10 Best Text or SMS Spy Apps

10 Best Text Spy Apps
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10 Best Text or SMS Spy Apps

Why do you ask? This is because information and data are what rule the world right now. And, having access to data from someone without having to touch anything or bother with anyone is delightful! For the generation today, spying on apps for mobile devices comes as a blessing. 

how text spy apps worksAlso, it sounds pretty cool. Spy apps specializing in spying texts can help you monitor and view the texts, and the messages exchanged to and from the device give you the information. Also, you never know what one is up to in their daily lives. Stay calm using text spy apps and keep monitoring your loved ones.

The actual meaning of the sentence means that you are constantly worried, whether it be about your kids on their mobile devices. Or about your spouses and their activities. That tiny little doubt still rears its ugly head is always there in your mind eating you out.

And, as a result, you’re always worried about anything and everything. A simple answer to solve that problem would be to use spy apps. These apps allow you to monitor the texts that they send and receive as well. In this way, you can make sure that no one is going on the wrong path. 

Who might want to see someone’s message?

Protective Parents

Parents who constantly worry about their children’s safety might want to see their messages. Today’s kids are more aware of technology, so they might use it to hide things from their parents. Underage kids easily get influenced and start believing others. As a result, they might sometimes get trapped in severe issues. 

So, to protect the kids from cyberbullying, harassment, and anxiety attack, parents want everything to be transparent between them and their children.

Productivity Focused Employee

It is necessary to monitor the employee’s activity to increase the productivity and efficiency of both company and employees. And productivity-focused managers understand this. If employees start spending their valuable time texting over the phone, it is a great loss for the company. 

So to make sure employees are focused on work and haven’t shared any official private and confidential information with others, managers have to see their employee’s text messages.

Couples who suspect they are being cheated on

Nowadays, extramarital affairs and crossing over a partner are like ordinary things. Partners who think they are being cheated want to see their partner’s text messages. Since you are emotionally attached to them, without any proof, you can’t let them go. Also, those who want to check their partner’s loyalty, monitor their partner’s text messages.

What to look for when selecting a text message Spying application?

You have to think for a while before selecting any text spying app. That’s why don’t go in a rush.

Think about which one is best for your money, whether they provide features that they claim. Choose according to your need. However, it is important to keep the following factors in mind while choosing a text spying application.


Choose the application which gives you detailed data that you want to see. Unreliable applications may create an observable lag on the target device. That’s why never choose such apps. Look for genuine customer reviews and if they have any complaints, discard them. It isn’t easy to find a reliable spy application without using it, but customer reviews can help you.


On the internet, numerous spying applications are offering different types of features. But since you are focusing on text message spying, look for that particular feature. Also, make sure you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device for monitoring. 


You want to spy on the text messages remotely, make sure it is undetectable. Such types of applications should be developed and designed by experienced professionals. 

Choose the application that works on stealth.


Don’t choose any applications that offer unwanted features. What’s the logic for paying extra money for those features you don’t need? Sign in to the demo version and if you are okay with the interface, invest in it.


Price differs according to the purchase plan. But the good thing is that almost every spying application provides text spying features in its basic plan. So go for it.


As earlier said, customer support and review are very much important. If there is no customer support, how can they solve your technical problem if they arise? Make sure you get 24/7 customer support. 

Now, the question that arises is what could be the best spy app available in the market?

Don’t worry. We’ve selected the top 10 best spy apps available in the market right now.

10 Best Text or SMS Spy Apps

And the app that has ranked at the top of its tier is “MobileSpy.” Let us view the top 10 best text spy apps and their features, shall we? And starting with none other than “MobileSpy.”

MobileSpy- Spy App for Text

MobileSpy- text spy app

MobileSpy is a mobile application that has been declared as one of the best in the market currently. This app gives you the feature to track SMS texts and provides you with the functionality to track any messages. Especially those messages that go through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Facebook messenger. 

