3 Ways to Convert Picture to PDF

Ways to Convert Picture to PDF
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3 Ways to Convert Picture to PDF

In this digital age, visual content is the king. Whenever you save a photo on your computer it is saved as JPEG/JPG format. It is the commonly known image format. But you may need to convert it into PDF format to make it easily accessible and shareable. Whether you want to form a digital album, save multiple images in one place, or want to keep the images saved from third-party access, the conversion from picture to PDF serves as a game changer.

In this article, we will look at three easy and efficient ways to convert image to PDF: 

Why Convert a Picture to a PDF?

PDF is the most commonly used file format all over the World because it can be easily shared and can be viewed on approximately all smart devices without any compatibility issues. Therefore, conversion from photo to PDF is very helpful when you have to share the images without distorting the quality. Additionally, the PDF format also allows you to put a lock on the document so that you can keep the images and important data saved from third-party access. 

How to Convert JPG to PDF? 

Using Windows Built-in Function (Microsoft Print To PDF): 

If you are working with Windows and running out of storage space, Don’t worry! You don’t need to install any additional application or software on your system to perform the conversion. Windows provides you with a built-in program that lets you create printable PDF documents from images. No need to have an active internet connection to use this facility. 


  • Open Photos App: Press the “Windows” Button, and the Start menu will pop up, search for the “Photos app” and open the images in it, or click on the image and open it with the Photos app 
  • Choose the Images: If you need to add multiple images in one single PDF document, then click on the “select” option at the upper right corner of the app, make click on each photo that you want to add to the PDF file. If your images are not there, click on the “More” tab and choose the folder where your images are. Now you can add the folder in the Photos app so that the next time you can easily access the images 
  • Click on Printer Icon: Now click on the “Printer” icon or press “Ctrl + P” to open the print dialogue 
  • Microsoft Print to PDF: Choose the “Microsft Print To PDF” option from the Printer drop-down menu 
  • Settings: Do the necessary settings and click on the print button, a new save as dialogue box will appear on the screen 
  • Save AS PDF: Write a new name for the converted PDF file, set the destination where you want to save the PDF and click on the “Save” button, all your PDF files will be saved on the set destination.

Using Preview App on MAC: 

Mac provides you with a built-in preview app that lets you view your images. It also lets you convert the photo to PDF without requiring you to download or install any additional app or software. 


  • Open Image in Preview App: Double-click on the image to open the image you need to convert into pdf format in the preview app If it opens in any other app, then right-click on the image, select open with and choose preview Need to add multiple images in one single PDF, go to the view menu at the top, choose thumbnails, and drag the images that you need to include in the PDF To rearrange the images, simply drag the thumbnail in the desired positions 
  • Click Export on the menu: Go to the file menu and choose the export option, if you are working with the new version of macOS, then you can click on the “Export PDF” option and go to the next step 
  • Select PDF from the Format Menu: choose “PDF” as the output format for your file. At this step, you can also add a password, or a Quartz filter (such as a sepia tone) to your PDF file Click Save: Set the name for the document and click on the “Save” button and that’s all 

Using (Online JPG to PDF Converter): 

The most convenient and simplest way to perform the conversion from image to Portable Document format is through an image to PDF converter. This online converter is easily accessible on approximately all smart devices and operating systems. It has made the conversion process a breeze. By making a couple of clicks you can combine image to PDF seamlessly. With the help of the OCR technology, it also lets you extract the text from the JPFG images in seconds. 


  • Access the Converter: Open your browser and access the converter 
  • Upload the Images: Choose files or drag/drop in the toolbox 
  • Adjust the Settings: This converter provides you with the following three options: Merge all the uploaded images into a single PDF file Convert each image as a separate PDF document Convert with OCR You can choose one or two options from them 
  • Initiate the Conversion process: Once all the images are uploaded and you have done the settings, click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion 
  • Download PDF: When your files are converted, click on the “Download all” button to export them at once 


Converging the images into PDF is no longer a daunting task. Above we have mentioned three of the most authentic and reliable ways to perform the conversion. However, using a Photo to PDF converter is a considerably faster and more precise way of conversion. But you must choose the method that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of a neatly organized and easily shareable PDF document.