Top 10 Converters for Converting Image Textual Data into Excel Spreadsheet

Top 10 Converters for Converting Image Textual Data into Excel Spreadsheet
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Top 10 Converters for Converting Image Textual Data into Excel Spreadsheet

Extracting textual data from images and storing it in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets has become a valuable asset due to several concerns. This is an efficient process that not only enhances the accessibility and manageability of data but even opens up the possibilities for advanced data analysis. In this informative context, you encounter top converters that help in converting image-based textual information into the compatible MS Excel format. The upside is that these tools entirely leverage OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, simply bridging the gap between the visual content and accurately structured data.

1. ABBYY FineReader:

This source stands out as a powerhouse in OCR technology, making it the top choice to extract textual data and store it into actionable MS Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, this program offers an easy-to-navigate interface and is known for highly accurate results in text recognition. Here’s how this program helps to turn images into Excel files.

Import Image:

  • Open ABBYY FineReader and start importing your image that contains contextual data

Choose Excel as Output:

  • Choose MS Excel as the desired output format for the OCR-based image to excel conversions

Review and Edit:

  • Review the newly grabbed text within the tool and edit as required

Export to Excel:

  • At last, export the recognized text into an actionable MS Excel spreadsheet

2. OnlineOCR:

It is a user-friendly online conversion tool that takes into account changing image textual data into various formats including Excel. Follow these steps to transform with this OCR-based tool:

Visit OnlineOCR Website:

  • Visit the OnlineOCR official site from your browser

Upload Image:

  • Just upload (import) the image file that contains the textual information (data)

Select Output Format:

  • Select Excel spreadsheet format as the output file type

Initiate Conversion:

  • Click on the given “Convert” button to commence the JPG to Excel conversion process

Download Excel File:

  • Once the conversion is complete, download the extracted text containing Excel file

3. Google Drive (Google Sheets):

Google Drive is an open-source way for converting image textual data into an editable MS Excel format with the assistance of Google Sheets. Here’s what you have to do:

Upload Image to Google Drive:

Upload or directly import the image file to your Google Drive

Open with Google Sheets:

  • Just make a right-click on the imported image, choose “Open With”, and move on by choosing the Google Sheets

Review and Edit:

  • Review the newly converted text in Google Sheets and edit as required

Export as Excel:

  • Export (Save) the Google Sheets document as a Microsoft Excel file

4. Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat is known as a comprehensive PDF tool that comes with OCR capabilities for image text conversions. Here’s how to proceed with this source:

Open Image in Adobe Acrobat:

  • Open the image in Adobe Acrobat program

Perform OCR:

  • Now, simply move to the given “Tools” menu, there you need to choose “Enhance Scans”, and perform OCR on the added image

Save as Excel:

Save the newly converted document and just choose Excel as the output format

5. Theonlineconverter:

It is an online service that is designed specifically for converting files without any cost. Get its designated image to Excel converter for extracting contextual data from images and let it store it into an editable Microsoft Excel file.

Visit Website:

  • Go to official website using your web-based browser and fetch its photo to excel Converter

Copy and paste or Upload the Image:

  • Copy and paste or simply directly upload images using preferred options

Click Convert and Start Conversion:

  • Click on the “Convert” button to start the images to Excel spreadsheet files conversion process.

Receive Excel Output:

  • Once processed, download all newly converted MS Excel spreadsheets with extracted data at once

6. Convertio:

If you’re seeking a simple, but efficient online tool with advanced OCR capabilities, then Convertio is the best option for converting image text into Excel format:

Visit Convertio OCR:

  • Access “Convertio” OCR tool for text recognition

Upload Image:

  • Import the image file that contains the textual data

Select Output Format:

  • Make a selection for the MS Excel as the desired output (target) format

Initiate Conversion:

  • Click on the given “Convert” button to initiate the OCR transformation process regarding image to excel

Download Excel File:

  • Right after completion of the conversion, download the Excel file that contains the extracted text

7. Microsoft Excel (Built-in OCR):

The great thing is that Microsoft Excel itself comes with OCR functionality for image to text file conversion. The given steps assist you to turn image textual data into editable MS Excel using Excel’s built-in function:

Open Excel:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel on your PC or device

Insert Image:

  • Navigate to the “Insert” tab, click on the “Object” option, and choose the “From Scanner or Camera” option

Follow On-Screen Instructions:

  • Follow the on-screen instructions that assist you in importing the image and turning it into Excel

8. Online-Convert:

This is a full-fledged online comprehensive solution that offers advanced OCR capabilities regarding text-based extraction. Here’s how to process image to excel conversions with this online service:

Visit Online-Convert Website:

  • Fetch this online service “Online-Convert”

Select OCR Category:

  • Now, make a selection for the “OCR” category that is provided under the “Document Converter” section

Upload Image:

  • Upload (import) the image file and choose the OCR settings as your preference

Convert and Download Excel File:

  • Hit the “Start Conversion” button and simply download (save) the Excel file after conversion

9. Cardscanner:

Cardscanner, known for its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionalities, the best way to extract text from images, scanned files, or documents. It is also capable of turning image textual data into MS Excel using image to excel converter.

Visit Website:

  • Open the browser and move to “” website

Upload Image:

  • Select and drop the images into the main toolbox

Click Convert & Perform OCR:

  • Click on the “Convert” button and let this online tool process OCR-based JPG to Excel file transformation

Save Excel File:

  • Save the Microsoft Excel files at once, just click on the Download All button

10. FreeOCR:

FreeOCR is indicated as the lightweight desktop-based tool for converting images to excel with ease. The following steps assists in exporting image textual data as Excel file.

Download and Install FreeOCR:

  • Download FreeOCR from its official website and install it into your system

Open Image in FreeOCR:

  • Launch this program and open the image file in this program

Initiate OCR Process:

Make an instant click on the given “OCR” button for commencing the image to excel transformation

Review and Save Text:

  • Review the newly generated text, make essential edits, and save it in MS Excel or other preferred file types

Wrapping it up:

The conversion of images and textual data into editable MS Excel files has become a streamlined and efficient process. Thus, we convey humble thanks to a variety of converters that let you make these conversions efficiently with advanced OCR capabilities. No matter what reason you are prone to extracting data from images, the above-mentioned OCR-based image to excel converters provide you with the ease of fetching data. Proceed with these tools for enhancing data accessibility and management, even if they work best for swiftly analyzing the extracted data.