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WiFi Logger:
How to track Wi-Fi hotspots?

WiFi logger enable you to track every Wi-Fi hotspot connected to the targeted device using


WiFi Logger is the best solution for concerned parents and business owners who want to discover which place their targets are visiting. WiFi loggers enable you to track every Wi-Fi hotspot connected to the targeted device.

WiFi Logger Feature

Wi-Fi networks are usually named after relevant entities so that they can be easily distinguished. With the WiFi logger feature, you can easily know where your targets have been by tracking the connected Wi-Fi hotspots within their phone. Here’s the complete list of what you can do with a WiFi logger;

  • Track all the Wi-Fi hotspots signed in by the target.
  • Track full connection details including, name, date, time, and duration.
  • Track the location of every signed-in connection.
  • View a list of Wi-Fi networks and identify the most visited place.

How does Wi-Fi Logger work?

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Almost every business offers free Wi-Fi today. People make more use of the internet, and they like to access the internet while they are on the move. Wi-Fi logger access the list of Wi-Fi networks visited by the target. It runs in stealth mode and provides you every subtle detail you need to identify the target’s location at a specified timeframe.

First, you need to download from the official website and install it on the Android/iOS device you want to spy. To access all the tracked data, you need to log in to your home screen and find the Wi-Fi logger in the selection panel. After you open the Wi-Fi logger window, you’ll be able to access a list of all the signed-in Wi-Fi networks on the target device.

The target’s phone must be running on Android 4.0 or above (for Android users) and iOS 7 or above (for iPhone users) to use this feature

Why do you need to track Wi-Fi networks?

Let us assume your employee leave the office premises telling he has to visit the market for business purpose, but he decides to skip his work and rather chill out with his friends in a café located in the market’s vicinity. You won’t be able to ensure that your employee is actually doing his job.

Even you track his location; you’ll think that he is where he should be. The situation can also be related to parents whose kids leave the house to attend their classes but skip it and sit in a nearby cafe. Monitoring the Wi-Fi connection on your target’s device gives you an accurate picture of what they do and where they go.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the targeted device?

While you don’t need to root or jailbreak the targeted Android/iOS device to access most of the features of, you might have to do this for the Wi-Fi logger feature. Once done, you can spy on the target’s iPhone or Android with ease.

Benefits of WiFi Logger

WiFi logger is not just limited to going through connected Wi-Fi networks and knowing where your kids or employees have been, where they frequently visit, or how long they stay. Most of the Free or public Wi-Fi is vulnerable to security, allowing hackers to access devices on the same network.

Connecting the company-owned device that contains sensitive information to such a network can cause data theft or loss of data. Business owners can avoid this by viewing the logs of connected Wi-Fi hotspots and warning their employees about the possible consequences.

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Log into your account and start tracking your target’s Android phone in stealth mode.

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