MobileSpy for Employee

MobileSpy for Employee
Employee monitoring

MobileSpy for Employee

MobileSpy is an employee monitoring tool, a control program that performs surveillance or monitoring and has data backup facilities. You can monitor your employee’s iOS and Android devices, and you can explore the hidden secrets of your workplace from anywhere at any time. The primary use of the MobileSpy application is to monitor employees; however, you can also keep an eye on your spouse and children with it.

mobilespy for employee

Employee Monitoring Software

Before going deep inside MobileSpy, let me clear your doubts about employee monitoring in general. Employee monitoring software is an application program that offers digital solutions by giving employers the power to track, record, and analyze their business and online activities. Employee monitoring has proved to be beneficial for both small and large teams. Whether you have a team of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees, monitoring apps help organize work in many possible ways.

Is employee monitoring software is essential?

employee monitoring

Yes, with modern technology, keeping track of your business has become a lot easier. We cannot deny the fact that digital advancement has introduced many sources of distractions for us. Sometimes employees start using their phones or do some unproductive tasks on their devices. Therefore, to keep an eye on both onsite and remote employees, employee monitoring software is essential. Especially as a business owner or manager, you should monitor employees primarily engaged in internet-based tasks.

In most cases, you should trust your employees; after all, you are a team, and a lack of trust can break any personal and professional bonding. But what if your employees are inner threats? I hope you understand the criticality of the situation. Sometimes it’s ok for an average employee to do unproductive activities, but you can make sure they are not wasting much time with employee monitoring software.

As an employer, you can once consider the unproductivity in work, but there will be no room for an excuse in case of the betrayer. No employee should harm your business on purpose by becoming an internal thread and leaking critical information about the company. Even there are pros and cons of employee monitoring, employee monitoring is helpful. 

Are you searching for a hidden employee monitoring software?

Well, you can end your search here. I will suggest to you the best available option in the market. MobileSpy is an employee monitoring tool, a control program that performs surveillance or monitoring and has data backup facilities. The best part about MobileSpy is that it works in a complete stealth mode which means it is a hidden spying app. It works on the target device’s background, but the target person won’t feel the presence and operation of the application while using their phone. Amazing right?

If you want hidden monitoring software to keep an eye on your employee, then the crucial pros of the app are that your employee cannot off the tracking or hack and manipulate the data and records on the system. It’s better to hide the monitoring app or software; this won’t disturb and make employees conscious. If you follow the following steps, you will get the power to spy on your employee on stealth mode:

List and add employees

You can simply make a list of all employees with login details. If you want the app to be hidden entirely, do not give prior notice or let your employees know about it.

Download the software

Then download the MobileSpy app and install it on all the devices at the workplace.

Log in

From the detailed login list that you created before, login into each account on its respective devices.

Start monitoring

MobileSpy will now operate in stealth mode and track the online activities of each user. 

In one single application MobileSpy, you can get all the necessary tools for employee monitoring.

Steps for installing MobileSpy- Employee Monitoring App

You can set up MobileSpy for both Android and iOS devices in about ten to fifteen minutes. I have made the installation process a little easier for you by breaking it into simple steps. The instruction for setup provided by MobileSpy is straightforward to understand. Here are the four simple steps to start spying on employees any time, anywhere:

Step 1:

First, you need to sign up for a free MobileSpy account. Your email ID can be used as a username. MobileSpy sends installation instructions later in that particular ID. 

Step 2:

 Next, you can choose and purchase a MobileSpy subscription according to your requirement. The options available vary depending on how many devices you want to monitor. There are some differences between the plans for iOS and Android. Analyze carefully before selecting a perfect subscription plan.

Step 3: 

After buying the plan of your choice, MobileSpy will send you set up instructions in your email. For that, you need to choose the target platform: Android or iOS. Then follow the exclusive instructions that MobileSpy sends you.

You’ll be able to install MobileSpy on iOS devices entirely remotely. MobileSpy for iOS is a web-based app. It works with the iCloud backup and not directly with the phone. As a result, you won’t need to download anything.

Just enter the target device’s iCloud details and wait for MobileSpy to sync with the iPhone or iPad. You can install the app remotely only if the device is iOS and you have iCloud credentials.

If you want to install MobileSpy on an Android device, you will download a small app. The MobileSpy app is tiny, just 2 MB, and can be installed within 3 minutes. After the app is installed, wait for MobileSpy’s servers to sync with the target phone. 

