Top 10 Applications to Track a Mobile Phone

Top Applications to Track a Mobile Phones
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Top 10 Applications to Track a Mobile Phone

Losing one’s cell phone can be a bit of a hassle. One – it means we have lost our means of communication; Second – if under wrong hands, they could get all the information about us. How do we prevent that from happening? I mean, yes, of course, we all have passcodes to lock our phones to keep the intruders outside. But does it hold up for long at all? Of course not! One way to ensure something of that sort does not happen is to destroy our phones. And unlike in movies, there isn’t a “self-destruct” option available to destroy our phones. The second and more plausible option would be to track our mobile phone. This blog will explain the top 10 applications to track mobile phones.

Yes, tracking your phone is possible these days. You need the right person and the right resources for it. Also, specific applications that go by their general term of “spy apps” can help you out. Spy apps are those apps that help you spy on someone else and get their information.

Spy app also helps you to track the location of the target device. So, if you are monitoring a device and it gets lost, you can track it down. And, if there ever arises any trouble, you can always trace the person’s location through their device and make sure that they are safe as well.

What are the best spy applications to track mobile phones in the market right now?

Don’t worry. We have got you covered!

We do understand that there are various spy apps available in the market. And currently, among all those, it would be impossible to go through all the pros and cons of each. So, here we have selected a list of 10 spy apps that can help you out with your problem to track a mobile phone. You can look at the various features of the apps listed and pick your choice. However, it would still be my obligation to tell you that one of the best and recommended spy app is MobileSpy.” Read along to find out more!!



Among the list, we have mSpy as a mobile application that allows you to monitor and spy on the target’s activities. mSpy was more so designed for parents and their needs. The main objective of mSpy being the parents is that it is considered an excellent choice for parental control activities.

Children are always bound to get out of line, especially when they have freedom from the Internet. As such, there are ways to monitor them discretely and ensure that they stay on the right track. mSpy helps you with just that. Features such as remotely controlling the device and checking the phone call logs and message history are provided.


The better features provided by mSpy are as mentioned below.

  • Provides the feature to view all the text messages, whether they are incoming or outgoing. Not only that, but mSpy also allows viewing deleted messages as well.
  • The feature to check into the call history of the target is available.
  • Tracking the location of the device by using GPS tracking.
  • Spy on social media applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on.
  • Compatible with iOS platform specifically on iPhones and iPad and on the Android platform with any Android device.
  • It also provides the facility to control and monitor the target device remotely.
  • Alerts can be set to be sent in the occurrence of any dangerous activity.
  • All the data and information provided to you via mSpy is encrypted, i.e., it is secure and reliable.
  • The information from the target phone is updated every 5 minutes.
  • Viewing the media files, i.e., photos and videos of the device.
  • The support team stands for 24 hours a day for customer support.



Spyzie is another one of the applications that can be used to track a mobile phone secretly. It provides you with not only that feature but also to view all the text messages from the target device and access all the detailed call logs of the target. Similarly, any files attached or downloaded with the text messages can also be viewed, which is a bonus.

Spyzie allows you to always keep track of the location of the device remotely in real-time. And, who better can this feature be useful for parents as they can even set alerts to prevent their child from any potential dangers as well?


More of the added functionalities that are available for Spyzie are as mentioned below:

  • Tracking the location of the device remotely in real-time.
  • Read and view the Internet browsing history of the target device.
  • Set in alerts to prevent the target from getting into potential danger.
  • Monitoring your child’s text messages from various social media apps.
  • Get a view of the target’s mobile device, such as screenshots.
  • Checking the browser history as well as the other installed apps.
  • Compatibility with both the iOS and the Android platforms.



Spyic is another application available in the market that is considered good at what it does. Our children are one of the most precious things to us, and keeping them safe is of the utmost priority. As such, Spyic is another application designed to target the parental group to give them parental monitoring control over their children. Spyic is a definitive parental control app.


Some of the more definitive, as we say it, features of Spyic are:

  • It provides the facility to monitor the messages that integrate to track the message sent via iMessage in iPhone.
  • Monitoring the messages exchanged through the social media platform as well.
  • Provides powerful monitoring features through remote control.
  • Allows reviewing all the websites previously visited and the frequency of the visits, i.e., monitoring the browser history.
  • View detailed phone call logs with information such as the phone call duration, timestamp, and the phone numbers of the caller as well.
  • Compatibility with both the Android platform as well as the iOS devices.

