How to Raise Successful Kids

how to raise successful kids

How to Raise Successful Kids

In today’s competitive world, almost every parent wants their child to be happy and successful. Despite reading a parenting book or a successful person’s life story, they might not exactly know how to raise successful kids approaching child development with the right balance. 

Parents and families may have diverse viewpoints and definitions of what creates a successful child. Most people would define successful parenting as raising kids who grow into happy, self-motivated, and independent adults capable of contributing to society and the world actively and positively. 

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While raising a child, we often see, if parents go above and beyond to assist their child to succeed over protecting them in different situations, they are more likely to raise a dependent child. On the other hand, parents who believe in regulating rules and punishment to discipline their children, often known as “helicopter parent“, are more likely to produce a self-conscious child with poor self-esteem

Both of the measures of being a sensitive or helicopter parent could be ineffective in successful child development. Ensuring the consequences, we have provided some major tips on raising successful children without overparenting.

Parents’ role in raising a successful child

Parenting starts way before a child is born, and children gradually transform into their parents’ persona and vice versa. No one can influence and build a children’s development better than the parents.

As kids grow from babies to teens and young adults, they pass through several development phases that affect all elements of their life, including physical, mental, emotional, and social development. So, throughout a kid’s development, parents’ top priority should be motivation, love, support for children to access their interests, and setting the best environment to raise a child. The support and guidance eventually help children to achieve fundamental developmental skills

Seven tips on how to raise successful kids

Here are seven parental tips to help you raise successful kids.

  • Teach them to embrace failure.

Parents should guide their children that failure is a great teacher. So why not rejoice each time it occurs, knowing that a fresh chance has just arrived?

Here are some ideas for celebrating failures:

  • Allowing children to speak about their failures and what they learned.
  • Introducing “Failure Fridays,” a discussion of successful people’s failures.
  • Give your kid a high-five every time they make a mistake.
  • Boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Confidence and self-esteem are essential in raising a child‘s happiness, health, and success. Confident youngsters can cope with peer pressure, responsibilities, disappointments, struggles, and both happy and sad emotions.

So how can parents encourage children to gain confidence and self-esteem?

  • Allow them to solve difficulties on their own.
  • Participate in kids’ activities and allow them to lead.
  • Recognize and value your child’s special qualities with top priority.
  • Hear their thoughts and feelings.
  • Praise their hard work.

Parents should utilize motivating remarks for their children regularly. When utilized correctly, these encouraging statements may have a strong beneficial impact on growing children. It’s because positive feedback may encourage children to continue the activity after they get rewarded.

So, how can we praise children without having a bad impact?

  • Do not compare them with peers.
  • Praise their efforts instead of the result.
  • Choose Your Words With Care.
  • Teach them discipline and self-control.

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One of the most crucial tasks a parent should do for their children is to develop their self-control. According to several studies, teaching children self-discipline at an early age reflects how kids are raised successfully. If you spend the effort now to train your kid’s self-control skills, you will be raising them to be successful kids.

Some ways to teach them discipline and self-control:

  • Make a schedule for your children.
  • Make an atmosphere that encourages self-control.
  • Apply discipline tactics gently.
  • Explain why your rules are there.
  • Be a strong role model.

Parents have a direct and powerful impact on their children when raising them. Kids are more willing to seek advice from their parents and respect their perspective and support. Parents must establish a solid bond with their children to do this. The greater their bond with the child, the more impact they will have.

For impactful parental role – modeling, you should:

  • Involve your children in family conversations.
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions by accepting your mistakes.
  • Express respect and care in the manner you communicate.
  • Regularly communicate with them.

Communication is essential when raising a child, and parenting may be more fun when a good parent-child bond is created. Whether you’re raising a child or a teen, excellent communication is essential for developing self-esteem and mutual respect.

Here are some ideas on how to communicate sensibly with kids.

  • Make time to communicate and listen to one another.
  • Share your day-to-day activities.
  • Be willing to discuss any emotions.
  • Respond positively to your kid’s body language.
  • Set parental controls

Parental controls are excellent tools for reducing the threats that your children may experience while using the internet. Before enabling these parental controls, parents need to know how monitoring apps can help in better parenting.

It is vital to educate your kid’s skills such as critical analysis and resilience to know what to do if they are faced with danger. However, allowing parental restrictions may cause your children to lose connection and faith in you, resulting in demotivation and loss of self-esteem.

Here are a few parental control suggestions to get you started.

  • First, inform the children, and then set up the system.
  • Explain why you’ve decided to set parental restrictions.
  • Convince your children that you are not a spy.
  • Take advantage of Internet events to communicate.


Successful children are raised, not born, which much relies on how you choose to raise them. Every parent wishes for their child’s success and well-being in life. And, although success might mean various things to different individuals, there are several successful people’s qualities in common. 

Only parents can prioritize and take measures on how to implement strategies for raising successful kids either by following the provided suggestions or any parenting book. When parents use scientific parenting techniques, they can make a significant impact on their kids’ lives. Ultimately, it’s all about parenting!

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