Call Alert

Call Alert:
How to get Call alert?

Call alert app tracks all calls on your target’s smartphone and instantly alerts you about calls made or received by the target device, along with the caller’s name, number, and call duration.

Call Alert: How to get Call alert?

Call Alert App Feature

The call alert app of MobileSpy alerts you when the target device calls or receives calls from a saved contact as well as an unknown number, along with the call details.

Instant incoming, outgoing and missed known number call alert

The Known Number Call Alert notifies you whenever your target calls and receives a call from a known number. The app will also alert you whenever your target makes or receives a miss call.
Every time the target device makes or receives a call, you will receive an email notification. With this feature, you will also be able to see the caller’s contact information, time, date, and duration of the call.

Instant incoming, outgoing and missed unknown number call alert

The Unknown Number Call Alert notifies you when your target makes or receives a call from an unknown number. Furthermore, you will be notified of any missed calls made or received by your target.

You will receive an email notification whenever the target device makes or receives an unknown call. With this feature, you will also be able to see the unknown contact number, time, date, and duration of the call.

Fast Actions

Instant alerts for calls make it easier for you to be proactive and ensure that your kids, employees, and spouse are in contact with trusted people.

How call alert app works?

Call Alert: How to get Call alert?

You must install MobileSpy on the targeted device to use the call alert application. Once you install the MobileSpy app, you can get call reminders for calls made or received by the target device remotely. To do so:

  • Open the MobileSpy website on your device.
  • Login with your valid credentials.
  • Go to the dashboard and look for the “Call Alert” option.

Using the option, you can activate or deactivate the saved and unknown number of Call Alerts. Turning on the feature lets you receive notifications about calls and missed call reminders.

Why do we need call alert app? Benefits of call alert app

For Parents

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever for parents to have a Call Alert App on their child’s mobile phone.

If you have the app installed on your child’s phone, you can see the name and number of the person trying to reach them. Doing this can keep your child safe, as you can screen calls and ensure that they are only talking to people you know and trust.

By using a Call Alert App, parents can give themselves peace of mind knowing that they are doing everything possible to protect their child.

For Spouse

In a world where our loved ones are always connected to their phones, it’s crucial to know that they’re not hiding anything from us. That’s where MobileSpy’s Call Alert App comes – to give users peace of mind by alerting them of any suspicious calls made by their spouse.

There are many benefits to setting up call alerts for your spouse. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you can quickly and easily see who your spouse has been talking to and who has been calling them.

Whether you’re trying to catch a cheating spouse or want to ensure your loved one is honest with you, the Call Alert App is the perfect solution.

For Employer

Employers can use the Call Alert app of MobileSpy on company-owned devices to ensure that their employees are not making illegal or inappropriate phone calls. The app will instantly send an alert to the employer’s device if any employee makes a call during work hours.

So, the call alert app can effectively prevent employees from leaking confidential information or making inappropriate calls during working hours.

What can you do with call alert app?

With MobileSpy’s call alert feature, you can:

  • Set up call alerts to get call reminders whenever a saved or unknown number calls the target phone.
  • Track inappropriate and suspicious calls of your target.
  • Get the contact information of the callers, along with the call’s time, date, and duration.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the targeted device?

No, you don’t need to root or jailbreak your targeted device to use MobileSpy’s call alert features. Within a few clicks, you can access the call alert feature.

Get alerted about suspicious calls made by your target in a complete stealth mode, and monitor everything using the MobileSpy dashboard.

Start Remote Monitoring with these
3 Steps

Sign Up
Sign up for account to track online activities of your target. All you need is an existing email ID and you are good to go.
Install MobileSpy
Download and install application on the device you want to spy. It will takes only a handful of minutes.
Start Spying
Log into your account and start tracking your target’s Android phone in stealth mode.

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