Anonymity and Precision: Using Proxies for Social Media Monitoring

Using Proxies for Social Media Monitoring
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Anonymity and Precision: Using Proxies for Social Media Monitoring

If you manage multiple social media accounts and are concerned about monitoring them, consider using proxies. Marketing and ads are becoming a priority for many organizations using social media and with millions of new users each day, social media content needs to be at the top of its game. 

Recently, Statista claimed that the average amount of time spent on social media has increased to 151 minutes per day. In short, it’s averaging nearly three hours per day. The number is growing awkwardly, meaning that quality content must always be held. Let’s face it, you want to have enough freedom when you’re online, so proxies are here to help. 

Therefore, proxies are becoming highly important and in this article, we’ll dive deeper into learning more about proxies when having multiple social media channels. 

How social media proxies work 

How social media proxies work

A social media proxy is a server between you and your social media channels. Social media proxies are used for different cases of social media purposes. This might include creating multiple accounts, managing, or scraping. In general, Proxy IPs are standard for individuals and businesses. 

The different types of proxies you can use for social media monitoring  

As you continue to scroll through social media, it’s important to understand the difference between the types of available proxies that increase your social media presence. Proxies shield your devices and allow you to access social media channels without revealing your IP Address. 

Current statistics show that the total number of social media users is 4.8 billion, so exposing your IP address won’t be a good idea. 

In the world of social media, there are two types of proxies you can use: 

  • Dedicated proxies: These are only used by one user. In this case, they provide you with complete security and privacy. 
  • Shared proxies: Used by multiple users at the same time. They might be more affordable, but have higher levels of risk when it comes to being detected. 

You have both paid and free proxies available for use. Free proxies slow down internet speeds, while paid ones offer higher security and performance. They might be more expensive but are still worth the extra bucks. 

5 Reasons you should use proxies for social media monitoring 

Social media proxies are increasing in popularity and making social media monitoring easier. We will show you the top reasons why you should use proxies for social media monitoring. 

  • Allows you to manage multiple accounts from one place 

Allows you to manage multiple accounts from one place

If you have trouble accessing social media sites and accounts at once, consider using social media proxies. After all, many marketers run into the same issue when managing many social media accounts. 

Mobile proxies give you an advantage because they allow you to connect multiple devices to one IP address, enabling you to connect many accounts from one place. This is a much more practical choice if your social media accounts are spread through several areas and easier for you to monitor. 

Mobile proxies 

Mobile proxies help businesses protect social media privacy, implement anonymity, and improve online security. They use an IPv6 and IPv4 address from smartphones, tablets to route traffic. 

Using a proxy for mobile is always a good idea because you can use them for several purposes. You can conduct market research by collecting high-quality data from numerous locations. Also, you can use 3G and 4G proxies for your social media channels. 

  • Allows you to make geo-targeted ads 

All businesses want to taste the food of marketing their goods and services in specific nations and areas. Thanks to mobile proxies, ads can be designed to target a particular location, which provides users with much more effective results. 

Regardless of your business size, this makes it more possible for you to create a geo-targeted marketing strategy that is more efficient and economically better. 

  • Increased accuracy in monitoring social media activities 

Monitoring your social media activities is essential if you want to closely pay attention to what’s happening in your brand and different areas worldwide. Mobile proxies allow you to continuously monitor activities from other locations worldwide and grant you a better understanding of how people are responding to your content. 

This helps you see how others perceive your brand and allows you to react to any inaccurate or negative comments instantly. 

  • Improve SEO rankings 

Improve SEO rankings

You’d actually be surprised, but proxies do relate to search engines. When connecting several social media accounts via mobile proxies, your site’s SEO ranking will increase because you are targeting many users from different countries worldwide. 

This will allow your social media channels to grow quicker and have extra exposure and visibility. 

  • Takes care of repetitive tasks 

Social media monitoring is time-consuming, especially if you frequently post about it. It’s pretty impossible to focus on managing your social media channels and even upcoming trends at all times. There’s much more to just posting on social media, but also to be aware of the quality of the content and trends. 

Mobile proxies allow you to automate many of your daily social media tasks, such as commenting and liking posts, but also following other users. This saves you time and even energy you need for different tasks. 

How to select proxies for your social media channels

How to select proxies for your social media channels

Sometimes, this might be a complex topic to discuss because business managers who want to succeed in social media monitoring must carefully choose their proxy server solutions. One that will bring them closer to achieving the company’s goals. 

Here are a few clarifications we are going to make to help you choose which proxies you should use for your social media monitoring strategy: 

  • Private or public proxy? Companies that want to benefit from social media must choose a private or public proxy. Public proxies are shared by more than one individual, which can be up to 100 users. On the other hand, private proxies are more secure and reliable. It’s not only for social media purposes but also safer when you extract data. 
  • Special or state residential proxies? These proxies come from actual users who have them in their own networks at home. Residential proxies are great because they can resist all geo-based restrictions and web Barriers. However, state residential proxies have their own advantages too. They come at a cheaper price, but their stability and endurance aren’t the same as the special residential proxies. 

Choose your proxies carefully because they will impact your social media monitoring long-term. 

The way you can use proxies for your social media monitoring strategy 

In order to make your proxies work at their maximum capacity, you need to follow a few steps that we will mention below. 

  • Connect one social media account to one proxy 

You can’t create multiple accounts on social media by using the same IP address. If you want to use numerous social media accounts, you must use a unique residential IP address. In many cases, the proxy company will help you with this and deliver the necessary IP address you need. 

  • Monitor your proxies 

Always keep track of your proxies and use the same IP address when connecting to your social media accounts. If you refuse to pay attention, remember that each social media channel has a defense mechanism that can quickly close your account down. 

Avoid sharing proxies with other individuals since you can’t trust anyone and will get your IP address blocked or restricted. 

  • Avoid using business-related proxies for personal purposes

This is where many people need clarification. The idea is to separate your personal browsing experience from your professional work. Use different proxies when you need to gather online data for private reasons. 

  • Match your target audience 

Always make sure your IP address matches with your target. For example, if you want to address customers located in Mexico, you’ll be better off going online with a residential IP address from Mexico. 

Even though proxy servers are excellent at giving you more opportunities, following specific rules to maximize your results never hurts.  

Benefits of using proxies for your social media monitoring 

Everything has some benefit behind it and in this case, using proxies for your social media monitoring will bring you the following benefits: 

  • Proxies hide genuine IP addresses, masking online presences so you can enjoy a much larger degree of freedom. 
  • Proxies open the doors for sites that are restricted to geo-locations, allowing you to get the required information. 
  • Proxies allow you to create multiple social media channels.
  • Proxies can help you run multiple marketing campaigns. 
  • Proxies can grant you a local IP address for better targeting your audience. 

Many limitations you face are solved when you use proxies, so use this to your advantage. 

Why proxies are essential in the social media monitoring 

Proxies are important because they help you enjoy your online presence as much as you can and let’s not forget about the large amount of freedom you get as well. No more geographical location restrictions, you are now free to get the information you need. 

Also, the fact that you can create multiple social media channels with the same IP address is great too.