Step 4: 

That’s all! You have made it. Now you have the power to remotely monitor the iPhone or Android smartphone from any web browser. Simply log in to the MobileSpy dashboard to start tracking. 

The dashboard allows you to see what’s happening on the device at a glance. The various phone monitoring features can be found in the selection panel to the left.

MobileSpy offers a wide range of features and varieties of tools that can guide you and the team by setting brand standard records and increasing productivity during office hours. You can monitor each online activity of your employee with MobileSpy. You can also keep track of overtime, leaves, holidays, and more. It will help you to understand the workflow of the company.

Features offered by MobileSpy- Employee Monitoring App:

MobileSpy is capable of giving you access to almost every event happening on the target phone. Here are some of the features offered by MobileSpy:

Check call logs:

The app tracks all calls made or received on the device. Every call entry comes with a timestamp. The app will make a list of the five most frequently contacted numbers and share it with you.

Monitor contact details: MobileSpy provides a complete list of contact on the target device, which includes name, number, address, profile picture, email, etc. If the details are stored on the target device, then only you can get it through MobileSpy.

Track messages:

MobileSpy allows you to read text messages and iMessages sent out from the device or received on it. Every message is accompanied by a date and time log. The app is also capable of retrieving deleted SMS and MMS! 

View social media activity: MobileSpy can monitor various popular social media apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. You can read messages, see exchanged files, and view contacts.

Track locations:

MobileSpy makes use of the phone’s built-in GPS to track its movements. You can view street names, buildings, and neighborhoods. The app has also integrated the map link view for more accurate tracking. 

Access web browsing history: You can access the device’s web browser history. You get a list of recently visited websites with site descriptions and timestamps. You can figure out the most-visited sites with this data. 

Download media files:

What images and videos, and audio are stored on the target device? MobileSpy gives you a peek at the photo gallery. You can download any media files here for later viewing.

Track installed apps:

You get to see all the apps installed on the target device. If you’re an employer, you can use this ability to block access to inappropriate apps, such as games or social media.

Geofence alert: You can set forbidden or restricted zones for the target device and get instant alerts if your employee enters or leaves the marked zone.

Keyword alert:

MobileSpy can also set a list of inappropriate words and get an instant alert if some employee types that word.

MobileSpy can also track the events, show you the SIM card information, and provide access to the contact book, among other things. You can get periodic updates about the iOS or Android smartphone’s activity. 

What can you do with MobileSpy: Employee Monitoring App?

I have already mentioned many features of the MobileSpy application in the above section. Now let’s see how those features combine and give you more power for analysis.

Monitor project

With MobileSpy, you can track the project that your team is working on. You can summarize the status of the project. Monitor the individual projects and analyze the tasks of each team member working on them. You can also take auto screenshots of your employee’s devices to see what they are doing at a particular moment of the time. It also will help you to make estimations and have a proper plan to manage clients and bills.

Create auto screenshots

You can also take auto screenshots of your employee’s devices to see what they are doing at a particular moment of the time. Taking a screenshot of the employee’s device screen in intervals of 10, 15,20 seconds, or a few minutes will help you know more about your employees’ activities during office hours.

Track URLs and apps

As you can see, the apps and websites used by your employee you can analyze to know whether your employee is using unproductive websites and software. You will be able to know how productive each employee was and how they spend their office hour. Tracking the URL and apps can give a lot of information for analysis.

Time Tracking

Automated time tracking feature of MobileSpy records when the target device is used and for how long it has been used. From here, you can easily calculate the daily productive hour of each employee.

Generate custom reports

With the help of MobileSpy, you can generate custom reports. From the report, you can analyze the productivity and progress of each employee and the team as a whole. You can see the reports of websites and apps used by the employee, access the multimedia file of their device, go through the contact list, record each incoming and outgoing call, and many more. This will help you a lot in making business decisions.

Employee monitoring system types

There is various type of employee monitoring. You can choose and implement one or more types in your work environment according to your necessity. You might get confused with various types, so to simplify it, I will only explain the three most popular types of employee monitoring:

Advanced employee monitoring

Advance employee monitoring is a complex type of employee monitoring. It does the job of tracking the work time and device usage tracking along with more advanced features like generating reports, accessing the target’s social media, taking screenshots of the target device from a remote location, and many more.

