How the Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps Help Keep Your Kids Safe?

How the Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps Help Keep Your Kids Safe?
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How the Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps Help Keep Your Kids Safe?

You must be worried about your kid’s digital protection. Kids are inexperienced in making decisions about themselves, and they are much worse when making decisions online. So, to keep your kids safe, I recommend using cell phone tracking apps, and in this blog, I will teach you how the best cell phone tracking apps help keep your kids safe.

Today, almost everybody has a phone. According to studies, most children have a phone by the age of seven, and it has become an integral part of their lives. They usually take pictures, make and view videos, and capture phone calls, among other things. They are more actively posting the images on multiple social media sites.

But their use of the phone comes with a price. Your children could be misusing their phones to send and receive offensive content, putting themselves at risk. Similarly, your child may explore explicit content on the Internet, which in most situations causes long-term damage, and issues occur when this exposure is persistent and not addressed with the guardian. 

Furthermore, hackers take advantage of people’s use of the Internet. They can take personal information, like recordings, as well as blackmail and bully your children—some sexual predators prey on teenagers for their gain. 

A cell phone tracking app has features that can help you protect your kids from the situations mentioned above. Below I have explained how the features of a cell phone tracking app can help keep your kids safe.

Features of Cell Phone Tracking Apps that helps you keep your kids safe

Talking about how the best cell phone tracking apps help keep your kids safe, it does that by providing the ability to track your kids’ activities on their mobile phones related to their text messages, social media activity, call logs, web browser history, and many more. Cell phone tracking and monitoring apps consist of various features that help know what your children are up to and their whereabouts. The features include:

Call Tracker

cell tracker- best cell phone tracking appsThe call tracker feature lets you track all the calls made and received by your kid remotely. You can even get the detail of the person your kid is talking to without them knowing. You can also determine the duration of the call. Some tracking apps even give you access to listen to the calls.

So, if your kids are talking to some unknown person, getting harassed in the phone calls, or talking about something they are not supposed to, then you can immediately know about it. This feature helps you protect your child from getting into unnecessary trouble. 

Call Tracker Features

Using the call tracker feature, you will be able to:

  • Since the app operates in stealth mode, you can spy on your child’s cellphones without them realizing it.
  • You can monitor and view your kid’s incoming and outgoing call logs.
  • Keep note of the call’s average length and chronology.
  • You can also keep track of whether your kid has made a call or received it.
  • Keep track of the name or phone number of the person your child calls.
  • During calls, keep track of the phone’s location and GPS coordinates.
  • You can even access the phone book and look up the caller’s details.

SMS Tracker

textingCell Phone tracking apps have an SMS Tracker that tracks all the incoming and outgoing messages on your kid’s phone. As a parent, you will have a good view of your child’s texting patterns. You’ll also be aware of the types of messages they send and receive from friends and strangers. 

So, following your child’s exchanged messages with others will provide you with a clear idea of the contents exchanged, the types of conversation, and the amount of time your child is spending on texting. 

You can also see if your child is suffering from bullying or harassment. There might be the possibility of your child responding to the traffickers prevalent on the Internet and can prevent it with the SMS tracker feature.

SMS Tracker Features

Using the SMS tracker feature, you will be able to:

  • Spy on your kids’ phone without them knowing because it operates in stealth mode.
  • Spy on text messages and multimedia messages with performance.
  • Both incoming and outgoing SMS are tracked and available.
  • Using the Location tracking tool provides precise location of message recipients.
  • Keep note of when messages are received and delivered.
  • You can also access the recipient information.

GPS Location Tracker

location trackingTracking a phone’s GPS location will help you get information on your kids’ whereabouts in real-time. It helps to know the location of your kids. 

You may use a GPS location tracker to monitor your kids, get real-time location information, establish a virtual border around a geographic region, and get notifications when the boundaries are crossed. You can even access the location history, including coordinates, time, dates, and many more, from your kid’s Android and iOS devices.

