Does Digitalization/Use of technology Increase the Risks of Better Parenting?

Do digitilization/use of technology increases the risk of better parenting

Does Digitalization/Use of technology Increase the Risks of Better Parenting?

Technological devices such as iPads, tablets, and e-readers are rapidly replacing more conventional “toys” as sources of learning and entertainment for today’s children. With their ability to contain various activities inside a single unit, tech devices have become the new standard and are being used from a young age. So the major question is, does digitalization or the use of technology increase the risks of better parenting?

Parental Control

Many critics have investigated the adverse effects of technology on reading and learning. While iPads and other electronic devices may seem to be a convenient way to keep young children amused and occupied, it has also been shown that reading habits are negatively impacted when performed on a tablet.

Parents are worried about the long-term effects of emerging technology on child development; many parents are uncertain what they should be doing to ensure that children are sufficiently shielded from the harmful effects of technology. It’s never been easy to be a parent. However, the widespread use of smartphones and the rise of social media have added a new wrinkle to the difficulties of parenthood.

Parents, like their children, are heavily exposed to media interactions in many aspects of their lives. Digital technologies have rapidly altered how family members interact, enjoy themselves, obtain information, and solve day-to-day problems. Parents are also the first to help facilitate their children’s interactions with interactive technologies.

The most discussed topics by parents are:

  • How is much screen time good for their child?
  • What impact does technology leave behind on their children?
  • Which age is appropriate for screen time? 
  • What parenting style is suitable?
  • And many more…

Are There Any Possible Benefits of Digitalization that Parents Should Know?

Technology itself is not bad enough to ruin our children. It can have risks, but in reality, there are different possible benefits of using technology that helps in better parenting. 

  • track childrenIt helps your kids in accessing different information from around the world. 
  • Kids get different resources as per their interests and needs, which adds up to their personal development.
  • The ability to tackle the problem on their own goes on the increase. 
  • Kids can socialize easily with people around the world. 
  • You can easily teach, guide, and monitor yourself as per the need in your own space.

However, if not used correctly, it can lead to problematic habits. The more you learn about how you use digital technologies, the more you will make educated choices and educate your children to be responsible technology consumers and digital citizens.

Using technology is impossible for you to safeguard yourself or hide your heads in the sand and entirely exclude your children from the environment. This is the world in which your children grow up; you are responsible for helping them to learn how to use technology safely.

How Parents Generalize their Beliefs Towards Digitalization?

Beliefs are the cognitive component of attitudes that guide people’s actions and decisions. Each parent has views, convictions, and personal opinions, on how children should use media, such as their usefulness or damage.

While raising children, parents act and make decisions on their behalf based on their views of what is appropriate or positively valued for their child’s growth. While parents are not often conscious of their values, they impact parent-child interaction and the child’s ability to learn, experience, and improve digital skills.

The effects of parental values on children’s activities are not driven. Still, they are influenced by parental practices and other intervening factors such as parental education or interaction with mobile devices.

Does Parent’s Tech Behavior Affect Kids?

Yes, it does!!  But few of them only can balance their tech life and their children. 

  • Parents are less likely to talk with their kids while using devices
  • There may occur more behavioral and emotional problem in children
  • Showing frustration and hostility towards children increases

How does Technology Make Parenting Difficult?

 A short period of attention

Technology Risks Better ParentingTechnology has brought in some risks that have increased risks in better parenting. Many people around the whole are using technology as per their needs and interest. It limits kid’s ability to concentrate on school and debate at home. If we follow this path, a lecture at the college will sound like the death penalty.

Daily play sessions, meals, and bedtime are all times that parents can avoid using technology. Keeping electronics out of bedrooms and away from places where your family congregates will help you avoid the pull of screens.

Access to the inappropriate and questionable contents

The risk and possibility of seeing anything harmful depend on what children do online as the children become more involved at an early age. Whether it’s an explicit pop-up ad on a free game, videos showing child cartoon characters in adult scenarios, or a self-harm website, an innocent search can make kids feel frustrated and confused with the content. Parents should make sure they use some parental controls to avoid inappropriate content. 

