Ten Best Hacking Apps for Android

Ten Best Hacking Apps for Android
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Ten Best Hacking Apps for Android

Hacking is not only used for negative use cases — It can be used for positive use cases as well. Because hacking is associated with data breaching, people tend to have pretty negative implications about it. Most people do not comprehend that there are white hackers as well. They use their knowledge and powers for good rather than evil. In this blog, you will learn about the top ten best hacking apps for an Android device.


Did you know that your Android phone can double a pretty useful and effective hacking device? I am not saying performing hacking to commit evil, but various Android hacking apps are available in the market, providing a great platform to use your white hack skills. In today’s generation, when Android is the most used operating system in smartphones, many developers are inspired to create beneficial hacking apps for Android.

Android is the most compatible platform where you can perform basic scanning and testing to analyze the vulnerabilities and collect information. In this guide, we have selected the ten ethical hacking tools for Android, awarded as the best for those who want to have first-hand experience with white hacking skills.

List of  Best Hacking Apps for Android


mobilespy- best hacking apps for Android

When it comes to ethical hacking, MobileSpy remains at the top of its tier. MobileSpy is a phone monitoring device that will allow you to hack almost every call, message, and social media on your Android device. Have you ever heard about parents hacking their children’s cell phones? Did you know parents can track Samsung phones and track their children’s online activities by using SMS tracker, cell phone tracker with the help of parental control apps? You must be thinking about how these parents can hack the daily phone activities of their children. This is all because of MobileSpy.

MobileSpy is an all-rounder hacking application for those who want to know someone else’s text messages, call records, and emails. Need a hacking app that does not require ownership of targeted smartphones? Then MobileSpy is the best for you. MobileSpy can almost clone a phone when hacking call records, SMS, MMS, and social media. Cool, right?

The app is highly recommended to extract the recent messages and the deleted messages on the target phone. With the feature of a keylogger, you will track information that is typed through the keyboard. Besides this, you can hack the live display of your targeted device.

When it comes to hacking someone else’s smartphone, you want to track the phone without them knowing, right? With MobileSpy, you can experience a firsthand hacker remaining completely invisible to your targeted device. The application runs in stealth mode, which means your target will never know that you are hacking their device. Below this, I have listed the important features of the application:

Important features

  • Hack Call logs and records, including call duration and details of the person on the other side
  • Track SMS/MMS and even recover the deleted ones
  • Monitor all the Incoming/Outgoing text, calls, files, and media on social media such as the Instagram app, Whats app, Hangouts app, and Facebook app
  • Track Emails
  • Remotely view the Location of the targeted device by using a GPS location tracker.
  • Track website history
  • Capture every Keystroke that is typed through the keyboard
  • Real-time live screenshots
  • Monitors all the snaps sent by the monitored device


AndroRAT, which stands for Android, and Remote Access Control have earned their place in the top ten positions for the best hacking application for Android. By installing AndroRat on your Android phone, you will be able to remotely control almost all the contacts, call logs, and Location.

The application is developed using JAVA. The interesting thing about this application is that it allows you to open a URL in your default Windows browser and view the list of messages, Location, live screenshots, streaming videos, and stream sound from the targeted device.

Not only this, AndroRAT helps you to send a text message, make a call and hack the targeted device data and vibrate their phone.

Important features

  • Call logs and contact information
  • Vibrate the phone
  • Track messages
  • Track Location by using GPS location tracker
  • Do a toast
  • Monitor the live screen of the targeted device

WIFi Master

Wifi master- best hacking apps for Android

The Internet rules today’s world. Everywhere you go, whether it be a restaurant, park, college, or hotel, you will possibly look for wifi. If you want a free wifi connection, then wifi Master is the best application for you. With wifi Master, you can connect to free wifi without typing its password.

The application views all the free wifi available in the hotspot zone. It not only lets you enjoy the benefits of free wifi connection, but the wifi Master protects your wifi connection. This application does not harm your smartphone, as it is a very lightweight app. It does not drain the battery as well.

Important Features

  • View all the available networks if you are in the HotSpot zone.
  • Secures your wifi connection
  • You can share your Wifi details safely and securely with others

WhatsApp Web Scan


If you are looking for a hacking app to monitor all the activities of a Text message app “WhatsApp” account then, WhatsApp Web Scan is suitable for you. WhatsApp Scan, one of the best hacking apps for an Android device, is a web-based Spyphoneapp that allows you to track all the incoming and outgoing messages in the application.

You will know what kind of messages and files they share in your targeted WhatsApp account with WhatsApp. If you want to start hacking with WhatsApp Web Scan, firstly, you have to get access to the targeted device physically. Further, you have to scan the targeted device’s WhatsApp QR-code. Wait for the device to sync.

