Easy methods to unblock YouTube at School or Office

unblock YouTube at School
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Easy methods to unblock YouTube at School or Office

Do you feel like you’re stuck in detention when your school or office blocks you from watching YouTube? It’s like your mind is imprisoned, and your creativity is trapped. But why does it happen?

Well, schools and offices have their reasons for restricting access to YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

According to Statista, globally, YouTube had 2.56 billion users who accessed its video content in 2022. So, don’t let pesky network restrictions stop you from learning or enjoying your free time.

There are plenty of creative and effective ways to unblock YouTube and regain your freedom.

So, if you’re ready to break free from the chains of blocked YouTube videos, try out some of the techniques we’ve shared. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can regain access and enjoy all the learning, entertainment, and inspiration that YouTube has to offer!

Here in this article, we will discuss the reason behind blocking youtube with 7 easy methods to unblock YouTube at School or Office.

Why does my school/Office block YouTube?

Office administrators and schools may block youtube as surfing youtube during school/office time can distract and kill productivity at work, increasing the cost of data usage and exposing explicit content.

Youtube offers a vast collection of free, excellent, and knowledgeable content. Students can use this platform to find their study materials and classroom lessons, and employees use it to find useful tricks, learn new skills, and troubleshoot errors.  

Whether you are a student, employee, employer, teacher, or anyone, I guess you often use Youtube. And knowing the benefit of Youtube, you may find it a bit weird to block Youtube at schools/offices. Let’s find out why schools, colleges, and offices block Youtube.

  • Students and employees waste multiple hours watching the latest Youtube videos and scrolling through social media posts. As a result of it your productivity decreases. 
  • Further, some age-restricting videos on youtube can negatively influence school-going teenagers. That’s why schools, colleges, and offices block these services.
  • Additionally, content censorship in countries like China, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Syria can also be the reason to block YouTube. 
  • In some countries, content rights and royalties restrict access to certain types of content.
  • Some schools and offices block Youtube to save bandwidth.

There are several other reasons why schools and offices block websites, social media, and YouTube. Some of the main reasons behind it are legal compliance, distraction, unproductivity, and inappropriate content.

And if you decide to unblock YouTube, keep reading the post.

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7 best ways to unblock Youtube at school and office

Are you a high-potential scholar and committed professional with no time for frivolous and unsuitable content? You channel your energy towards meaningful pursuits, but unfortunately, your workplace or educational institution has slammed the door shut on YouTube. Fear not! With these game-changing tricks, you can break free from those restrictions and unleash the full potential of YouTube.

No need to delay any longer! Take charge of your online experience and liberate your access to YouTube with these top-notch solutions tailored specifically to unblock websites like YouTube at school or the office.

  • Using a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that encrypts your internet traffic and lets you make a secure and private connection to other networks. It encrypts the traffic and hides the original IP address. So, you can use VPN to bypass internet censorship and access blocked sites such as YouTube.

There are so many software-based VPNs that can encrypt all your incoming and outgoing network traffic. However, you should always go for a secure paid VPN. You can also use the top free VPN application. Some popular VPN applications are Norton VPN, Express VPN, PrivateVPN, Surfshark, etc.

If you want to unblock YouTube on the browser, you can install a VPN browser extension

Follow the steps below to use a VPN to unblock YouTube.

– Download and Install a VPN application for your mobile or computer.

– Open the application and choose a server location. After that, press the “connect” button.  Make sure you have connected to a server where YouTube is unblocked.

– Lastly, open Youtube and start enjoying.

  • Using a proxy server

The next way to unblock Youtube at the office or school is by using a proxy server. Proxy servers act as an intermediate between your computer and the internet. You can use proxies to bypass websites blocked by schools or offices because when you use a proxy server, websites will not be able to find your IP address.

The defect of this method is that the browsing speed can be slow, and your browsing history and data can be exposed. Further, they are not safe to use. So try using methods other than this one.

Some popular proxy servers are Geonode, Smartproxy, Hide Me, HMA, etc. Follow the steps below to use a proxy to unblock YouTube.

  • Search for the best proxy site.
  • And open the selected proxy server.
  • Enter (YouTube URL) into the URL field. 
  • Hit the button to open the site.
  • Now, youtube will open in the proxy’s browser window. 

Some organizations and schools block proxy service websites too. So, preparing a list of proxy servers before you go to the office/school is good. 

  • Using Command Prompt/ IP address

Every site has its IP address. However, as a human, it is hard to remember the IP address of all websites. In this way, DNS came into existence. The domain name system gives the name for those IP addresses.

And the interesting fact is that you can access the websites by entering their IP address. But how to get that IP address? 

You can get the IP address of YouTube by using the command prompt. So, if Youtube is blocked in your office/school, try using the Command Prompt.

Keep on reading to learn how to unblock Youtube using the command prompt.

  • Press the Windows Key + R on your Keyword. It will open the Run dialog box.
  • Try “cmd” into the box and hit Enter. It will open the Command Prompt.
  • Type the following command into the Command Prompt, and after that, press Enter: ping

After completing the above steps, you will find the IP address of Youtube. You can open the site by opening that IP address in any browser.

  •  Using a browser extension

Yet another method to unblock youtube at school or the office is using browser extensions. Browsers such as Brave, Yandex, and Chrome have their own extensions. It works with a proxy server to bypass content firewalls. 

In other words, Google Chrome extensions such as Youtube Unblocker drive your traffic through a proxy server. That’s why it has the same downfalls as using a proxy. However, some browser extensions include mostly VPNs. Though they are few, they are easier, and you also don’t need to download VPN applications on your device. 

