How To Open Discord On Second Monitor?

Open Discord On Second Monitor
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How To Open Discord On Second Monitor?

Nowadays, people use multiple monitors for various reasons. Some people want one screen for work and one for personal use. It is the process of Screen sharing. Most people open Discord on the second monitor as well while streaming, and for other purposes.

Gamers use a second monitor for reading texts and chats, one monitor and another for playing games known as gaming monitors. Moreover, these days even kids are using discord for mostly gaming purposes. But is it safe for kids to use discord?

The possibility of cataloging paperwork on one screen simultaneously as hyperlinking web pages on another or gaming on one device while chatting on Discord on another is a true thrill. Whatever the reason, having more than one monitor opens up a new universe of opportunities. 

You can always take advantage of your second monitor for using Discord. The primary monitor or gaming monitor is where you can do most of your work, generally in a full-screen window or a small four-panel window. In this article, you’ll study ways you may use Discord on your second monitor.

Initially, you need to assemble a dual-display configuration by following the steps noted below to know how to open Discord on the second monitor?

Three ways to open Discord on the Second Monitor

You can use these three ways to open and use Discord on a second monitor.

1. Build A Dual Display Setup

Activate Extend Mode

This feature creates a massive virtual workstead via spreading the computer across all accessible displays.

  1. Select extend Mode by pressing Win+P.
  2. Drag rectangles to confirm proper guidance of specific monitors (left or right) on your computer using the hit and trial method.
  3. Utilize identify to determine that’s “1” or “2.”

Assign a Primary Screen

  • Additionally, the chosen screen’s checkbox “Use this as the primary display.” The other screen automatically becomes secondary.
  • Scale the monitor with the higher resolution to a higher level to get the same window size on both screens. Screen sharing is done to the primary monitor and secondary monitor.

2. Open Discord on the second monitor

Drag and Drop

  • To bring the Discord window into focus, click on the top bar.
  • Drag and click on it to the preferred screen.
  • To watch the Miniature Preview, click over the current Discord icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • To restore the preview, right-click on it and select restore.
  • Move the repaired window panel by right-clicking on it.
  • Drag the window to the ideal area on the desired screen using the arrow keys.

The Easiest Keyboard Shortcut

To immediately jump over the secondary monitor display in the direction indicated, press the Win+Shift+arrow keys. It will force Discord to open multiple displays.

Saving Choose- Out of borderless windowed Mode.

  • Fullscreen is the primary issue usually, requiring the window to open completely at the primary monitor and subjecting the user to the constant uphill task of repositioning the window after every boot.
  • As a result, launch Discord in borderless windowed mode.
  • The smaller it goes, the better it happens.
  •  Reduce the window size to one-half.
  •  And remember not to maximize it again in case you don’t want to ruin the plot.


Press Win+Shift+Enter to save the present location and size of the window for the next time you activate it.

Put an End

Put an end to every running thing of Discord window by

  • Quitting the Discord icon from the taskbar system tray next to the sound icon.
  • We are terminating all processes of Discord directly from the Details panel of the TaskManager details window.

3. A Short Way Out

Setting up a parameter

Using – the adapter to parameter would help to open Discord permanently on the Secondary monitor.

Using config file 

Locate the settings.json file in the directory


 For 720p monitor display mode


“IS MAXIMIZED”: false,

“IS MINIMIZED”: false,


“x”: 320.

“y”: 160,

“width”: 1280,

“height”: 720



For 1080p monitor display mode


“IS MAXIMIZED”: false,

“IS MINIMIZED”: false,


“x”: 384.

“y”: 196,

“width”: 1280,

“height”: 720


Set Values accordingly and save the file. As a result, it will maintain the window’s size and position on the desired monitor display.


In brief, this article on how to open Discord on the second monitor will ease the process of running Discord on a secondary monitor and using multiple displays. Having various monitors helps you to read the chats without minimizing the game.