Through WhatsApp web, the application uses simple methods to get access to the targeted WhatsApp Account, and hence it does not require any root permission.

Important features

  • Track incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages
  • Track incoming and outgoing files in WhatsApp



Developed and introduced by the well-known hacking application creator Zanti Corporation, Zanti is considered one of the best hacking apps for an Android device. If you want to identify every vulnerability and scan the targeted device’s security layers, I recommend Zanti.

This application is often used by ethical hackers who want to test and analyze the vulnerabilities within connected devices, smartphones, or any website. Besides, Zanti can act as a cyber-attack to identify security defects in the given network. The application is developed mostly for companies or organizations to identify risks and fix serious security issues seen in the organization’s network.

Important features

  • Scan vulnerabilities of the security layers in the network
  • Identifying risks and fixing the issues seen


You are familiar with the fact that there is a Spy app that can hack social media accounts. But “How to hack Facebook? And How to hack Instagram account?” By using FaceNiff. FaceNiff, one of the best hacking apps for an Android device, allows you to monitor and track social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Tumblr, etc.

In other words, if somebody logs into their social media account, you can easily get access to their credentials. But to be able to sniff around unauthorized social media accounts, the targeted device must be connected to the same wifi network as yours. FaceSniff does not work if there is no rooted smartphone. Sniffing around other people’s social life is not cool; how you use this application completely depends upon you.

Important features

  • Track social media
  • Hack credentials


droid box

DroidBox is one of the deep learning applications that analyzes the detailed incoming and outgoing data around the Internet. Droid Application mostly specializes in reading and writing files and operations. Ethical hackers who want to create hashes for the analyzed devices use DroidBox frequently. The application deals with leaking sensitive and important through the network called “file.”

In addition to this, you will be able to launch cryptographic operations using Android API, list broadcast receivers, send SMS and make phone calls. The most crucial advantage of this application is that DroidBox allows permission to circumvention. DroidBox not only hacks targeted devices but also hacks game applications for Android users, thus making it one of the best hacking apps for an Android device.

Important features

  • Analyze the flow of data in the network
  • Read and write files/operations
  • Cryptographic operations
  • Hack game application



Spyzie is another app on the list that falls under the hacking tools, especially to hack messages sent and received through the device. It provides you with access to those messages in the form of records. Besides this, Spyzie throws the added feature of downloading any file messages sent along with the text messages.

Like MobileSpy, Spyzie can act as a web watcher to track the targeted device’s online activities. The history of the text messages can be analyzed through the device. It comes to the rescue when you want to spy on other people’s daily online activities.

Important features

  • Track SMS
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Check browser history
  • GPS location tracker

Wifi Kill

Wifi Kill

Suppose you just joined a new wifi network, and there is a knock on your door every 5 min by your neighbors. They constantly keep you asking about the wifi information. You do not want to sound rude, and you give the wifi password to all of them. But too many devices connected to the same network make the speed of the network very slow. You want to get rid of those devices without them knowing of it.

But How? You can use wifi Kill to kick out the tons of devices connected to your network. In other words, wifi Kill is the best hacking tool for disconnecting all the users connected to your wifi network. You must be familiar with the word “Netflix parasites.” One person pays for the Netflix subscription, but other individuals get free access to the Netflix content.

Similarly, there are different devices on the network that can act as a WIFi parasite. You are the one who paid for the wifi. Then why should you let others enjoy it? Using wifi kill, you can kick out the parasite and enjoy the Internet speed in full Mbps.

Important features

  • Disconnect connect devices
  • Check what others are surfing on their device that you have connected to your network



If you as a parent want to hack into your children’s smartphones to keep track of them when you are not around them, then it is time for you to install mSpy. The application works as a spy to monitor your children’s life. You can monitor your children remotely and track the targeted device’s social media as the application views all chats on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Line, Instagram, and Viber. You will get access to all the files shared on these social media platforms.

Important features


So these are some of the top ten best hacking apps for Android devices. As we have gone through the detailed features of each app, all apps offer almost similar features. However, the decision is up to you to make which one to use and How? Keep in mind that the hacking tools show black hackers how to violate privacy and perform crime and white hackers to fix the vulnerabilities in the real and virtual world.

Depending on what is being hacked determines what type of hacker you are. Using a hacking application such as “MobileSpy” appropriately, you will be able to enjoy the positive use case of hacking as the developers claimed to develop the application to monitor children, spouses, and employees so that you will get a peaceful sleep knowing your loved ones are safe.

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