Device usage tracking

Each activity performed on the target employee’s device is tracked or monitored in this type of employee monitoring. Here it is not about tracking just the clock in and out of an employee’s time; it is way more advanced. It provides each tiny detail of target device usage.

Tracking the work time

It is the most straightforward type of employee monitoring as it only includes the check-in and checkout of the employee. It is used to keep track of the attendance and make the attendance record of each employee.

Do you wonder which type of employee monitoring system is MobileSpy? No doubt it is the advanced employee monitoring system, right? MobileSpy is one of the best-advanced employee monitoring systems available in the market. It offers advanced features like geofence alert, screenshot, wifi logger, multimedia tracking, social media spying, and more.

Monitoring remote work and its benefits

When you have employees working remotely, an employee monitoring system like MobileSpy makes more sense. Working remotely can easily distract employees and make them less productive. A sound employee monitoring system can benefit you in many different ways. I have listed some of the benefits of monitoring remote work:

  • Record of work done per day is tracked, so there is no chance for the employee to do time stealing. Doing consistent but limited tasks can motivate employees. 
  • Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, you will always have proof of your work. You can show the time you spend with clients and the decisions made with the clients.
  • It is beneficial for the client, and they can see what they are spending for. 
  • A most common benefit of remote work monitoring is saving office space while being equally productive, making employees work from home.
  • It will be easier for you to hire remote employees after implementing a remote monitoring system as an employer. Also, you can always check the skills, attitude, and commitment of the employee.
  • A sound employee tracking system saves a lot of time that is spent just on employee management. A tracking tool can manage almost every things within few steps.

Therefore, these are some of the advantages of monitoring remote work. After all, it’s all about measuring the engagement and productivity of the employee.

MobileSpy Methodology

We cannot pick a random application and declare it as the best of its kind. Specific aspects must be considered to prove an employee monitoring app the best. Before making MobileSpy, a lot of research has been done to fulfill the requirement of the market. The main aspects that are considered while introducing MobileSpy are listed and explained below:

Ease of use

MobileSpy is extremely easy to use. You do not have to be a tech genius to use it. It is user-friendly.

Tech support 

It provides tech support to each of its customers.

Stealth mode

It runs in complete stealth mode, which means the target won’t notice an employee monitoring app on their device.


Generally, employee monitoring software is not compatible with a wide range of devices. But my mobile spy is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. It is updated regularly so that it remains compatible with new versions.

Easy Refund

If not satisfied, then you can easily claim a refund within seven days of purchase.


MobileSpy employee monitoring system is very affordable as it won’t cost you more than a dollar per day. The reasonable and affordable cost of MobileSpy has been attracting a lot of clients.

Wide range of feature

It is a complete package of employee monitoring tools. A single application offers all the required features ranging from multimedia tracking, alerts, call detail tracking to social media.

24/7 support

If you have any problem understanding the feature of MobileSpy, you can reach our support team 24/7

100% secure

We understand the importance of data security. So, your data is a hundred percent safe with us. We do not sell it to a third party in any circumstance.

Customer’s trust

It has earned the trust of the customer by providing a world-class facility regarding employee monitoring. Also, it has been successful in making 98% of users renew their service every month. For any business to flourish, you must gain the trust of your client and customer.

We also looked for any additional features that might be useful or effective.

Should I Implement Employee Monitoring in my Workspace?

employee monitoringAre you confused about whether or not you should implement employee monitoring in your workspace? I will clear your doubts about it. There are many advantages of implementing an employee monitoring system, but we cannot deny some disadvantages. Employee tracking is beneficial for various organizations, but deciding whether right for your organization depends on several factors.

When continuous use of the internet is made, there is more chance that your employee will get engaged in games, social media, or other unproductive activities. This type of application can be helpful to remove the bad habits of the employee. After all, being unproductive at work is a type of bad habit. If the team gets more focused, the company gets to profit on the same scale.

Another critical area is to manage the remote workforce. When employees are not in office space, it will be more difficult to keep track of the team and their work. A remote employee monitoring system always helps in this scenario. You can easily track the performance of each team member with such application software.

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Is employee monitoring beneficial for team members? 

It is also beneficial for team members to be more productive, eventually increasing their knowledge in the field. They can improve their level of efficiency and accuracy. If something unusual happens, you will always have proof to prove you right. For each employee, there is always room to make themselves better. Employee tracking can help them to achieve their individual and team goal.

