3 Ways To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone

3 Ways To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone
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3 Ways To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone

Losing an iPhone is an exorbitant slip-up, and it might bring about the lasting loss of that costly gadget. Thus, the second you dismissed your iPhone, you ought to quickly attempt to find it. Be that as it may, it isn’t feasible for you to consistently approach an extra iOS or even a Mac, making the iPhone considerably more troublesome. Fortunately, you can undoubtedly follow an iPhone employing an Android gadget. In this blog, you will learn three ways to track an iPhone using an Android phone.

Have you lost your iPhone someplace and don’t recollect where you had lost the gadget precisely? On the off chance that you had empowered the Find my iPhone, at that point, you can undoubtedly follow the gadget by signing into your iCloud account and deleting the substance or lock the gadget distantly, if necessary. That must be not very pleasant.

In any case, you can utilize this alternative just if you have another iOS gadget utilizing a similar iCloud account. What’s more, you can’t sign in to your record from another gadget without entering the validation code. In what capacity will you get the validation code on the off chance that you have just a single iOS gadget and lost that also? Difficult? Right.

Hardly any things we own are as valuable as our telephone, and losing it tends to be a frightful encounter (except if you choose to transform it into an occasion to make a peculiar and voyeuristic film). On the off chance that you have to discover the phone’s location, you’ve gone to the perfect spot. It’ll be simpler in case you’re attempting to follow a cell phone, yet there are approaches to find more established telephones, too, so don’t surrender trust in case you’re shaking a first-gen Motorola Razor; we’ve got your back.

Can You Track an iPhone with an Android Phone?

There is a gigantic need to stay up with the latest with our cell phone location and exercises in this current period. There are different parental control applications and devices accessible on the web that permit the client to follow the child’s Android telephone. The majority of individuals think, following Android devices from the iPhone is unimaginable.

Tracking iPhone location from Android devices is conceivable with some astonishing tracking apps like MobileSpy. However, it isn’t correct. Here in the beneath part, we will acquaint the best three strategies with track Android telephones from the iPhone free.

Technique One: Use iCloud 

You shouldn’t utilize an Apple item to get to your iCloud. You can essentially sign in to your Apple account utilizing any gadget, from an Android to any PC or workstation. For this initial segment, we will discuss Apple’s Find My iPhone (iOS 13 and later it’s called Find My Phone), recognizable to most iOS clients.

Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone using iCloud

The thought is straightforward. When you get an Apple item, it requests that you turn on the area following component to see whether the gadget is absent. You can, as a rule, utilize this element through different iOS gadgets or Macs. Be that as it may, for this system, we utilize an Android gadget.

On this occasion, you’d open on your Android telephone and enter your Apple ID subtleties for the iPhone you wish to discover. If you have the Find My application turned on, you’ll have the option to see the location of your iPhone.

However long you can get to the Apple site and enter the right subtleties of the current gadget, you’ll have the option to log in and get the following. Utilizing a similar innovation of the iCloud, MobileSpy can likewise track the historical backdrop of areas visited by the telephone by occasionally bringing the location(s) from the Find My iPhone administration.

Steps To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone using iCloud

The following are itemized steps on the most proficient method to follow another iPhone through Android.

  1. Follow these guidelines to locate a lost iPhone utilizing an Android program application.
  2. Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  3. Select Find iPhone from the menu.
  4. Select the gadget you need to look at. Discover your iPhone and a gadget on an Android gadget.
  5. Choose one of three choices to find or control the missing gadget:
  • Play sound to discover the gadget by an acoustic sign.
  • Empower lost mode to keep gatecrashers from hacking your gadget.
  • Eradicate iPhone/iPad to delete gadget information distantly.

Quest for a Find an iPhone on an Android gadget If the program is in incognito mode, sign out of all records and close the undercover program when wrapped up. You can also track an iPhone without iCloud credentials by using the below techniques.

Technique 2: Track iPhone Location with Google Maps

From Google Maps. Google Maps Timeline is a bit of programming that shows you a gauge of spots you may have been. It likewise shows you a portion of the courses you may have taken, dependent on your area history. Google has taken out the impediments to location tracking on the stage, so there is another likelihood that you can discover your iPhone on Android through the timetable.

This is all private, obviously – no one will have the option to see your set of experiences; it’s not for any other individual to enjoy. It’s accessible in versatile and work areas, so on the off chance that you wish to assemble data on the two bits of equipment, at that point, that is entirely accessible.

Google Timeline 

If you wish to see where you have been and how far you have voyaged, you can utilize Timeline to estimate separations and tell you the full subtleties. You can likewise alter or erase areas should it signal up to any bogus data.

Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone using Google Maps

Google Timeline will assist one with finding their iPhone as it will permit the client to look into whereabouts they were at a particular time. It’ll probably log down to the last spot the telephone was available before it disappeared. On the off chance that it has been taken, at that point, it will have the option to show you on the guide where it has visited.

This element will keep on following where you utilized your gadget and store them in your Google account. You can see your area history on all different gadgets associated with a similar Google account.

Steps To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone using Google Maps

Step 1: Open the Google Maps application on your iPhone and tap Menus and Settings.

Step 2: Tap Personal Content, look down, and select Location Settings. Ensure the area administration is turned on.

Step 3: On another Android gadget, sign in with a similar ID and go to Menu> Timeline. This will show the whole history of that area.

Technique 3: Use of Third-Party Apps

MobileSpy is without a doubt the ideal approach to locate a lost Android telephone or iPhone distantly. It can follow the gadget consistently. Subsequently, you would get its careful area absent from a problematic situation.


Is it conceivable to follow an iPhone? 

Indeed. Even though iPhones stand secure and hard to bargain with, you can follow them distantly. To achieve this, you need a dependable telephone following application.

Why MobileSpy? 

With MobileSpy, you are guaranteed a dependable telephone following application. MobileSpy has pulled into consideration of primary news sources like the New York Times. It accompanies more than 35 telephones, following highlights that make the tracking simple.

Also, MobileSpy has over 1,000,000 clients over the world. The clients change from guardians to couples and entrepreneurs. Guardians use MobileSpy to follow youngsters’ exercises on the web and entrepreneurs to follow representatives.

The following are a portion of the highlights you get with MobileSpy:

  1. Area following 

MobileSpy permits you to follow the whereabouts of your iPhone. It gives you admittance to your iPhone’s continuous area utilizing GPS and SIM cards. MobileSpy gives you subtleties, for example, GPS organizes.

Additionally, you get subtleties, for example, Google Streetview and road address, to pinpoint its whereabouts. You need to sign in to the MobileSpy dashboard utilizing any program in your Android telephone to begin following an iPhone.

  1. Call logs and contact 

With MobileSpy, you can follow call logs and contacts on the objective iPhone distantly. The application gives you admittance to the call log of all approaching and active approaches to the objective iPhone.

It gives you data, for example, call span between the objective iPhone and different contacts. You will even access contact subtleties like telephone number, name, and even location related to the contact.

  1. Web-based media following 

MobileSpy has a web-based media spy tab that permits you to follow the most well-known web-based media stages. It can follow Snapchat and WhatsApp exercises occurring on the objective iPhone.

The application lets you track all the discussions occurring at these stages. Additionally, you become more acquainted with all the posts shared via online media applications. Other than following online media applications, you can even see kids iMessages on the iPhone remotely.

  1. Keylogger highlight 

MobileSpy accompanies an astonishing keylogger include that catches all the keystrokes on the objective iPhone. The keylogger permits you to keep an eye on the login qualifications your objective uses for different sites.

It records all the usernames and passwords your objective iPhone client uses to get to various sites. The keystrokes are gathered dependent on the application they were made in.

  1. Track program history 

Which MobileSpy, you can follow the sites visited on the objective iPhone. This tells you what the iPhone client is up to on the web. It gives you admittance to all the program history and the sites visited on the gadget.

Along these lines, if the objective iPhone client is on dating sites, you will know.

Instructions to track an iPhone from an Android Phone using MobileSpy

The way toward following an iPhone from your Android gadget is simple with MobileSpy. The following are the means in question:

Step 1: On your Android telephone, visit the authority MobileSpy site to pursue the administration. Additionally, guarantee you pick a bundle that suits your reconnaissance needs.

Step 2: Configure the objective iPhone. To do such, you have to know the iCloud qualifications utilized on the objective iPhone. When you get them, give and snap the Verify button.

Step 3: After setting up the objective gadget, click the Finish catch to conclude the arrangement cycle.

Step 4: Now, utilize your Android telephone to sign in to the MobileSpy dashboard to follow your objective iPhone. Utilize the accreditations you used to make your record.

MobileSpy gives you boundless admittance to the objective iPhone. You will have the option to follow web-based media discussions and the whereabouts of the objective iPhone. This happens distantly on your Android gadget.


Hence these are the three ways you can follow to To Track An iPhone Using An Android Phone. Have you ever lost your iPhone? What did you do to find the lost phone? Let us know down in the comments.

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