How to Dominate in Fortnite: Top 8 Strategies


How to Dominate in Fortnite: Top 8 Strategies

Fortnite is a game that needs no introduction. It’s fast-paced action, cartoonish aesthetics and strategic battle-royale gameplay have been a hit ever since the game released back in 2017. However, even if you’ve been around since the very beginning, you may never have achieved an iconic Victory Royale. Don’t worry, this is nothing to be embarrassed about, due to the game’s nail-biting difficulty many players never quite achieve victory in this title. But that’s about to change.

We’re about to dive into a list of tried and tested strategies to help improve your Fortnite gameplay, propelling you towards your first Victory Royale! So let’s get started on How to Dominate in Fortnite.

1. Hot Drops vs. Safe Landings

The first choice you’ll make in any Fortnite game is where to land. While this may sound simple, it’s actually where many players make rookie errors. Let’s break it down.

When you drop, you have two key options—do you want a hot drop, or a safe landing?

A hot drop will see you land right into a highly populated area filled with amazing loot, alongside a high density of competitive players all shooting out for that loot. Speaking of good loot, if you want to pimp-out your Fortnite character you can buy Fortnite items!

On the other hand, a safe landing is where you land outside of these popular zones, picking up less loot but also skirting around those chaotic early-game firefights which kill off a large proportion of players.

To be clear, both are good options that can result in a victory royale—but you just need to know which is better suited for you. If you’re a player who doesn’t work well up against multiple opponents, it’s better to avoid the hot drops. Alternatively, if you’re a player who works better in close combat, those hot drops can be a great way to get an advantage.

2. Master Resource Management

Building is a key part of Fortnite’s identity, and also a key strategy to help win. In order to gain access to the building mechanics, you have to obtain enough materials. This means that you’ll want to make it a core part of your gameplay routine to gather, monitor and manage your materials to ensure that you always have enough resources for when you need them!

3. Build to Win

With enough materials in your inventory, now it’s essential that you know how to use them. Building is an aspect of Fortnite which take practice—a lot of it. Building a structure quickly is the difference between gaining an advantage and dying a pathetic death. In such a way, you need to master the mechanic in order to select, build and navigate the menus at lightning speed.

4. Third-Party Strategy

If you find combat in Fortnite a challenge, a good strategy to start using is the third-party strategy. To use this strategy you simply want to find two other parties who are already fighting, and wait for a good moment to jump in as a third-party. If done right, you’ll find yourself facing off against one or two severely weakened opponents—giving you a clear advantage.

5. Map Awareness and Storm Positioning

In a game of Fortnite you’re not only playing against other players, but also against the storm. Be sure to fully understand how the storm moves, where the safe zones is and then plan your movements accordingly. This may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised how many players get caught out by the storm!

6. High Ground Advantage

As with any FPS, high ground gives you a marked advantage over your opponents. Be sure to keep this in mind when engaging enemies and moving around the world. Not only that, but pair this with your building skills in order to make yourself high ground whenever you need it!

7. Choose Varied Weapons

Looting powerful weapons is a key part of the game; so you may always be tempted to go for the highest damage. But wait. Remember that you’ll be facing enemies in various different scenarios and locations. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your loadout varied—generally speaking have at least one close and one mid-long range weapon at all times!

8. Stealth and Strategic Movement

More often than not, the best way to stay alive is to remain hidden. Because of this, you’ll want to consider movements carefully as not to draw visual or auditory attention to your location. Because of this, you’ll want to use crouching and natural cover to your advantage to navigate the world discretely. That said, there are times when you will want to sprint through wide open spaces—so while you need to make sure that you use stealth, you also need to use it appropriately!

Mastering Fortnite’s gameplay is no easy feat. It involves a combination of careful strategy, efficient use of mechanics and, I hate to say it, good aim. That said, paying attention to these 8 strategies will help you on your way to a Victory Royale. It might not happen immediately, but if you try to master these 8 techniques, that victory will come—I believe in you!