Victims to the online predators

Online and network attacks, offensive or rude emails, tweets, posts, or messages are important. They are often sharing personal information, photos, or videos intending to injure or shame another individual. Something is posted online and intended to harm, threaten, or offend another person.

Which leads to the stress of constant turmoil or fear can lead to mood, energy, sleep, and appetite problems. It can also make someone feel lovely, distressed, or sad. If someone is still depressed or nervous, it can get much worse by cyberbullying.

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May have an internet addiction disorder.

Internet addiction works with the same urge for pleasure: from drugs, monetary rewards, and sexual encounters. While spending one or two hours on your iPad once, it may be possible to continue using it to provide the same boost once you have had. Or maybe it’s a game or a particular online activity they can’t get enough of. It is a very valid concern for parents regardless of what the cause is.

What Can Parents Do From Their Sides?

Better be a good example or role model for your kids.

parentingThe first thing that every adult does is pick up their mobile and check their notifications, updates, and messages. Similarly, every member checks them several times during the day.

Although, indeed, your children should not be held to the same level that you do, you do send messages to children about your priorities and the importance of digital media if you have difficulty controlling your use of digital media. Parents should set a good example of responsible technology usage for their children, allowing them to develop healthy habits early in life.

Talk with your kids

The worst thing we can do as parents are, cut off contact between our children. If we find that our children are engaging in inappropriate behavior with their digital devices, it is perfectly acceptable to impose penalties and implement the rules that we have established. However, when we overreact to a situation, we always end up only driving the behavior underground.

In today’s digital world, it is crucial to keep an open line of communication. Tell your children what they can avoid online and set strict limits on the duration of their Internet use. Communication is key to good parenting.

It’s better to limit the screen time.

Make a schedule for your family that involves unplugged spaces or times of the day. You may, for example, forbid the use of technology at mealtimes or before going to bed. Perhaps you plug in your computer in a specific room and use it only there, or you agree not to use it in some areas of the house. Or maybe it’s when you get home, and your kids are in delight to see you.

Know about technology before giving access to your child

Knowledge is strength, and this is particularly true when it comes to technology and children. Don’t expect your child to tell you anything. Even the strongest, most organized, and most active parents can lose touch with their children’s personal lives, especially in adolescence. It is critical to balance maintaining an open line of communication and educating yourself on common apps and activities among young people online. Talk to other parents who have children of the same age to determine what works and what doesn’t and share any questions.

Better to set specific guidelines to follow

Make sure your child understands where and when you have permitted them to be online. You may want to restrict their online access in the evenings; make sure they don’t use the internet while participating in family activities. Also, make sure that social media and other apps aren’t distracting them while doing homework.

You should implement several guidelines to assist your child in maintaining a sense of balance in their lives. Build these guidelines with your child in mind. You will get their buy-in if you discuss it with them and get their input, and they will be more likely to respect the agreement if you discuss it with them and get their input.

Watch out if there are any symptoms.

Children spending too much time online can become disengaged from family activities and neglect their studies and responsibilities. Other signs that your child is spending too much time online are:

  • Suffering from depression
  • More Development of Defensiveness
  • Headaches and mood swings
  • Personal Hygiene Issues
  • Neck Ache

If you are worried about your child’s mental health, contact a therapist who will assist everyone in navigating the difficulties they are experiencing.

Teach your kids to use technology for their advantage

Technology does create risks in better parenting, but the internet isn’t without its benefits. For example, social media is the most common internet tool among most youth. Although it can have negative consequences, there are some benefits, such as interacting with family members who live far away or staying up to date on current events.

It can also link kids who are introverted or have social problems at school. Tech gives them access to school assignments, teaches them new things. Moreover, it provides opportunities for their personal and academic lives.

My Final Thoughts

Digitalization and technology do change your parenting style, but you have to decide if it’s for better parenting or creates risks on your parenting style. You have to learn to use technology to decrease the risks by bettering your parenting techniques. In this way, you can also teach your kids to use technology for their betterment.

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