Most parents want their children to become more self-sufficient. On the other hand, they are worried about their children’s welfare and whereabouts. They are always kept up at night by their fears.

GPS tracking aids in striking a balance between independence and monitoring. Your child might be old enough to hang out with their peers, but they may not be smart enough to make the best decisions. They could be going to places they shouldn’t or aren’t supposed to be. They could be going somewhere without your permission and not returning for a few days. 

Therefore you can know at any time where your child is and get alerted if your child enters a prohibited location. In this way, GPS tracking helps you keep your child safe.

GPS Location Tracker Features

Using the GPS tracker feature, you will be able to:

  • Monitor the exact location of your kid’s mobile phones in real-time.
  • You can access the map connection and track coordinates (latitude and longitude).
  • Date and time of each location’s access.
  • Locate cell phones if they are missing or robbed.
  • You can track specific locations.
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications if your kid has entered a prohibited location.

Social Media Monitoring

social mediaSocial media is popular with kids because of its features that allow users to make free phone calls and send text messages, and it continues to draw new users. Although the app seems to be helpful, it can also be harmful, particularly to minor children.

Apps like Snapchat, Viber, and WhatsApp have an end-to-end encryption mechanism that enables only talking parties to share texts and data. Even though it is safe, your children could be misusing this functionality to send and receive offensive content, putting themselves at risk.

You can use phone tracking apps to monitor your child’s social media accounts like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, etc. It helps you know your children’s friends on social media, who they are talking to, what they are talking about without them knowing.  

Using social media monitoring tools, keep track of all multimedia files, video files, and submitted and received images. Track all of your kid’s social media interactions, including messages, exchanged comments, and more. It tracks and sends you all newsfeed and notification information, including text.

Social media creates a platform for bullying and harassment that leads kids to suffer from various mental issues. Using social media tracker, you can see if your child is suffering from bullying or harassment and prevent it with the social media monitoring feature.

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Social Media Monitoring Features

Using the social media monitoring feature, you will be able to:

  • You can follow up on all social media events, including chat, phone calls, video calls, photos posted, contact information, and call length.
  • You can also track the timestamps of the sent and received messages and files so that you can know when a particular conversation took place.
  • The tracker app provides you a control panel/Dashboard that helps you to view data gathered remotely.
  • It provides you the details like names, profile pictures, and phone numbers.
  • GPS tracking feature to identify the location from where your kid is using Facebook
  • Since the app operates in stealth mode, you can spy on your child’s phones without them realizing it.

Multimedia Monitoring

Photos videos are a great way to catch and record the moment of life, but they can also be a hassle. What if your child has inappropriate images on their tablets, or if they have shared nude photos, pornographic videos, or if their gallery is full of adult content?

Monitoring multimedia like images, videos, and recordings can aid in remote management in such conditions. You should begin monitoring your child’s pictures or other digital files that they send or receive and take appropriate measures to deal with any possible risks. You can even look into your child’s picture and video galleries to see what they’re doing.

Multimedia Monitoring Features

Using the multimedia monitoring feature, you will be able to:

  • Keep track of, and view photos and videos were taken on your kid’s phone via the gallery.
  • Remotely track videos, photos, and files that have been downloaded or saved.
  • Access the camera’s video, audio, photo files containing time stamps and dates.
  • Access the screenshots.

Website History Tracker

web historyThere are several reasons to keep track of your internet history and web surfing history. Remotely monitor your targeted Android/iOS smartphone’s search and browsing history with a website history tracker. It offers you a bird’s eye view of your target’s visited websites.

The Internet has become quicker, more available, and less expensive, and it now provides convenient access to a wide range of network information. On the Internet, there is a lot of graphic content that can quickly pollute people’s minds. 

Kids are readily drawn to the negative aspects of the Internet because they are subjected to inappropriate, sexually suggestive, or excessively violent videos, whether purposefully or accidentally. Exploring such contents will, in most situations, cause long-term damage, and issues occur when this exposure is persistent and not addressed with the guardian.

