How can someone clone your cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely?

how to clone cell phone to see text messages remotely
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How can someone clone your cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely?

Even wondered if you can clone the cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely? Read this blog to know all about it.

How someone can clone your cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely

Smartphones have practically become a person’s digital identity. A smartphone, without a doubt, is as valuable as an official document since it includes sensitive and secret information that the owner should only know. 

It’s not difficult to copy a cell phone’s text message and other data without accessing their phone or sim cards. The technology present currently has made it possible to spy on someone’s activities remotely. Smartphone cloning allows the creation of an identical copy of someone’s phone, including phone messages and other confidential data. Another smartphone or a software control panel backs up and clones the data on the targeted phone.

Due to spy apps, it is now technically possible to read anyone’s messages even without their cell phone. The Phone clone and spy apps can remotely access someone’s text messages on another phone. These spy apps can clone inbound and outbound messages and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Parents can also use these phone spy apps to safeguard their children and monitor their devices.

This article will briefly discuss how a phone is cloned and how someone can clone your cell phone’s text message and other data remotely.

How to clone a phone?

how to clone a phone

Cloning a phone is a process in which one transfers the encrypted data from someone’s phone to another. Like a clone, the second cell phone transforms into an identical copy of the original. Consequently, even if both phones simultaneously make and receive calls, only the real owner gets the bill as the network provider server cannot distinguish between the original and cloned phone.

The electronic serial number (ESN) and mobile identification number (MIN) are two coupled sets of data used by the developer to identify each phone. Someone who intends to clone a phone may collect this data by unlawfully accessing cell signals, then reprogram the chip using a data eraser within the phone to make it send the ESN and MIN of another model. The radio signal from the cloned phone will be somewhat altered, allowing the provider to capture it.

How can someone clone your cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely?

Various techniques are used to clone phone or sim cards that allow anyone to remotely see the messages and other confidential data. Some of the techniques are as follows:

Using spy applications

How to clone cell phone to see text messages using spy applications

Various data cloning spy applications provide you access to the target Android and iPhone text messages, calls, and other confidential data. These apps helps in gathering relevant device information from targeted phones. Without the need for a password, someone can rapidly get access to your phone using the app.

Different apps have various characteristics and works in various ways. However, the primary use of such programs is to secretly monitor messages and calls

Some of the features these spy apps for iPhone and android offer are:

  • Locating a phone number.
  • Access to SMS.
  • Read the messages of messengers.
  • Analysis of call logs/history
  • Access to the telephone directory
  • Maintain current records.

Some of the popular spy apps for iPhone and Android in 2021 are mSpy, FlexiSPY, Minspy, Spybubble, XNSPY, Spyine, Spyzie, etc.

Using Bluetooth cloner tool

how to use bluetooth cloner tool

A Bluetooth third-party phone clone tool allows getting access to targeted phones. A Bluetooth cloning tool, such as Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 will exploit the target phone’s vulnerabilities. If the target isn’t updating on a regular basis, the cloner may easily get remote access to the device. 

When you activate Bluetooth on your phone, the app may connect to the device within Bluetooth range. If the connection between the devices is successful, they will be able to probe the target device. Cloner will then access critical data such as phone logs, keystrokes, calls, and texts.

Copying a phone number

is it possible to copy the phone number

A professional PC user might clone the target person’s mobile phone without downloading any monitoring software or using the Bluetooth feature. It implies they can read someone’s text messages and examine call records using the same SIM card and phone number.

They use a SIM card cloning tool with drivers and software that connects to the PC. The procedure also requires a significant amount of programming and Android or iPhone keylogger and is carried out by a skilled cloner or hacker.

How do you know if someone cloned your cell phone?

If you suspect your phone is cloned, look for the following indications showing someone else is using your phone service:

  • You received an unexpected text message asking you to reset your cell phone.
  • Unrecognized phone calls or messages on your phone bill.
  • You are no longer getting phone calls and texts.
  • “Find My Phone” shows your smartphone in a different location.
  • Your service provider notifies you that your SIM card has been upgraded.
  • You’ve been locked out of your accounts for an unknown reason.


Phone spying and cloning are rare these days, as both provider and hardware manufacturers have adapted incredibly advanced measures to fight this malicious conduct, denying access to the targets. 

However, using anti-phone spy apps and other methods to check and prevent your smartphone from being cloned. Also, parents use different spy applications to ensure protection for their children. So the major aspect is to know how they are cloning your phone. 

Hence, we have summed up pretty much everything that you need to know about phone cloning and information on how someone can clone your cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely.

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