App Activity Spy

App Activity Spy:
How to Spy App Activity?

App Activity spy tool allows you to track all the screen time of apps installed on the targeted device remotely in stealth mode. Now know how long your target user spends on each app on their mobile device.

App Activity Monitoring Tool

App Activity Spy Feature

With the help of MobileSpy, you can keep track of all the applications installed and used in the targeted device. You can then track all the application details of the application, including the total time of each application being used, time of use of the application, etc. Here are some of the features of this application:

Spy Screen Time

With App Activity spy, you can track the screen time and find out how much your target spends time on each app. This way you can identify if the user spends time on unproductive or unsafe applications. Easily detect any unfamiliar and suspicious application activities.

App Task Tracking

Track each of the applications along with the activities being performed in any specific application by the target user.

Spy Social Media Usage

Track how much time the user spends time on social media. Also, determine which application the target user uses the most.

How does App Activity Spy work?

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Spying application activities on your targeted device is easy with MobileSpy’s App Activity spy. For that sign in to MobileSpy and create a MobileSpy account. Pick a subscription plan and then install the MobileSpy app on the target device that you wish to spy on. Now, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your MobileSpy home screen. 
  2. Now click on the option “App Activity” in the selection panel on the left.

After you click on the option, you can track the screen time, including the app activity and usage. You can also track all the time frames when the application was used and calculate the overall time.

Why do we need App Activity Spy? Benefits of App Activity Spying

For Parents

Social media and gaming applications are increasing day by day and are considered the biggest hindrance for kids. As a parent, using this app gives you an overview of what application your kid’s been using lately and for how long they are on that particular application. 

With the help of MobileSpy, you can track the screen time of your kid and know whether or not they are wasting their time on these kinds of applications. You can get all the required information about their application activity and make sure to keep them safe from any hazardous situations.

For Spouse

With this app, you can spy on your spouse and know which type of app they use on their phone and for how long. You can also know how much time they spend on social media or Instant Messaging apps chatting with other people.

For Business

As a business owner, you can track how much time your employees spend on their mobile devices doing unproductive things. This way you can measure each employee’s productivity and filter out those who are just wasting their time in the workspace.

What can you do with App Activity Spy?

Once you install MobileSpy on the targeted device and use this feature, you will be able to:

  • Track Average App Screen time of each day
  • Track the time the target user spends on each app
  • Track the most used and the least used apps

Do I need to root or jailbreak the targeted device?

No, you need not root or jailbreak the targeted device to use App Activity spy. You can install the application and start tracking remotely.

Start Remote Monitoring with these
3 Steps

Sign Up
Sign up for account to track online activities of your target. All you need is an existing email ID and you are good to go.
Install MobileSpy
Download and install application on the device you want to spy. It will takes only a handful of minutes.
Start Spying
Log into your account and start tracking your target’s Android phone in stealth mode.

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