However, MobileSpy is still at the top when spying on text messages, whether online or through the phone or email. It is also a relief that this app gives you added features that allow you to track someone. It also lets you spy in stealth mode and track the messages sent to and fro from the monitored device.

Some of the best features of MobileSpy have been enlisted below:

  • Text SMS as well as calls
  • Location tracking
  • Website history
  • SIM Location
  • Facebook Messenger messages
  • Spy on social media apps such as Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype
  • Spy on the emails that are being exchanged
  • Keylogger and Screenshots
  • Compatibility with both the iOS platform and the Android platform

XNSPY-Text Spy App


Another one of the choices that have had its way to the top for the category of spying apps, especially for text messages, is XNSPY. The UI of this application is user-friendly, and it comes with every other basic and advanced feature for spying. 

XNSPY allows you to trace any or all the texts that have been sent or received from the device. And, also provides the possibility of viewing the number and the name of the sender of the texts. XNSPY sends out alerts whenever some words you have put on the “lookout list” enter the chat history. XNSPY also is compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform. 

Some of the added features of XNSPY areas are listed below:

  • Monitor text messages as well as phone calls
  • Tracking the GPS location
  • Record the phone calls and the surroundings
  • Control the device remotely
  • Set alerts
  • Read the emails sent and received while checking other online activities
  • Accessing the chats from instant messages
  • View videos and photos from the device as well as the calendar entries

TrackMyFone-  Spy App for Text


As research shows, TrackMyFone is another application available that is an excellent spying app for text messages. It is compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform as well. Similarly, TrackMyFone allows you to view and read through all the messages sent and received on the device. 

TrackMyFone provides a feature that sends alerts when a particular word that you have set as an alarm goes through the conversations. Besides this, the number and the contact name can also be viewed in TrackMyFone. However, sometimes reading through all the texts can be a real hassle. What can you do about that? 

Some of the added features of TrackMyFone are as below:

  • Monitoring calls
  • Monitoring text messages
  • Viewing photos of the device
  • Adding watchlists for alerts
  • Viewing Internet history
  • Tracking the location as well as applying geo-fencing
  • Monitoring apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Line

Spyzie- Spy App


Spyzie is another app on the list that falls under spying apps for text messages. It provides you with the feature to view all the messages sent and received through the device as a record. Along with that, downloading any files attached along with the text messages is also an added feature. 

Similarly, another cool feature, such as analyzing the history of the device’s messages, can also be found. Also, by analyzing and calculating the frequency of the messages sent to and fro through the device, you can find out who the most crucial contact is of the person.

Some of the added features available  are as follows:

  • Tracking the text messages as well as the GPS location
  • Browsing through the contacts of the target device
  • Access to the calendar activities as well as the videos on the device
  • Monitoring WhatsApp and reading through the notes and reminders
  • Checking the browser history as well as the other installed apps
  • Compatibility with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform

mSpy- Text Spy App


Another application made its way into the top 10 best spy apps available for text messages. mSpy is an application that was designed specifically for the use of the parents. The main targets of this app were parents who wanted to ensure their child’s safety and keep them away from the dangers of the digital world or the world of the Internet

Monitoring the target device’s messages that come through it or are sent can be done remotely using it. And, not only that but viewing the sender’s information along with the timestamps is also recorded, which can be displayed.

Some of the features of mSpy are as mentioned below:

  • Monitoring the call logs of the target device and tracking the text messages
  • Viewing the photos and videos of the target device
  • Tracking of the location
  • Monitoring Internet usage by the target device
  • Viewing conversations and messages from Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messenger
  • Compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform

SpyEra-  Spy app


SpyEra is another application that lands itself in this list for the spy apps for text messages. Originally, SpyEra was designed and developed as a spying app for text messages only. But it was further advanced with added features to help employers and parents check on the target device’s activities. 

The control panel of SpyEra provides all the data, i.e., the text messages exchanged as a single report. The messages available on the device and the messages that were once deleted can be viewed.