Steps to using a browser extension to unblock Youtube

  • Launch Google Chrome and open the Google web store.
  • Type Youtube Unblocker on the search bar and enter.
  • Select the unblocker extension that you want to install on your device.
  • Select Add to Chrome button on its extension page.
  • A permission dialog will appear toward the top of the browser window. Tap on “Add Extensions.” It will install the selected extension to the browser automatically.
  • Accessing YouTube through a mobile hotspot

Schools and offices normally block YouTube and other websites on a network level. If that’s in your case, you can use another internet connection to get YT unblocked. You can access Youtube through mobile hotspots or by connecting a data cable from a smartphone to a computer. 

So, if your internet network blocks you from accessing YT, give it a try on your own network. Since computers use the internet from your smartphone, any network restrictions will be eliminated.  But if the restriction is made through the device’s MAC address, the mobile hotspots can’t do anything.

Steps to Use a Mobile Hotspot to Unblock YouTube

  • Turn on the Mobile data from your mobile and then turn on the portable hotspot.
  • After that, connect to your mobile hotspot from your Laptop.

In the case of a PC, use USB tethering options and connect through USB. By following the above steps, you can surf whatever you want. However, remember that using the smartphone’s data will cost some amount.

  • Using the Tor browser

Tor Browser is a web browser that protects your online privacy by utilizing a network of servers that help block third-party advertisements and trackers from monitoring your online activity. And this Onion Router (Tor) hides your IP address from firewalls. That’s why it can solve your problem of blocked youtube.

Tor passes the traffic of your website through several relay nodes and ensures that Youtube (YT) server only sees the address of the exit node. You can use the Tor browser like a regular browser to access Youtube. However, you can only do that if your school or company allows you to install Tor. 

Since website traffic transmits through several servers while using Tor, you might suffer from decreasing connection speed and increasing latency. Resulting in ruining your experience while watching high-resolution YouTube videos. 

The nodes are also operated by anonymous volunteers, who might not have the best intentions in mind, making this method unsafe.

How Tor browser can be used to access YouTube?

Follow the steps below to install and use Tor Browser to access YouTube.

  • Launch the default browser on your computer and go to the Tor project website. 
  • Select an installer for your currently using OS (Operating System). The Tor Browser Installer will start downloading.
  •  After it completes downloading process, tap on Tor Browser Installer. It will take you to the installation process. 
  • Select the language and installation location. Now it will start installing the browser onto the computer.
  • After the installation process completes, tap on Open the browser from the desktop.
  • And on the browser’s startup page, click the option to check the Always Connect Automatically. On every startup, the browser will connect to the Tor network.
  • Then click Connect to establish a secure connection to Tor. Tor’s homepage will appear after a few moments.
  • Enter the URL for YouTube in the search bar.
  • Tap on Enter; it will load the site.
  • Finding Alternative Video Sites

Among many methods of unblocking YouTube at School or the Office, using alternative video sites is easy and effective. So, if your school or office has blocked access to YouTube, don’t worry – there are still plenty of alternative video sites you can use to access educational and entertaining content. 

Try exploring platforms like SchoolTube, TeacherTube, TED, and safeshare tv for educational videos, and Utreon, 9Gag, and D.Tube for entertainment. Additionally, if you can’t unblock Youtube at school, consider checking competitors like Hotstar or Dailymotion.

Just be sure to use caution when browsing these alternative sites – only visit those that have an SSL certificate and use encrypted internet. You can easily check if a site has an SSL certificate by looking for the green padlock icon next to the URL or ensuring that the URL starts with “https.” By taking these precautions, you can access the videos you need without getting caught by anyone monitoring your traffic.

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Blocking access to YouTube in schools and offices is done for valid reasons, such as inappropriate content and security concerns, but it can hamper the learning and growth of students and workers.

When they are unable to access YouTube, it can lead to frustration and stress, limiting their access to essential resources for completing tasks and restricting opportunities for creativity and imagination.

Thankfully, multiple methods exist to unblock YouTube, such as using VPNs, proxy servers, downloading videos, Tor browsers, browser extensions, and alternative video sites. However, it’s crucial to note that attempting to unblock YouTube without permission could result in punishment from the school or organization.

By utilizing these simple methods, students and workers can enhance their educational and professional experiences and use YouTube as a tool for learning, growth, and entertainment.

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How can I tell if YouTube is blocked on my school/office network?

To tell if YouTube is blocked on your school/office network, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the YouTube URL ( in your web browsers.
  • If it doesn’t take you the Youtube and you don’t get a response, there is an issue with your internet connection.
  • However, if you get other responses such as “Can’t access this site,” “Access Denied,” or “No Access,” then it’s because youtube is blocked at your school or office network. 

When you try to access YouTube in offices, colleges, or schools and you cannot open it, you first have to ensure that it is not blocked in your area or that there is an Internet connection problem. To do this, follow these steps:

How do I open YouTube when blocked in the office?

You can open YouTube using VPN, Tor browser, command prompt, etc., to open Youtube when blocked in the office. 

What is the easiest way to unblock YouTube?

There are multiple ways to unblock YouTube. However, using VPN servers is the easiest way to unblock Youtube.

Can I get in trouble for unblocking YouTube at school/office?

Yes, unblocking YouTube or any other blocked website at school or office could result in consequences or disciplinary actions. Schools and offices have strict internet policies in place to ensure safety, security, and productivity, and bypassing these restrictions could be seen as a violation of these policies. 

Opening Youtube without permission can lead you to serious consequences like termination from your job or suspension from school.

How do you unblock youtube on a school computer?

Looking to unblock YouTube on your school computer? Fear not, as there are multiple ways to do so. However, the easiest and most effective methods include utilizing tools like the Tor browser, command prompt, proxy servers, VPNs, browser extensions, and more.