Website History Tracker Features

Using the website history tracker feature, you will be able to:

  • Get a comprehensive picture of your kid’s internet use.
  • You can keep track of specifics, including the URL of a page, the frequency it is accessed, timestamps, and bookmarks.
  • Access the browser history stored on monitoring applications servers and copy it to your hard drive so you can restore the data even though the web history is deleted.

Email Spy

email spy- best cell phone tracking appsEmail is a powerful means of communication. Spying on Email allows you to see what emails have been sent and received on your kid’s device. You kids might stream inappropriate videos or subscribe to adult online pages from their Email if they have a phone within reach.

Spying on emails allows parents to keep track of their children’s accounts and gain insight into their activities. Similarly, most children have a social media presence on a social networking site, and they sign up using their email addresses. You can get updates on their social media pages by tracking their Email.

The email spy alerts parents of their child’s online behavior and aids them with keeping their children out of trouble.

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Email Spy Features

Using the email spy feature, you will be able to:

  • Track sent and received mail by your kids.
  • Track all the contacts of the Email.
  • Obtain immediate access to all email data stored on your kid’s device. At any time, you can retrieve email content in its original format.
  • Track all multimedia files from your kid’s Android/iOS phones, such as videos and photographs. You will also keep track of documents sent by Email in different file formats.

Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Some of the best cell phone tracking apps for parental control and monitoring that helps you to keep your child safe are:

  • FamilyTime
  • Bark
  • mSpy
  • FlexiSPY
  • Qustodio
  • Norton
  • Screentime


Remote monitoring application, Hoverwatch, helps you secretly track locations, calls, and SMS of target phones. Not only that, it allows you to read the message of the social media app, and it is completely invisible. Hoverwatch provides the features of a front camera which captures photos every time the screen is unlocked. Keylogger features make this application more demandable. 

Available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.


Everything on the target person’s PC or mobile devices can be tracked with FlexiSPY. It has the capacity to track: SMS, GPS locations, Photos, galleries, internet usage, and all social media applications. With more than 150 features, FlexiSPY is able to gain the trust of its customers. Through the password crackers, you can retrieve passwords of any needed passwords. 

To monitor the target person’s surroundings, controlling the target phone’s camera and microphone will help you.

Available for Android, iPhone PC, and Mac devices.

Among all the above-mentioned cell phone tracking applications, is the best one. Best suited for employee and children monitoring, MobileSpy is also used by couples. Not just only the GPS locations or SMS tracking, MobileSpy helps you to track the entire phone. It provides the accurate location of the target device remotely. No jailbreak or rooting of the device is needed. It completely works on stealth mode.

Available on Android and iOS.

Find My Device

The application developed by Google “Find My Device” is for Android devices. It is specially designed to find the lost or stolen phone. However, it can be used as a location tracker also. Just by downloading and installing it on the target Android phone, you can easily track them. By tracking their location, you can protect your kid when they are out of your sight.

Available on Android.

Find My iPhone

Application developed by Apple inc. “Find My iPhone” help you to track the location of your Apple devices remotely. It is available for free. Whether your device is under the bed or in the park, you can now easily track it. You can remotely erase all the data of your device if you lose it. And also, if you want to give a ring to your phone, you don’t need another device; find My iPhone will do that for you.

Available on iOS devices.


So if you are worried about your child’s safety online, I strongly recommend using cell phone tracking apps. The numerous features of mobile tracking apps answer how the best cell phone tracking apps help keep your kids safe and stress-free. These tracking apps help you get access to your kid’s social media accounts, call logs, text messages, web browser history, photos, videos, etc.

Cell phone tracking apps have many features like call tracker, GPS location tracker, SMS tracker, social media and multimedia monitoring, website history tracker, etc. that provides you all the information you need to protect your kids from online predators, harassment, and bullying, and prevents your kids from doing things they are not supposed to do online.

Hence by using the various features provided by the best cell phone tracking apps, you can keep your kids safe.

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