How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone Location without Installing App?

How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone Location without Installing App
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How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone Location without Installing App?

The process of finding where exactly a particular mobile device is located refers to tracking phone location. We track our children’s cell phone location to parent them digitally or keep them safe from inappropriate situations. Also, we want to know where the children have been through by reviewing location history to keep an eye on them even if we are not together with the kids. We don’t want our kids to be victims in dangerous situations like kidnapping, trafficking, etc. Do you want to know how to track your child’s cell phone location without installing any app?

There are various tools & techniques to track our children’s cell phone location. We can use different spying apps to track locations like MobileSpy, JJSpy, and so on. We can easily get the exact location of our kids, even logs of everywhere they have been through by using those spying apps. But without installing any app on our children’s devices, can we track their phone location? Yes, that is possible; we can even track the cell phone location of our kids without installing any app on targeted devices. But we need apps or software in our device first, to track the location of targeted cell phones. 

Why Track Child’s Cell Phone Location?

track your child's cell phone location

Simply, the only motive to track children’s cell phone location is to keep them safe from possibly dangerous situations or to know their whereabouts.

Some important reasons to tracking children cell phone location are:

Emergency moves:

There are many cases where kids have to face dangerous situations like kidnapping, trafficking, rape, etc. In such conditions, we can reach our children as quickly as possible to track our children’s cell phone location. We could save our kids from such a dangerous situation, even in an emergency, by tracking their current location.


If you track your children’s cell phone location, you get to know where they have been throughout the whole day, their current location, or their location history. You stop taking more stress after getting to know where your kids are in real-times. So, it’s a benefit for both parents and children. You don’t need to call them every time to ask where they are and take more stress. Now, without texting or calling, you can find their location by tracking.

Keep in touch:

We can keep our eye on kids even if they are not with us by tracking their real-time location. We can keep in touch with them digitally. Furthermore, we can track their location in crowded locations because there is a chance of a child being kidnapped from a crowded place. We can easily let them play free without taking stress when we are tracking them. Sometimes in hiking, picnic or trekking, we have to track a kid device to keep in touch ton reach them quickly if anything happens.

To know if kids go to restricted areas or not:

There might be places where the crime scene frequently occurs, like smuggling, gambling, robbery, etc. If they go to those areas intentionally or unintentionally, you can trace them or immediately take action on them. Action: You can tell them not to go and the scenario why they should not go. You can restrict the boundaries. Sometimes kids might go to the park, hall, club, etc during school time for a hangout. You can trace those things and take control over such situations as well.

Methods to track child’s cell phone without installing the app

Various methods can track a child’s cell phone location without installing any app on their devices. Some of the methods are:

Google Web Search:

track the location

Google recently added some ADM features in the web browser which means you can trace the current location of the kid’s cell phone. You can find the location of a kid’s cell phone from a simple web search “Find My Phone”.


  • Must sign in with the same Google account on both devices: your device & kid’s cell phone.
  • Your device & kid’s cell phones must connect with internet services at the same time while tracking.
  •  Do web search “Find My Phone”.

You must fulfill those requirements to trace the kid’s cell phone’s current location by one single search in Google. This Google solution works perfectly if you fulfill all those requirements. Those requirements are like limitations as well; you need to do that. You don’t need to install apps on your device as well as on targeted devices.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is one of the best options for tracking a kid’s cell phone location without installing any third-party app. It is already installed in every cell phone nowadays, as a default. You need to sign in with a Google account.


  • Must need to allow ‘Location Sharing’ features from kids’ cell phones to share the location. 
  • Must select your contact from kids’ cell phones to give Google Maps access.
  • Send a link to share locations from kids’ cell phones to your device using any texting apps.
  • Use the link to trace location whenever you want using Google Maps.
  • Kids’ cell phones must need to have active GPS & internet connection service.

Those requirements are also the steps of tracking cell phone numbers using Google Maps. So, every requirement needs to be performed well if you want to trace the current location of your kids and where they have been through.


In conclusion, tracking children’s cell phone location is important to keep children safe from dangerous situations. We don’t want them to engage in any inappropriate situation. You must keep an eye on your kids’ digitally while you are engaged with your work. You can make your kids’ feel safe as well as you can worry less about them if you trace them.

There are various apps that you can install on targeted devices to trace the location. But without installing any app, you can track children’s cell phone location mentioned above. But they also have some procedures that you must strictly follow; otherwise, they don’t work as you wish.

Without installing any app, you don’t need to install any app on a targeted device. But to trace a device, you can use software or a spying app if you wish.

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