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is another application with the hype too. Probably so, because the Mobile Tracker Free application is a free app that provides many features, this app was designed to target not only parents but also employers. Yes, this app is useful to monitor your employees, and it also helps to back up your data.


Some of the better features of the app has been discussed below:

  • Helps to track messages from social media platform without rooting the phone.
  • Monitor your child and employees in real-time.
  • Track the location of the device online.
  • Track any MMS or SMS – incoming or outgoing.
  • Monitor as well as record any incoming, outgoing, or missed calls.



MobileSpy is one of the other applications available in the market to track mobile phones. However, MobileSpy is indeed one of the most recommended as well. MobileSpy provides various features that allow you to monitor texts and phone calls and allow you to trace the location of the target device. And we’re not talking about the text messages sent via phones or iMessage, but those texts exchanged on the social media platform as well.

MobileSpy also has a very user-friendly UI design that helps you navigate through the app’s different functionalities easily. And, when it comes to tracking someone’s location, MobileSpy comes on the top of the list. MobileSpy provides the functionality to browse through the app in stealth mode, which means you get to spy on people without letting them know that you are doing so.


A few of the cool features of MobileSpy have been enlisted and discussed below:

  • Track any phone calls and SMS texts and get a detailed report on the call logs.
  • Trace the location of the target device through GPS and get Geofence alerts.
  • Monitor the website history of the target device.
  • Trace the SIM Location
  • Spy on the messages and calls exchanged via social media apps such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Keylogger
  • Screenshots
  • Spy on the emails being exchanged.
  • Keyword Alerts
  • Stealth Mode
  • Compatibility with both the iOS platform and the Android platform.


SpyHuman is another spy app that can help you to track the location of your mobile phone. However, it is more based on Android devices and functions only on it. That might be a hassle, but the cool features that SpyHuman provides make up for it.


Some of the features of SpyHuman have been discussed below.

  • Provides with call logs and SMS logs
  • Helps track the location of the device through GPS
  • Call recording and contact details can be viewed
  • Monitor messages on social media apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Browse through the Internet history and block websites.



There is a certain hype in the market when it comes to the iKeyMonitor spy app. This app was solely designed for parents to monitor their children. As such, people also recommend using this app as it is available not only on mobile devices but also for computers. Yes, it is supported on iPhones, Android devices, Windows as well as Mac. iKeyMonitor is a powerful parental control app, and using it can help you track your child’s cell phone activities and protect them from any potential harm.


Some of the critical functionalities of iKeyMonitor have been discussed below.

  • Monitor any chat messages that go on through any of the social media apps.
  • Track the whereabouts of the person through the device by setting up geo-fencing.
  • Record the conversation of the phone calls through the built-in call recorder and monitor any incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Set screen time limits and schedules to make sure there is no “overusing the Internet facilities.”
  • Setting up alerts when a keyword that you have set as a danger is used.

Net Nanny

net nanny

Net Nanny is one of the few spy apps that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help work. It provides you with facilities to monitor activities as well as limit their screen time. The facilities provided by Net Nanny can mostly be used by parents for parental control to monitor their children.


The functionalities of Net Nanny have been discussed below.

  • Uses AI techniques to block dangerous content such as pornography.
  • Monitor the digital habits of the target.
  • Limit the screen time by allowing a specific time limit to use the Internet.
  • Use content filtering to keep the website browsing environment safe by blocking websites and using an Internet filter.


Qustodio- top applications to track mobile phones

Qustodio is another spy app that was designed to target the parental group. It was designed to manage and supervise the digital devices your children use to protect them from any harm. Qustodio is compatible with iOS and MAC OS as well as Android phones as well as Windows.


Some of the cool features of Qustodio are:

  • It provides extensive reports on the details of the activity of the target user.
  • Helps block adult content from the Internet, such as pornography.
  • Allows setting time limits to balance the screen time.
  • Allows to monitor the videos searched and viewed on YouTube
  • Monitor all the activities happening on the social media platform.
  • Tracking the location of the device through the family locator option.
  • Use the Panic button that is available for Android in times of danger.


