Technology Can Increase Your Child’s Social Awareness

technology can increase child awareness
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Technology Can Increase Your Child’s Social Awareness

Do you think you are self-aware or influenced by any other second factor? Well, technology can help you increase your child’s social awareness.

Only 10-15% are self-aware, but the remaining are influenced and motivated by an external factor. Awareness from parental guidance, maybe the teacher’s enlightenment, and technology may have helped you. Self-awareness helps you in the following ways:

  • Recognition of your strength and challenges
  • Figuring out the needs to complete a certain task
  • Notices mistakes and make changes and edits
  • Easily can share and talk about feelings
  • Having a proper growth of mindset
  • Become resilient and learn from own mistakes

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Sometimes technology can be an enemy, but most of the time, it helps. Technology is helping to prevent social problems like child trafficking. So, technology does help to increase social awareness. Everything depends on how we perceive our actions. That can be constructive else our actions can become misconstrued. You should know the gap between the perception and reality of technology. Proper social awareness through social media can increase the ability to form a relationship and build trust. Following are some major points that technology can do for us: 

  • Use of technology to broaden our horizons
  • Use of technology for revolution in different sectors
  • The use of technology can instill the social values

Social awareness is nothing but the skill to read the situation and people accurately to understand emotions. 

Why Child Need Effective Social Awareness

Your child should have control of social and emotional development. Development of the core social skills allows your child to have social and emotional wellbeing. Such development is possible from a young age with the combination of education and programs.

In the future, your child may experience a situation where they can’t cope with the situation. Never forget to pass your social skills to your child. They should be prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at them. It is more important to put on skills of social awareness on the child, which you can increase through technology.

What Are The Benefits Of Effective Social Awareness?

Following are some benefits of effective social awareness: 

  • Social awareness allows your child to have strong friendship and relationship 
  • It helps to develop compassion and empathy to deal with your child
  • It provides your child a clear view Social of their strengths and weakness
  • Social awareness improves the social and emotional wellbeing of your child

How Technology Helps Increase  Your Child’s Social Awareness?

People think their children are badly influenced by technology. The proper use of technology from the appropriate age has tons of benefits. The positive aspects of technology on a child’s social and emotional development includes:

Technology boosts the child’s creativity and freedom of expression

technologyWhen we were children, there was nothing like the digital world of technology. The only platform to showcase our creativity was our paper and pen. We used to express or showcase our creativity in our conveyable form. 

But now, the situation has changed; our children have computers, tablets, and many other devices to turn their thoughts into reality. Instead of showing creativity with crayons and papers, they can design a prototype of 3D animation. Someday their prototype can bring a million-dollar business. Your child can use their skills to have a creative form of expression.

Helps your child in building strong relationships and socialization

When children develop language skills, they absorb information and ideas that equip them with skills. They can easily relate with other people and start collaboration. Problem-solving is also a key factor of social skills that can be carried out throughout life.

Around the world, students nowadays solve problems using technology in different schools. Sharing ideas and creating project work are encouraged to perform through technology.  

Children start networking and gain new tech allies from an early age only due to technology.

Growth in the power of independence and empowerment

Technology helps to put wheels in motion to bring the idea of kids to reality. Children independently carry out their process on their own. Without technology, it isn’t easy to go far with their popping ideas. The level of independence and empowerment technology provides to kids is incredibly powerful. That is beyond what words can convey.

Without any fear and pressure, if they focus on their creativity and ideas, they will be in a better position in the future. Parents need to push them for more achievements than pressurizing them. They would be more independent and empowered after doing their own thing. 

Develops the skill of problem solving and perseverance

Technology comes with the proper freedom to search, learn and execute. Which creates an environment to set your kid and achieve something in life independently. During the process, they may face different hurdles and challenges that must be cleared by themselves. So that they learn the way to deal with problems while reaching up to the goals.  

Whatever the hurdle is, they will be encouraged to come up with their solution.  

Learning language skills with proper hand-eye coordination

screen tiWhen kids have active screen time, it helps to develop language skills. When kids start reading ebooks or any content online, they develop the proper learning of new words and pronunciation. Not only books and online content, but online games also need specific instructions to follow for success. This develops an intuitive understanding of the workflow of any technological device.

Technology makes children visually follow an object on the screen. After actively engaging in the activity that the technology provides them. Which encourages better hand-eye coordination of children.

In-demand job prep for secure future

When your kid starts exposed to technology, they will be well prepared to jump into tech jobs in the future. Technology is an evolving process which means tech jobs were there and will be more in the future. The kid who started learning from now will be equipped to fill the best position tomorrow.

More information for social awareness

Adequate and proper access to technology allows children to know cultures and their practices also. Not only national, but they can have exposure to the culture of the whole world through videos. They can watch videos showing the festivals and events held in other countries.

Technology broadens kids’ horizons like never before. It offers exposure to kids about different festivals, religious and political views, which is not possible in a family setting. This helps in accessing more opportunities for your kid not locally but around the world. 

Along with these benefits, technology comes with some risk factors also. But it’s not good to stop using technology or using it under pressure.

Following are some key points to follow while allowing your kid to use technology and limit the risk of technology: 

  • Before your kids encounter some new technology trends, parents should be informed and involved in current digital trends. 
  • Parents should be well-known and be aware of the purpose their child is using technology for. 
  • When your kids want to have screen time, It’s better to encourage your child to games or shows that are educational. 
  • Create an open environment to discuss any concerns and share issues they are facing. 
  • Set the time limit to plug and unplug for healthy screen time. You should apply this to every member of the family as per the need. 
  • Not only through technology, but parents should encourage their children to build a relationship with others face-to-face. 
  • Every kid learns from their seniors in the family. So set you as a role model for your kids.

Final Words

Excessive use of technology can harm social skills.

However, with the increasing connection of technology with day-to-day life, the involvement of children with technology will be beneficial. Technology does help to increase your teen’s social awareness. So, let them find their problem and solve it through technology.

To ensure the development of a sense of empathy, compassion, and understanding, monitor the use of technology of your child. It’s better to find the program and games to develop their social skills.

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