6 Sound Booster and Equalizer Apps For PC Your Kids Use (Windows & Mac)

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps
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6 Sound Booster and Equalizer Apps For PC Your Kids Use (Windows & Mac)

Are you tired of the low sound quality on your devices? Do you crave a more immersive audio experience? 

Look no further! The simplest solution to your issue is to get hold of a sound booster.

But how do you decide which is the best? 

Well, we have narrowed down our search to the 6 best sound boosters and Equalizer apps that will take your audio to new heights.

Best Sound Booster & Equalizer Apps 

1. Volume Booster Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is another great alternative that operates flawlessly on Windows. 

Use this application to simply enhance the sound on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar now to get a better audio experience. Without any blank space, the software can be installed. 

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps

By adding the sound enhancer Chrome extension to your browser, you may use it on YouTube and in online games like PubG and Call of Duty. 

The software is really easy to use. The one-screen interface’s volume slider can be changed to suit your needs. 

All sorts of anti-virus tests have been conducted on the software and no potentially malicious activity was discovered. 

Don’t like Chrome browser? 

Don’t worry; with this booster, all of your websites will operate without a hitch. 

Use the tool on any popular browser, such as Opera Mini, Firefox, Brave, and others, without any restrictions. 

2. FxSound Enhancer 

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps

The best sound services, including the highest volume without distortion, are provided by the dynamic utility FxSound Enhancer. 

It specifically enhances your PC’s audio quality for listening to music in high resolution. 

The platform is made for all devices and provides the improved bass that can turn your house upside down! 

With the new parametric, you can have a complete range of control without any effort. 

Also, it offers a variety of mind-boggling effects that let you experience sound in an alluring way. 

Plus, FxSound Enhancer also offers the easiest preset and device-switching setup. 

This makes it simpler to listen to music of the best caliber without the requirement of expensive and noise-canceling headphones.

 Its features are available in more than two versions.

3. Volume Booster GOODEV 

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps

Volume Booster GOODEV is a cutting-edge program that provides the best audio services across a variety of devices and operating systems. 

Your speaker or headphones’ sound volume can be instantly increased.

By just dragging the meter towards 100%, you can quickly increase sound or volume. It offers the highest sound quality with the fewest risks. 

This platform offers a warning if you raise the volume above the allowed level. With complete access to the settings, Volume Booster GOODEV enables you to quickly alter them to suit your needs. 

Through this advanced application, you can easily change the volume of movies, apps, and music. 

Also, it directs you to turn down the music volume if the audio is garbled. 

Alongside that, the beneficial property of a non-uniform boost readily balances high and low-frequency boosts and enhances speech quality.

4. Music Equalizer 

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps

An intuitive and simple-to-use application, Music Equalizer, offers the best sound-related options, including a bass booster. 

It offers a volume booster so that you can adjust the loudness of your system to your liking. To create a soothing ambiance, more than seventeen vibrant themes are available. 

The platform offers preset equalization for a variety of genres, including jazz, rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, dance, and many more. 

Also, you can rapidly set or disable the equalizer for each band in accordance with your preferences. 

The exclusive music-playing process control offered by Music Equalizer can be used to manage sound conveniently. 

You can still obtain the optimum sound quality even after using several filters and making adjustments. 

For instance, you can quickly enable Music Equalizer in your notification bar or widget. 

Other popular features include a headphone bass booster, a five-band equalization, edge lighting, simulated surround sound effects, a visualizer, and so on.

5. MP3LouDer

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps

Another sound booster that works perfectly fine is- MP3LouDer. It provides superb service for raising the volume to the required level. 

Just filling out the necessary settings, such as the MP3 audio file, channel selection, etc., will allow you to instantly increase the volume of any sound. 

It offers the options to increase and decrease volume as two actions for volume adjustments. Although it offers suggested decibel levels, you can easily change the decibels to suit your preferences. 

In a matter of seconds and voila; you can download the latest and updated MP3 audio file. It supports several languages; so you can search for different songs in the languages of your choice. 

You may easily adjust the volume level or enhance the MP3 audio file. However, you cannot navigate away from the page while any MP3 file is being uploaded and encoded on the website.

6. Boom 3D 

best sound boosters and Equalizer apps

Boom 3D is a high-end audio enhancement program that is specially made to play your media content on any speakers and headphones with amazing effects from any player, streaming platform, and media. 

It is a program with rich features ideal for all types of users, including gamers and music fans. Every game interaction benefits from unparalleled clarity; thanks to its multi-channel 3D surround

It contains a number of modes, and each mode has its own settings that you may alter without any restrictions, just like eqMac and all the other similar software. 

To have a more individualized experience, there is also an option that enables you to create and store your own custom setting. A commercial software, Boom 3D offers a wide range of pricing options. 

Each plan has a unique price and set of features, such as a gaming mode, the ability to apply filters, detailed settings, an intuitive UI, and many other features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques 1: Is it OK to use a volume booster?

Ans. All Android volume booster apps are completely secure, but you must use them responsibly. 

Certain speakers and headphones may become damaged by a sudden loud volume increase. 

In light of this, you should always lower the volume if you hear distorted audio.

Ques 2: Is high volume bad for earphones?

Ans. This may result in permanent hearing loss over time. 

After just 15 minutes of listening to music played through headphones at maximum volume, your ears could be permanently damaged by the 95 to 105 decibels that you are exposed to.

Ques 3: Is using earphones at low volume harmful?

Ans. The ears are unlikely to sustain any major harm from sound levels under 70 dB. 

Knowing this is crucial because personal listening devices’ maximum volumes are higher than the levels that cause damage (in both adults and children).

Ques 4: What are the disadvantages of volume boosters?

Ans: A volume booster has a number of drawbacks, such as a high price, sensitivity to high-frequency interference, limited efficiency, high energy consumption, and heat loss.

Ques 5: How loud is 80db?

Ans. A loud noise is considered to be 80 dB or more. It’s comparable to the commotion on a crowded city street. 

So, if you are exposed to something like this for longer periods of time (more than 8 to 10 hours per day), it could damage your hearing.

The Bottom line

Whether you’re a dedicated fan of music or movies, an avid gamer, or just someone who enjoys audio boosting, there are numerous options, but only a few will satisfy your needs. 

Use these volume boosters now to increase the volume of any audio file!