMobix are Android and iOS. uMobix collects the data and visualizes them regarding all actions in WeChat. To start tracking the target user, 

  1. Choose your subscription plan
  2. Get your Login Credentials
  3. Install the app on the target device or provide iCloud credentials in the user account
  4. Visit your account and Start monitoring via Dashboard


  • Monitor Social Medias and online activities
  • Track GPS location and enable Geo finder
  • View call logs and contact lists
  • Track texts, Multimedia, and other files
  • Record browser usage and view internet history
  • Recover deleted messages, calls, and contacts
  • Control apps, Wi-Fi, websites, messages, and calls 


  • Basic Plan: $29.99 monthly
  • Full Plan: $49.99 monthly


We believe this blog will help monitor the WeChat application of your Child, Partner, or employee. You can track messages, calls, and other media through the spot apps. We recommend you use the spy apps legally, without violating anyone’s privacy. For cases like monitoring your child, it is ethical to spy on their device; however, for any other purpose, it would be better to take permission or consent before spying. Else, you can face data privacy lawsuits according to your region.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you spy on WeChat remotely?

Yes, it is possible to spy on WeChat via powerful spy apps. You can monitor calls, texts, shared multimedia, and chat history.

Is it legal to spy on WeChat?

As a parent, it is completely legal to spy on your Children to safeguard them from online threats and vulnerabilities. However, make sure you take permission from others before spying on them. Else, you can face law issues.

Is WeChat safe?

WeChat is far from safe regarding data collection and privacy like other social media. It does not support an end to end encryption; hence, the conversations can be accessed by third parties.

Is it right to spy on my Kid’s WeChat?

It is 100% right to track your kid’s online activities to protect them from exposure and social media toxicity. Spy apps in the current digitized world have been a necessity. It would be better to use Parental controls settings on social media sites like WeChat as well.