How Can Parents Manage Their Child’s Internet Time?

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How Can Parents Manage Their Child’s Internet Time?

Raising your kid in a healthy atmosphere can make and break their future. It applies to their physical well-being, mental health, as well as emotional intelligence too. In the current era of growing technology and the internet, your kid might get tempted by spending all their time on the mobile phone or in front of the computer screen. While there is nothing wrong with using the internet to gain knowledge, there are some cons too. 

For instance, kids usually avoid any outdoor activity and spend most of their time surfing the internet. Long sitting hours may affect their posture from a very young age. Moreover, the dependence on the internet to find the solution to every query kills a child’s natural ability to understand things and makes them less creative. 

As a parent, it is vital to ensure that your kid doesn’t spend so much time on the Internet. We have listed down some easy ways to manage your child’s internet time. 

Model a Healthy Use of the Internet 

As a parent, you are a role model for your child, and they look up to everything you do. Thus, before you spend a lot of time on the internet binge-watching your favorite shows or merely playing anything in the background while working, remember that you are setting an example for your kid to do the same. 

Instead of keeping the television on in the background or scrolling through the phone all the time, ensure to spend more time on other activities that don’t involve the use of the internet. In this way, your child will learn from you. 

Create Technology-Free Zones 

It is very important to create technology-free zones in your house. Start by establishing the zones where you do not allow electronics in your home. By electronics, we mean all the devices that use the internet, including laptops, computers, mobile phones, and even video games. 

One of the most common tech-free zones of the house could be your dining room. Reserve this time for having meals and carrying out family conversations. By creating a tech-free zone in your house, you are also creating a set-aside time for your whole family to unplug from their devices. It is not only important for children, but adults as well. After all, everyone needs a digital detox at equal intervals. 

Keep your Child’s Bedroom Internet-Free 

You might be unable to monitor your child’s internet usage if they use devices out of your sight. One of the best ways to fight this challenge is to unplug the internet at night. Ensure the router of the internet is not positioned in your child’s room. If you have a Starlink connection in your home, unplug the Starlink Ethernet adapter before going to bed. 

Besides this, keep your child’s bedroom screen-free. Make a rule that TVs, video game systems, and computers are not allowed in their bedroom.

Use Parental Controls 

As good as using the internet is, it also comes with many drawbacks. When you let your kids use the internet from a young age, the odds of them engaging in watching explicit content are high. Many children do it out of curiosity. As a parent, it is essential to keep a check on how your little one is using the internet. 

Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to protect your kids from accessing explicit content on the internet and television. Many routers, web browsers, and television devices come with parental control. You can utilize this feature and set up filters or block the unwanted content. As a result, your child will never get to explore the unwanted. 

Ask for your Child’s Passwords 

There is nothing wrong with asking for your child’s passwords, especially when they are in a growing age. Kids don’t always have the maturity necessary to handle online interaction. They may be vulnerable to cyberbullying. 

As their parents, it is essential to have an open discussion. When they share the password with you, you will be able to monitor all their social media activities and figure out the best way to protect them while still allowing them some autonomy and privacy. However, never get too overboard with their social media activities when they share the password. 

Encourage Other Activities 

With a wealth of apps, games, and other content the internet has to offer, it is easy for any kid to become reliant on the internet and electronics for entertainment. But as a parent, you must encourage them to go out and involve themselves in activities that don’t need screen time. 

Encourage your little one to indulge in fun activities such as playing outside with their friends, riding a bicycle, reading a book, or even playing a board game. It can help establish a schedule everyone in your home follows. Making it clear to your kids when they are allowed on screens and when they are not will help to clarify your expectations. It will also help prevent arguments. 

Explain the Necessity for Limiting Internet Access and Screen Time 

It is always good to be more expressive about why you are prohibiting your little one from accessing too much of the internet. If your kids understand you are restricting your family’s screen time because too much time is spent surfing the internet and it has downsides, they will follow the rules more positively. If your kids think you are just being mean by limiting their internet usage, they are more likely to break the rules. 

Based on what is appropriate for their age, try to explain to your little one why some websites, apps, and channels on the internet may be harmful to their emotional and mental health. If your kids use the internet too much, ensure you have a conversation with them about its perils.


While the kids utilize the internet and indulge in devices like laptops and mobile apart from academic use, you might decide that screen time is not their right but rather a privilege. Always tell your child that there’s life besides the internet.