Snapchat Cheating: Bust a Cheater with a Snapchat Spy App

Snapchat Cheating: Bust a Cheater with a Snapchat Spy App
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Snapchat Cheating: Bust a Cheater with a Snapchat Spy App

This blog will give to the idea to catch someone cheating you on Snapchat. So, continue reading this blog.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps around. It is popular among teens and youngsters. It is an app where you can exchange photos, texts, and videos. The shared photos and videos will automatically erase after they are viewed. It even allows you to store your media in a private storage area. The app also comes up with other features, like adding filters (one of the most popular app features), AR-based lenses to snaps, etc.

It is available for almost all operating systems like iOS and Android devices. The main focus of Snapchat is the sharing of photos, videos, text to be private. Due to this, it is even harder to spy on the Snapchat app than other apps.

Snapchat makes it easy for cheaters to cheat. So, developers have come up with different spy apps. You can use these apps to track someone’s Snapchat accounts. These spy apps archive the Snapchat app messages as soon as the target sends or receives them.

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Some of the apps you can use to spy on Snapchat to bust out your cheating partner.

Use these spy apps to catch someone cheating on you via Snapchat:

Mobile Spy

MobileSpy- catch someone cheating on snapchat

Snapchat Spying is not an easy task, but with Mobile Spy App, you can easily track someone’s Snapchat activities. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can spy on someone’s iPhone device without jailbreaking it.

MobileSpy offers complete stealth so that the target cannot know that they are being spied on. So you can easily catch someone if you feel like they are cheating on you using Snapchat. It is highly compatible with most devices and contains multiple top-tier features. 

With MobileSpy, not only Snapchat but you can spy on other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Features of MobileSpy

Some of the features of MobileSpy are:

  • Spy on Snapchat Messages

You can track every Snapchat message of your target, whether it is private or group chats, and view it remotely in the Mobile Spy app dashboard. You can also see with whom the messages are being exchanged.

  • Track Media Files

With Mobile Spy, you can see all the media files like images, videos, documents, etc. You can get easy access to media files with Mobile Spy so you can know what media files are saved on the device. 

  • Track Contacts 

You can view the contacts or groups with whom the target communicates or exchanges messages. Mobile Spy will allow you to see all the information about the contacts.

  • GPS Tracking

With all the messages and media files, you can also track down where your target is right now with the GPS tracking feature of Mobile Spy. It will let you spy on them furthermore.


spyic- catch someone cheating on snapchat

Spyic is an advanced spy app. It helps you to spy on someone’s Snapchat account without jailbreak. This app works in stealth mode, so the targeted person won’t know about you spying on them. Spyic is available for both iOS as well as Android.

Features of Spyic App

  • Allows you to track messages, calls that the target sends and receives 
  • No root & jailbreak is required for all devices
  • Quick and Easy Installation Process
  • Location Tracker and Social App Monitoring
  • Serving Million of Users
  • Allows you to view photos and videos on the target’s phone
  • Has the feature of Keylogger which helps you to view the target’s username and password

Steps to Start Tracking with Spyic App 

The instructions are easy to follow. 

  • Step 1: Install the Spyic app, then create an account with an existing email id. 
  • Step 2: Subscribe to the Spyic plans. You can choose a Premium plan if you want to spy on more than one device.
  • Step 3: After the subscription, Spyic App will send you the setup instructions.
  • Step 4: Start Spying: Look for the Snapchat option in the selection panel. Then, start tracking the account you want. 

Spyic records all the messages that the target sends and receives on their device. It tags every record with a timestamp to know the recording time and check phone numbers and the account with whom the target is talking. It also has features to read deleted messages and view media files.

PhoneSpector AppPhoneSpector App

PhoneSpector is a Snapchat spy app. It will gather the target phone reports and send them to your PhoneSpector account. PhoneSpector is available for both iOS and Android devices.

According to Safeguarde, PhoneSpector performed very well and is easy to download and install on your smartphone.

The true strength of PhoneSpector is to capture messages from platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Features of PhoneSpector App

  • Track SMS, calls, and also view with whom the target device is communicating.
  • Track different Social Media like Snapchat, Instagram, etc.
  • Feature of Keylogger where you can view target account’s username and password

Spying on iPhone Device

  1. Enter the Apple id and password you want to spy.
  2. Click on the “Access Information” button.
  3. First, PhoneSpector will download the data from the iCloud account. Then, send that data to your account.

Spying on Android Device

  1. Use the Over-the-Air link to download the app to the phone you want to track.
  2. Activate the app using the license key they send you.
  3.  Sign in and view the data from anywhere.

Highster Mobile App

Highster mobile

Highster Mobile app has been on the market for more than eight years. It has helped a lot of people spy on others. Highster Mobile is better at monitoring Apple devices than Android devices.

You do not need to have access to the device you are spying on for Apple devices. But you need to have access to Android devices.

Features of Highster Mobile App

  • Track messages and calls 
  • View Web Browser Histories
  • View photos and videos 
  • The Highster GPS tracking system will track the phone within 50 feet of its actual location.
  • Allows you to view every message from social media platforms 
  • Highster Mobile App works in stealth mode.

Installation Steps

The installation is easy and basic.

  1. Text the download link to the target phone.
  2. Open the text and tap on the link.
  3. Then, Tap a few activation links.



Snoopza is an effective Snapchat spy app created by professionals to catch your cheating partner. It is pretty popular with married couples, businesses, parents, teenagers, and students.

Features of Snoopza App

  • It allows you to track Snapchat messages.
  • Allows you to take screenshots of the target’s device 
  • Allows you to watch the web history
  • Check the current location of the target’s device.

Steps to set up Snoopza

  1. Create your account using your email id
  2. Login and download the Snoopza app.
  3. Install the software.
  4.  Configure the settings as you like.



Cocospy is also one of the best apps available for spying on Snapchat. It is a top-rated app, which has glowing reviews from its user base. Cocospy app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Features of the Cocospy App

  • You can read messages, check photos, videos and review deleted media.
  • Cocospy works in stealth mode, so there is less chance the target knows they are being spied on.
  • Includes keylogger utility, which helps us to view the target’s username and password.
  • Easy to download and quick installation.

Auto Forward 

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is a famous cell phone spy and tracking software. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. The biggest drawback of this app is that you should jailbreak or root the target device. Without jailbreak, it is not possible to track someone’s Snapchat.

Features of Auto Forward App

  • Allows you to check Snapchat activities and other social media activities too
  • Allows you to track iOS and Android devices
  • View call logs, messages 
  • Location Tracking Feature 


Not only Snapchat but these apps have other exciting features that will be very helpful. With the feature of automatic deletion once viewed, cheating among couples is increasing.

So, if your instinct tells you that your partner is cheating on you, don’t dismiss it. Use the Snapchat spying apps mentioned above to spy and catch your cheating partner and confront the truth, if necessary. 

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