Some of the added functionalities in SpyEra are:

  • Spying on the messages exchanged in the social media platform
  • Monitoring all the emails that have been exchanged as well as spying on emails
  • Viewing the medial files in the target device
  • Tracking location through GPS
  • Compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform
  • Use of camera spy to remotely capture some pictures

Blurspy- Text Spy App

Blurspy is another spy app that is equally powerful and lands itself on the 7th position of this list. It allows you to track the target device and the activities carried out in it without letting the user know. Blurspy also offers real-time access to the data and information on the device that is being monitored. 

And, along with it, reading all the messages that have either been sent or received through the device is also possible. Similarly, Blurspy also provides a web-based control panel with notifications and alerts whenever the monitored device receives a text.

Some of the other added features and functionalities of Blurspy are discussed below:

  • Permission to block unknown incoming calls
  • Recording the surrounding, live screen as well as calls
  • Tracking the location of the device
  • Taking snapshots from the camera
  • Monitor social media apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, and Facebook
  • Compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform

MobiStealth- Spy App 


MobiStealth is another spying app created and developed especially to empower the parents and the employees who were only trying to keep their kids and their company’s data safe. This app allows you to read through all the text messages exchanged through the monitored device to and fro. 

Some of the added functionalities are:

  • Messages exchanged in the social media platform
  • Texts and calls, as well as the email 
  • Web browsing
  • Tracking the location
  • Keylogging
  • Recording calls
  • Screenshots
  • Checking the emails exchanged
  • Monitoring the media files of the target device
  • Compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform

GuestSpy- Text Spy App


GuestSpy is an application that you can try if you think your child or employee abuses their privileges. This app provides easy access to tracking all the messages sent to and fro from the monitored device. And, the deleted message can also be viewed through the control panel. 

Some added features are as follows:

  • Control the device remotely
  • Access the contacts of the device as well as the calendar entries
  • Manage the calls as well as track all the text messages
  • Viewing all the multimedia files of the monitored device
  • Monitor the internet use of the device
  • Location tracking through GPS
  • Read messages from social media apps such as Skype, Line, Kik, Facebook, Viber, BBM, and Hangouts.
  • Compatible with both the iOS platform as well as the Android platform.

TheTruthSpy- Spy App

thetruthspy- text spy app

TheTruthSpy goes very well with its name – a spying app on the mobile device that helps to keep tabs without touching it. It allows for tracking text messages, whether it be incoming or outgoing messages. Anything that one is hiding will be discovered as truth by TheTruthSpy. And, not only that but the contact name and number of the person texting and the date and time can also be viewed.

Some added features of TheTruthSpy are enlisted below:

  • Control the device remotely
  • Tracking the device through GPS
  • Monitoring the calls and setting notifications as well as alerts
  • Keylogger
  • Record the usage of the app
  • Monitor all the activities of the device on the Internet
  • Tracking the text messages
  • View all the multimedia files as well as the content saves in the notes
  • Read the contact history of the target device
  • Compatible with both the iOS as well as Android platform

Which of the text spy apps to choose from?

Confused about which application should you choose? That is alright. It is precisely why we listed the top 10 best spy apps to track text messages in this article. The list already explains all the features that the applications provide individually. However, the decision is still challenging. 

All the apps offer almost similar features. But the decision should be made regarding the compatibility, support, and the added features you think you might require. Keeping in mind all the different factors, the top pick that presents to you is MobileSpy.

The reason for that is because of its compatibility. Most of the apps above require jailbreak for iOS and aren’t compatible with the latest version of the Android platform. So, don’t just let the features fool you. Also, the tracking system of This app is excellent, and it also allows you to monitor the phone calls and messages with the time stamp.

Last words

The factor such as the stealth of the applications and its reliability is a crucial factor. Similarly, the user interface also plays a huge role. This app’s simplistic yet elegant UI makes it easy to navigate through it and use all the various features provided, as we discussed. So, better, get yours today!!

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