XNSPY- top applications to track mobile phones

XNSPY is one of the other spy applications to track mobile phones included in the list of spy apps that can help you track your mobile phone. The UI design of the app has been crafted to be user-friendly, and the app comes with basic and advanced features for its users. XNSPY allows you to track any incoming or outgoing SMS/texts and messages from the target device. XNSPY also sets out alerts so that whenever a word you have set as a danger on the “lookout list” is being used in the chat messages. It is compatible with both the Android and the iOS platforms as well.


More of the functionalities of XNSPY have been discussed below:

  • Record the surrounding area of the phone calls
  • Trace the location of the device through GPS.
  • Monitor the SMS texts as well as calls of the target device.
  • Send out alerts
  • View media files such as photos and videos.
  • Remotely control and monitor the activities of the target device.
  • Monitor online activities
  • Spy on the emails that have been exchanged via the target device.
  • View the calendar entries.

List of other application

Besides the above 10 applications, the following applications can also be used to track mobile phones.

Find My Device

The free phone tracker application “Find My Device” was created by Google. Mainly designed with the intention to find the lost and stolen android phone. You can remotely wipe your phone’s data before it gets into the hand of an intruder. This application is full of features. When you lose your phone at home, you can ring it, and when you lose it outside the home, you can track it by getting the GPS location.

Find My device


  1.   It allows you to track the location of your Android cell phone for free.
  2.  It works perfectly even in silent mode. 
  3. Not only location, but it also allows you to track the battery status. 
  4. Shows indoor maps as well as an outdoor map.

Find My

Find My phone tracker application developed by  Apple Inc. It helps you to track your Mac, iPad, iPhone, even if they are offline. If your lost device is near to you and you can’t find them, you can use the “Find My” app feature, “play a sound,” to ring it. It will ring for 5 minutes, and you will get the pinpoint location of it. 

You can lock the phone to restrict others from selling or using your device. When you enable the “Find My” on your device, the activation lock automatically turns on. But you are required to enter your Apple ID and password to reactivate or erase your device.

Find My iPhone


  1. Erase your data facilely.
  2. See all your devices on a map.
  3. Fast and secure location tracking.
  4. Allow you to track more than one device.

Find My Phone

The “Find My Phone” location tracking application will provide you with a precise map location. You can add one of your friends as a trusted contact, which makes this app different from others. And when the thief changes the SIM cards from your lost phone, your trusted contact will receive a message. It is compatible with Android devices. 

Find My Phone


  • It is free.
  • No need for the internet to find your phone
  • Can also use to track the location of your child’s devices.

Best Recommendation for Applications to track Mobile Phones?

What would be the best recommendation from all the applications mentioned in the list to track Mobile Phones?

The list above presents you with the top 10 spy applications that can help you track mobile phones. The apps have been listed with their available features as well. The decision on which app to choose should still be yours, no matter how tough it is. Yet, the best I can give you is my recommendation on which app to choose and the people’s choice of spy app.

The answer to both choices would be MobileSpy. Considering the features, compatibility, reliability, and security, MobileSpy comes at the top of the list. And, MobileSpy is one of the best-recommended spy apps by not only me but also the people. The crucial reason for the people’s choice to pick MobileSpy is because of its compatibility as well as for being the versatile app it is. – thanks for all the cool features!

So, don’t fall victim to all the provided features, but look into the accountability and security of the different apps to make a choice. And, not to forget that the tracking system and the geofence alerts of MobileSpy are excellent.

What else to look for?

The simple yet elegant UI design of MobileSpy makes it user-friendly and irresistible to use. As such, MobileSpy not only allows you to monitor social media activities and go through browsing history, but it also comes with an option to use it in stealth mode. The very function allows the app to work as to how a real spy would – sneakily without getting caught. So yes, the best-recommended spy app would be MobileSpy.

And yes, I understand that you may have doubts about my choice, but it wouldn’t hold the title of the People’s choice if it weren’t that good, right? Just something to think about. There must be something special if everyone is talking about MobileSpy. So, better get your today!

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