What are Minecraft rule 34 and Roblox rule 34?

What is Minecraft rule 34 and Roblox rule 34
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What are Minecraft rule 34 and Roblox rule 34?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game among all ages and the most played worldwide. In this game, players can explore and build virtual worlds that are made of blocks. They can use tools and blocks to build and customize the in-game world. 

On the other hand, Roblox is a multiplayer gaming platform that enables users to play different games, create their games, and chat online with friends or strangers. 

Although Minecraft and Roblox are different games, they share one common rule, Rule 34,  which seems funny but inappropriate for children and teenagers. 

Rule 34 is a meme that implies that pornographic content will eventually be created for any fictional movie or game character. The same thing applies in the case of Minecraft and Roblox.

However, this is a big problem for any parent, guardian, or teacher. It exposes underage kids to disturbing sexual content that affects their mentality and behavior.

In this article, we will briefly learn about rule 34 on Minecraft and Roblox, as well as their issues in the real world.

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What is Minecraft Rule 34?

What is Minecraft Rule 34

Minecraft rule 34 means that there is porn-related content for every character in the Minecraft game. It refers to creating and distributing sexually explicit or pornographic materials based on the game’s character. 

It can be fan fiction stories, art, images, videos, and animated adult-themed content such as Hornycraft Minecraft, Minecraft jenny, and many more. 

This material is often produced and shared by members of the game’s community and is not officially approved or authorized by the game’s developers.

Minecraft rule 34 contents:

Minecraft rule 34 contains inappropriate content, such as pornography and various explicit content, and more posts related to the game’s character. Here are some of them:

  • Stories depicting Minecraft characters engaging in sexual acts with each other, furry animations, drawings, or digitally-created images of Minecraft characters in sexual situations are examples of fan fiction
  • Gamers create fan fiction about Minecraft that depicts characters or settings from the game through illustrations, comics, or other visual representations of sexually involved or nude characters. It may also contain bullying, harsh words, hate speech, and many more.
  • Games can be modified with mods to change the way they are played. The game can be modified with adult-themed content, such as skins, sex games, and animations depicting sexual acts. It is also known as Hornycraft Minecraft.

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Issues with Minecraft rule 34:

These types of content are inappropriate for age groups under 18, and they are at risk of being exposed to sexual content. It also carries the potential risk of infringing on the game’s copyright. 

Here are some major issues:

  • Legal issues

Creating and distributing explicit pornographic content featuring characters and objects from games without the consent of game developers can violate copyright laws. 

Minecraft comic stories containing inappropriate content can be found on various fan fiction websites and forums. This explicit 18+ content violates the rules and regulations. It is important to be aware of the legal and ethical significance of creating and sharing these types of content.

  • Ethical issues

People or gamers can find the creation and distribution of pornographic characters and objects in Minecraft disgraceful. It raises questions about the morality of the game. This type of action is wrong in all aspects since underage kids are getting exposed to those contents.    

  • Harms the game’s reputation

The game developers and the game itself can get backlash and negative publicity and will have a bad impression. The general public will not be eager to play games with adult and pornographic graphics. The Minecraft community is very large, and if that sexual content is promoted in the community, it will bring down the reputation and respect towards Minecraft.   

  • Effects on Children’s mental health

Children often play video games and love playing them. If any game or content has inappropriate content, it can lead to poor mental health, sexual violence, harassment, objectification, and other negative outcomes.  

When children play and view pornographic content on games that have abusive and misogynistic acts, they can find it normal and act in the real world. It will directly impact their mind and behavior as their brain is fragile.

Pornography in games has a direct impact on a child’s mental health. They can be addicted to sex games, have negative attitude and behaviors towards women, and normalizes sexual harm.   

Is Minecraft taking any actions to solve these issues?

Minecraft is trying its best to control this pornography and other inappropriate content by hiring moderators. Somehow it is under control in the platform, but these contents are widespread on the internet on different websites, which is difficult to control.

What is Roblox Rule 34?

What is Roblox Rule 34

Likewise, on Minecraft, Roblox rule 34 also means if it exists, then there is a pornographic version of it. It is also known as Roblox r34. 

Roblox rule 34 refers to Roblox video game characters having pornography versions of them. It means any pornographic or sexually suggestive content made by players, including fan fiction, fan art, and sexual mods. 

Roblox rule 34 contents:

Roblox rule 34 is no stranger to harmful and disturbing content. It is the source of potential information about sexually involved characters and other harmful adult content.  It contains fan fiction, fan art, Roblox animations, and mods containing inappropriate content.

  • A Roblox fan fiction story features characters from the game engaging in explicit sexual behavior. These types of content are created and read by fans who have the sexual fantasy of Roblox characters.  Many fans watch and read those comics and continue to create them.
  • Using a form of illustration or digital painting, furry animation, or a combination of both, fan artists portray characters from the game in a sexual or indicative way. Many Roblox fans search for these kinds of things for their satisfaction.
  • Gamers modify the Roblox games, change the gameplay and graphics, modify the characters, and many more. They add sexual elements to the game. These mods contain inappropriate content like porn gaming, vulgar and hate speech, abuse, Roblox hentai porn, violent graphics, and others.  

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Issues with Roblox rule 34

The majority of Roblox users are quite young on average. The Roblox community has very strict guidelines based on the average age of its players. You will probably get banned if caught creating or sharing inappropriate content on Roblox. The platform keeps a close eye on the content gamers to protect what they create and share and is very up-to-date.

  • Legal issues:

Modifying games and creating sexual fan art and fiction can face the legal implications of violating the rules of Roblox and infringements of copyrights of the game. Game modifiers can face legal charges and fees for violating the terms and conditions of Roblox and the websites they share explicit content and other things.

  • Ethical issues

Pornography has been a long-standing ethical issue on Roblox, as it is easily accessible to children. It raises the questions of right and wrong regarding the explicit content on Roblox. We must understand our moral code, act accordingly, and avoid inappropriate modifications to the game. 

  • Harms the reputation of Roblox

The game developers can receive bad critiques from the people for containing such content and backlash from the whole platform. People will avoid playing and encourage others not to play Roblox games that contain vulgar content.

  • Effects on Child’s mental health

Adult content on Roblox can seriously impact children exposed to it, including normalizing unhealthy attitudes towards sex and relationships, promoting violence against women children, or any person, and creating unrealistic expectations about physical appearance or body image issues.

❓Is Roblox taking any actions to solve these issues?

Roblox has attempted to control the situation by hiring human moderators. Still, some users have found other ways to promote controversial content on and off the website, such as publishing inappropriate game tapes and images on multiple platforms. 


Minecraft and Roblox have millions of users playing daily and are fun to play.  But ever since Rule 34 has brought in sexual and inappropriate content, their kid-friendly environment has been tainted.

Although the chances of your underage kid accidentally stumbling upon those sexual content is low, it is a big possibility that your kids are searching for it by themselves.

These contents can impact children’s mental health and affect their behavior. As a parent, you should be careful about rule 34; they can search and watch and get exposed to this content and become addicted to porn gaming.

It’s impossible to always keep an eye on your children. But as parents, you should always be careful about your children and the games and contents they’re playing. 

You can take the help of child monitoring software like Mobilespy to watch your children’s activities while playing Roblox games or Minecraft on their smartphones. Also, check their browser history and to whom they are talking.

If your child is playing on the computer, make sure to check what they are playing, their browser history personally, and if they have downloaded any inappropriate content.