Best Customer Retention Strategies That Increase Growth For Mobile Apps

Best customer retention strategies
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Best Customer Retention Strategies That Increase Growth For Mobile Apps

Are you having trouble figuring out the best customer retention strategies and best ways to keep people bringing back to your mobile application? Let us make an educated guess as to what happened. You and your colleagues have worked extremely hard to create a fantastic product. 

Perhaps you’ve also advertised it on the best social media platforms, resulting in hundreds of users. However, after some time, many users quit using your fantastic program. Are we correct? Hence, for successful mobile app retention, you should concentrate on successful consumer engagement and retention tactics.

As you may have seen, there is a lot of rivalry in the smartphone software market. According to data, only 40% of users utilize a smartphone software they downloaded a month ago. Unfortunately, as time passes, the situation worsens. Indeed, only 10% of users continue to use an app after six months, and only 4% do so after a year.

This is precisely what you’re trying to prevent. Working together, we’ll strive to figure out how to encourage customers to remain using your app and improve customer retention for mobile apps. 

What Is Mobile App Retention Rate?

Best Customer Retention Strategies

The Mobile app retention rate, as the name implies, is the percentage of users who continue to use your app after downloading it for a set period. In the case of smartphone software, the number of users who open your program within the first two days following installation is crucial to its success.

The longer the customers stay with you, the more likely you will make more money. Furthermore, a high retention rate for smartphone apps indicates that users have a good time with the app, and a poor retention rate may suggest that your app has a problem. 

If you find an unusually high number of customers abandoning your app on Day 1, you may have onboarding issues. The rate of user retention is crucial to the success of your app, and it’s even more critical than gaining new users. A huge number of users aren’t going to help you if you can’t keep them over time? If you can’t make any money.

What Is a Good Retention Rate For Mobile Apps?

According to an adjusted study, day one retention on a smartphone was 26%, and this dropped to 11% -13% on smartphones on the seventh day. The smartphone had a retention rate of 6% by the 30th, what’s the takeaway? 

You have excellent retention rates if your app retains more than a third of its users on the first day. On the other hand, the average retention rate is obtained by testing over time and is dependent on the app category.

Which Category Of App Has The Highest Retention Rate?

Because of user behavior and the intrinsic structure of the apps in question, the retention rate among the categories of apps might vary dramatically. A high-quality utility app, such as a weather app, will have a high retention rate because users check the weather daily.

On the other hand, certain travel applications will have low 30-day retention since users may download an airline’s official app to obtain a ticket or a boarding pass. They then uninstall the program after they’ve used it.

Top 5 Customer Retention Strategies To Increase Growth For Mobile Apps?

An app’s extended life correlates with its high retention rate, so we are adamant about customer retention. Many people trust your app and business if your app’s customer retention rate is high. And that’s exactly what propels your company forward.

Indeed devoted customers have faith in your brand and are more likely to purchase your products regularly. They may also promote and recommend your software to their friends, perhaps bringing in new users. Hence for all of this to happen, you’ll need to increase the growth of the user retention rate in your mobile app.

Let’s look at some of the methods and techniques which will assist you to increase the growth of customer retention rate in mobile apps.

Effective Onboarding:

Effective onboarding for best customer retention

Keep the onboarding process short but effective to introduce new customers to your mobile software without inordinate them. If you walk customers through sophisticated aspects of your app too soon, you risk confusing them, leading to churn and dropout.

Take customers through the major aspects of your software that will benefit them right away. Once users are familiar with your software, utilize images and easy-to-follow instructions to explain the more sophisticated inner workings.

Personalizing the onboarding process based on customer liking is another technique to improve onboarding effectiveness. This is extremely dependent on the software type that the company uses, but it can be applied to various situations.

Push Notifications:

Don’t annoy your users, but don’t be afraid to tell them why they should return to you. Push notifications are one of the trending ways to improve app engagement. Push messages have a bad rep for being annoying, and it’s true that erroneously timed or unnecessary push alerts can be.

However, once the push notifications and timing are perfected, they can be an effective way to remind customers to open and interact with your app. Make push notifications personalized to users’ requirements, activities, and interests to make them more relevant and clickable.

eCommerce apps, for example, Shopify, might send push notifications to users when an item they’ve viewed or added to their cart becomes available.

Use Content To Engage Customers:

Creating fresh, appealing content is a low-cost way to keep your users engaged. Your content successfully attracts users’ attention, builds brand loyalty, and brings them back to your mobile app, whether instructive, tackles customer pain areas, or is a source of light amusement. 

Another strategy to drive continual engagement and improved retention rates is providing content that consumers can quickly reply to, such as interactive social media stories, competitions, etc.

Personalize User Experiences:Personalized User Experience

Another strategy to boost mobile app retention is to personalize the app experience for each user. You can benefit from personalizing the user’s experience by standing out from the competition and keeping users engaged with your app.

It also aids in the development of user loyalty for your mobile app. The more information you have about your customers, the easier it will be to tailor their experiences. Both static and dynamic characteristics can be used to generate tailored experiences.

Only take note of the data that your user will permit you to monitor for customizing purposes. After all, you don’t want to be accused of being overly intrusive by utilizing information that is considered too personal.

Emails to customers who have abandoned their carts and personalized advice are other simple ways to personalize experiences. Similarly, the google play store recommends mobile apps comparable to those the user has already downloaded.

Continually Develop And Optimize:

To keep your customers interested in your mobile app, you need to add fresh features and tailored content. Like it is one of the vital reasons why it appears that most popular mobile apps are updated every few days.

However, don’t change without considering what your users desire. Always keep an eye on user behavior and solicit feedback. This helps you to figure out what changes will entice them to stay.

Another option is to keep an eye on your competition to see what they’re offering and then replicate it, or better yet, improve it.

Wrapping Up

This article shows how important customer retention is to mobile app growth. We’ve looked at some of the customer retention strategies to do so. It would help if you started tracking data right away to improve your mobile app’s onboarding flow and personalize user experiences.

The rest is now up to you. Indeed, developing amazing mobile software isn’t easy. Still, there’s no reason why your mobile app can’t be the next big thing. All you need is to design and contrivance these retention methods and pair them with efficient customer retention strategies.


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