How to Spy on iPhone With Just a Number

How to Spy on iPhone With Just a Number
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How to Spy on iPhone With Just a Number

There can be numerous reasons why you want to spy on others’ mobile phones. You may be worried about your children’s well-being, want to monitor your employee’s activities, suspecting if your partner is cheating on you, or even finding yourself in danger due to some unknown calls or scam messages lately. In this blog, we will try to resolve your doubts and help you spy on somebody’s iPhone with just a phone number.

The iPhone certainly is a very hard device to spy on due to its layer of security and apps running independently. But with specific tools and applications, it’s possible to spy on others.

Why Spy on someone’s iPhone?

There can be several reasons an individual wants to spy on others’ iPhones. Some of them can be,

Child’s safety 

Individuals can track their messages to watch out for a child’s online activities and keep them away from vulnerable internet activities and predators. Also, ensuring actual parental control helps children become secure.

Employee monitoring

An organization can monitor the activities of an employee for numerous reasons. Employees’ Phones are often spied on to ensure they don’t share confidential data that can be vulnerable to the institute, waste time, and perform unnecessary activities. Spying also helps monitor their effectiveness and efficiency, and be assured about being threat-free from the employees to safeguard your organization.

Spy suspicious partners

If an individual reckons their partner is cheating, they can spy on their partner’s iPhone to be sure. Spying on your partner can help keep an eye on your partner’s activities and remove your doubt. 

Apps to Spy on iPhone with Just Number

Here is our list of some best apps to spy on other’s iPhone with just a Phone number:

Number Tracker Pro

number tracker

Number tracker pro is an app developed to view the location and identity of the caller on your iPhone. It is available on iTunes and is provided for free.

On the search function of Number Tracker Pro, you will be able to get a good amount of information about the person, including name, address, the individual’s employment, education, and relationship status. 

Also, you will be able to find out individuals’ current location, which will help you track other necessary information later if necessary.



Spyic should be another good choice to spy remotely with just a phone number on the iPhone. It is the perfect app to spy on someone’s phone without their consent. It would be best to have no contact with the target, controlled remotely.

Spyic will ensure to take care of your business even if your abilities are not specialized.

To use Spyic, you should first register iCloud accounts and be ready to go. You will be able to spy on social media, galleries, and GPS. Most importantly, you can also track individual call records.



SPY24 would be another incredible choice for users trying to spy with just the use of a phone number on an iPhone. Unlike other spy apps, it guarantees 100% results. 

Using this application, you can control iOS remotely without giving a sight of a hit to the target phone. SPY24 also offers continuous updates on applications and ensures the application world regardless of network or location. 

You can also access the target’s text messages and phone calls, track the location, and view the gallery.SPY24 is super easy to use, works as stealth, is undetectable, and provides a money-back guarantee if users are unsatisfied with the product.



TenOrbit is a spy app specially developed for the safety of kids. Due to the advancement in technology and the increase in online platform usage, children can be vulnerable. There is an increase in cyberbullying, online grooming, and exposure, and parents need to be concerned about their safety.

For the benefit of children, TeenOrbit will help Spy on your children without leaving a trace. TeenOrbit can access children’s Text messages and call information, and you can also track the GPS location of your children.

With TeenOrbit, you can view websites they have browsed, social media usage, their images, and locations they have visited to protect the child.


There may be numerous purposes you want to spy on someone’s phone. We believe you learned how to spy on an iPhone with just a number in this blog.

There are many powerful apps and tools to help you spy on others’ iPhones, which we have mentioned above. But it will be better to use the provided resources wisely and ethically. Also, we recommend you follow your country’s data privacy law; else, you can face some consequences.

It would be better to get consent from your organization’s employees and partners before spying, as you can face law issues. Still, for cases like spying on your children, you must keep your children safe and help them stay away from online vulnerability and toxicity.

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