Best Parental Control App for iPhone

Best Parental Control App for iPhone
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Best Parental Control App for iPhone

Is it true that you are stressed that you may require extraordinary compared to other parental control apps for iPhone to watch out for your lovable youthful children or sullen youngsters? It is anything but a theoretical concern. Have a look at some of the best parental control app for iPhone.

Ask yourself this. Are your children’s cell phones or tablets stacked with applications. For example, Snapchat, TikTok, Whatsapp, or Kik? What about Facebook Messenger? Would you be able to try and tell?

All the more significantly, do your kids rapidly fold their screens far out when you, out of nowhere, stroll into the room? Assuming this is the case, they’re presumably concealing something, and you’ll do your best to peruse on.

Why do you need a Parental Control App for the iPhone?

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhoneChildren can get into a wide range of misbehavior on their cell phones (or tablets), either intentionally or unintentionally. Possibly they invest an excessive amount of energy consistently gazing at a screen or use age-wrong destinations and applications.

Regardless, the best parental control app for iPhone can reestablish your feeling of control and help you look out for whatever can hurt them. Please make sure to have open and continuous discussions with your youngsters about the significance of dependable gadget use, so they don’t promptly plan to dispose of whatever application you introduce or locate some astute workarounds.

They can set screen time limits, block certain applications and sites, or confine new downloads or things with an express substance rating inside and out. However, Screen Time becomes pointless before long if the parent or kid has an Android, if the parent and kid share a gadget, or if kids decipher the code on the best way to get around limits that you have set.

Families with different children, individuals sharing one gadget, or a feverish timetable that would profit by geofencing — a GPS include that obstructs certain applications when your child is inside a specific geological zone or alarms you when your child leaves a specific topographical zone, similar to class or sports practice — may very well need somewhat more oomph.

Which parental control applications work best on iPhones? 


Includes a family finder, broad checking devices. Gound-breaking web sifting that prevents your children from getting to hurtful sites and illegal substances.

 Pros of Qustodio

  1. Excellent web design interface.
  2. Support cross-platform.
  3. Block applications on mobile and desktop platforms.
  4. Instinctive apps
  5. Access parental dashboard from any device
  6. Advanced time management tools
  7. GPS tracking and Geofence
  8. You can choose the filter’s sensitivity depending on your child’s age. 
  9. Web filter with 30 categories.

Cons of Qustodio

  1. Expensive
  2. Web filter does not work if your child uses VPN.
  3. Social media monitoring is limited to Facebook.


Intuitive family feed and adaptable checking highlights with work area and versatile applications. So you can guard your children on the entirety of their gadgets.

Pros of NetNanny

  1. Web filter with Safari has 15 customizable categories.
  2. Enforce Google safe search
  3.  Set screen time limits
  4. GPS location tracking
  5. Easy and simple setup
  6. Application blocking 

Cons of NetNanny

  1. Expensive
  2. Limited geofencing features
  3. Web filters defeated by Tor


Bark has comprehensive content and web-based media observing. It helps you to shield your children from online hunters and other digital dangers.


  1. Send alert notifications for emails and messages.
  2. Monitor more than 30 applications.
  3. Compatible with Android and iOS.


  1. The iOS installation process is tricky.
  2. No geofencing and location tracking feature.
  3. Can’t block dangerous applications.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Receive moment cautions when the application distinguishes a worry. Use geofencing innovation to ensure you know where your children are.

Pros of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  1. No limit on child profiles
  2. Robust web filtering
  3. Geofencing
  4. Flexible control of device and application usage
  5. Set screen time limit
  6. Youtube Safe search
  7. Battery tracker

Cons of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  1. Multiple iOS limitation
  2. Content filtering limited to specific browsers
  3. Lethargic web interface


Customizable screen time plans. Make it simple to set up sound online propensities with your youngsters and breaking point interruptions during schoolwork time.

Pros of Mobicip

  1. Well designed mobile applications
  2. Excellent web interface
  3. Support multiple platforms
  4. Application Blocking
  5. Review browser history 
  6. Allow or block social media applications
  7. Allow or block video streaming services

Cons of Mobicip

  1.  You can set total time limits
  2. Geofencing is missing
  3. It is easy to bypass the browsing history of the desktop.

How to set parental control on iPhone without installing any software?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to set parental control on iPhone without installing any software or not, then yes, it is possible.

You can use Apple’s built-in feature, Screen Time, to do so. Despite not allowing you to Geofence your child, it is very efficacious in monitoring and restricting inappropriate content on iPhone. With the help of Screen Time, you can set parental control on iPhones and iPads for free. In addition to that, you can block websites on iPhone with better parental control apps.


Luckily, regardless of whether they, some way or another flew under the radar of Apple’s reductions or appeared in the App Store later and weren’t influenced, there are as yet a tiny bunch of parental solid control applications to look over. Most cover the rudiments:

  • Setting time restricts or repeating plans.
  • Sending movement reports of which applications are utilized the most.
  • Hindering or erasing crude or diverting applications.
  • A couple of offer more no-nonsense estimates like geofencing or call, text, and contact observing.

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