Managing a team of people is a difficult task, but it becomes easier to manage employees with this type of software. Instead of spending all your time managing your workforce, you can engage yourself in some productive tasks as the software will help you a lot in management. There is no point in spending hours in meetings to decide the deserving team member. You can quickly evaluate the performance of each employee to select the deserving one.

Is Employee Monitoring Possible Legally and Effectively?

You can monitor legally using monitoring software like MobileSpy. It can help you with mobile spying, access to the target, smartphone monitoring, phone spying apps, and more. But before implementing any of the monitoring systems, I suggest you check local laws as they vary from the place. It is entirely legal to monitor the device that the company provides to the employee for official work in most regions. However, it may not be legal to monitor your employees secretly without any information or notice given. Therefore, make sure to check out the laws.

Monitor the device activity of your employee with MobileSpy

The simplest way to keep track of the online activities of your employee control is to make use of application software. There is no doubt that mobilespy is the best employee monitoring software with an easy user interface and a wide range of features.

 It is one of the phone spying apps that helps in phone monitoring, smartphone monitoring, mobile spying, remote access to the target, messages monitor, monitor current location, keep call records, track browser history, track location, etc. In short, it helps to monitor each activity of your employee that they do on a monitored device. 

Monitoring the browsing history can reveal the habit of the employee. You can easily explore the type of websites that your employees visit. The features like a keylogger, keylogger alert, geofence, geofence alert, screenshot capture, application tracking, and GPS location tracking can help monitor employees’ devices and know more about their work patterns.

Monitor the phone conversation of your employee with MobileSpy

In most cases, it is legal to spy on the calls of your employee that are made for official work like dealing with the client, discussing with other or same team member, etc. If you monitor your employee’s call and find out that it’s some personal call, you are not suggested to spy on that as legal actions against you can be taken.

Tracking the call records can help you discover a lot about your employee. The app tracks all calls made or received on the device. Every call entry comes with a timestamp. The app will make a list of the most frequently contacted numbers and share it with you. MobileSpy provides a complete contact list on the target device, including name, number, address, profile picture, email, etc. Through mobilespy, you can get all the details from the target device.

Monitor the location of an employee with MobileSpy

You can trace the location of your employee legally to know where they are during office hours. Beyond that, you cannot have an eye on their personal space. It would help if you let your employee know about tracking their location from your side; it will be more ethical.

MobileSpy makes use of the phone’s built-in GPS to track its movements. This way, you can legally make sure that your employees are in the right place at the right time and ensure they are not slacking off from their work. You can monitor the real-time GPS location of your employee. You can view street names, buildings, and neighborhoods.

The app has also integrated the map link view for more accurate tracking. You can also set forbidden or restricted zones for the target device and get the instant alert notification if your employee enters or leaves the marked zone.

Employee monitoring without using any software

If you are confused about whether it is ethical to use spying software to watch your employee, you can manually monitor the workforce. Doing this takes a lot of time, but you can avoid legal penalties and tag of employee right violation.

There is no disagreement that this is the legal way. If you are not experienced with employee monitoring, you can start monitoring their check-ins and checkout time. Then organize a series of meetings and analyze the work behavior of each employee. You can ask questions like what work you did today or how productive you were to your employee.

Monitoring this way also helps to build up trust among team members. Each team member feels responsible as well. Having proper human interaction makes a good bond among the employee, and the team can perform more effectively. But this will be hard to achieve with a large team. If you feel your team is slacking off, you can allocate a particular test for each shift that they have to complete.


Employee tracking is directly proportional to productivity. Using MobileSpy is a legal and effective way to track your employee and work environment. Whether it is about ease of use, affordability, support, security, or refund, MobileSpy stands out. It runs in complete stealth mode, which means the target won’t notice an employee monitoring app on their device.

If you have any problem understanding the feature of MobileSpy, you can reach the specialized support team 24/7. MobileSpy is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. It remains compatible with new versions as it updates regularly.

Android monitoring like MobileSpy helps cellular phone customers as well. It has earned the trust of the customer by providing a world-class facility regarding employee monitoring. MobileSpy can monitor various popular social media apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and more. Its advanced features like taking screenshots of target devices remotely, spying on social media, messages, media files, browsing history, etc. it becomes a complete employee monitoring tool.

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