How to check if my Phone has been cloned?

How to check if my Cell phone is cloned?
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How to check if my Phone has been cloned?

Cell phones have been quite popular and common due to advancements in digitization. They are an essential part of our lives, and we store all the sensitive and private data on our phones.

Like all other technologies, cell phones, too, have their positive and negative aspects. People can easily communicate and perform their activities, like snapping a fingertip, helping bring the world into a global village.

But talking of negativity, using a cell phone can be vulnerable to your privacy. Due to the increase in phone cloning, surveillance programs, spying software, and many hackers, it’s virtually impossible to be secure with growing technologies. 

People can clone someone’s cell phone to see text messages and other data remotely. Hackers can easily clone a cellphone using powerful tools and techniques, and the blog will help you prevent and check if your Phone is cloned. 

What is Cell phone cloning?

Cell phone cloning

Cell Phone cloning is copying one Phone’s identity to another cell phone, which is done to make unauthorized use of the Phone’s sensitive data. People clone a cell phone to steal an identity and monitor the user’s daily activities, causing fraud and scams.

 Cloning also includes stealing the IMEI number from the target’s SIM cards, and the phone numbers are later used to activate cell phones or SIM cards. After cloning the target phone, criminals can access all the necessary data of their cell phones, including text messages, financial details, call history, social media, and other activities. 

Hackers can easily access your sensitive information, keep an eye on your daily activities, and even track your Phone’s messages by cloning your cell phone. Cloning apps can also track someone’s location on an iPhone or spy on a Samsung Mobile Phone. The biggest worry about your privacy is that high-end cloning can follow your microphones and camera on your device. 

Due to the increase in phone cloning, you need to be safer than ever as cloning  has become much cheaper and less complicated. The primary approach of cell phone cloning is to steal data, make fraudulent phone calls, and gain financial benefits. 

How do phones get cloned?

The mobile phones have SIM card’s IMEI numbers that are protected by secret codes that protect them from vulnerability. However, if an individual can remove the SIM card and enable the SIM card reader, it can easily copy the credentials to load onto a blank SIM. 

Mobile identification and Electronic Serial numbers are required if you try to clone a phone, and the real owner will receive bills and have to bear other financial costs. 

 Someone can clone your cell  phone  by cracking the cellular network, hacking through cell phones, or making wrecking cell phone companies or re-sellers. Cloning is also done to track phone calls, monitor texts, view social media activities, and track location with the assistance of spy apps.

Cloning may have been successful, but it is beyond the reach of normal people due to the involvement of difficult techniques. But due to technological advancements, there are powerful tools and software to clone targeted phones.

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What are the signs that your Phone is cloned?

Signs of cell phone cloninh

Here are a few signs to tell if someone cloned your Phone,

Logged out of Accounts

If you are logged out of your accounts, including Gmail, social media, or other apps, you could be the victim of phone cloning. Intruders may need to access your security codes to access your accounts. 

Getting random texts 

 If You get a random text message requesting you to restart your cell phone, you should be concerned about your privacy. This is the most obvious sign that your cell phone or SIM is cloned. 

Different locations

Getting different cell phone locations on the navigation tools, Find my iPhone or Google’s Find My Device, can be a warning sign of phone cloning for the users. However, there is a higher chance the hacker should disable the feature. 

Updated SIM card

If your credentials are operated on another cell phone, you should get a letter from you provided that your SIM card has been upgraded. This is a red flag if you haven’t done changes to the device. 

Battery drainage

Suppose your Phone’s battery performance is bad compared to before, and you constantly face battery drainage problems even without being active. In that case, there is a reason to be concerned, and cloning apps running in the background without your consent can decrease your battery life.

High data usage

Higher phone data usage could be a genuine reason for being suspicious about cloning. Due to high data usage, even when you are not using apps or sites more. Spies often get their information with the help of your Phone’s mobile data. You should track your network usage regularly to eliminate unusual fluctuations in your data.

Unrecognized bills 

Another possibility your device is cloned is if you get Calls or texts on your mobile phone bill that you are unaware of. All the incoming calls and texts are enabled from your cloned Phone. It would be better to keep an eye on mobile bill payments and monitor when you pay out. 

Activities on standby

When the Phone is on and is not in use, the occurrence of some unusual activities, sending messages, receiving notifications, or high activity of your Phone without your usage, surely someone is remotely tracking your device.

Phone overheating

Some phone cloning apps and tools  run unknowingly in the Phone’s background without users’ consent. If your Phone is abnormally overheating without huge usage, you should be concerned about something suspicious on your device. 

Unexpected reboots 

A phone cannot reboot without the user’s permission, and if your Phone is facing this problem, then surely someone is getting unauthorized access. Rebooting is often done to fix spyware apps’ bugs if done anonymously.

The Phone is laggy and crashes all the time

If your Phone is hacked and getting increasingly slower and apps you are using are crashing from time to time, then you should be concerned about it. Older and low-end devices can also be the reason for lagging and crashing, but if you know how your Phone usually performs, you can easily differentiate.

Rooted or jailbroken device

If your Phone is rooted or jailbroken without authorization, there is a high chance your Phone is cloned. Rooting or jailbreaking will allow users to install unauthorized apps from stores, which people can easily use to clone them.

How to prevent cell phone cloning?

prevent from cell phone cloning

Here are some signs to prevent cell phone cloning,

Keep a strong passcode

It might be surprising, but cloning is more likely to be done by your close ones. So, keeping a strong passcode or changing them should be a higher priority. Setting up complicated passcodes can help prevent cloning , and spies  will find it hard to implicate cloning  tools on your device.

Install security application

Getting a security application or Antivirus can prevent your iPhone or Android phone from getting cloned. These applications will detect suspicious activities or any new app installed on your cell phone.

Update cell phone and applications

Another simple method to keep you away from being spied on can be saving your Phone up to date, helping you prevent newly developed or old versions of cloning tools   from entering your privacy. 

Using Anti-spyware tools

Scanning your cell phone with the help of anti-malware or anti-spyware can remove your doubt. These applications will help your device avoid third-party apps or any vulnerable apps that threaten your privacy, keeping your device more secure.


With a virtual private network, you can encrypt possible data and resources you are using online on your cell phone. VPN or similar encrypted tools can help; you become relieved of any privacy breach of your activities over the internet.

 Two-factor authentication

Keeping two-factor authentication can increase the players’ barrier to reaching out to your sensitive data. Whenever you log in to other devices while using some apps or sites, it will need your permission or some code to continue the process. 

Factory resetting your cell phone

If you are still suspicious of others cloning your cell phone and have tried all the techniques, it would be better to factory reset your Phone. Factory resetting your cell phone will erase all your data and applications. Before erasing your Phone, you can back up your needed credentials and other data.

Check your device’s microphone, camera, and location usage

If you doubt someone cloned your Phone, you can manually check through settings or use dedicated software, which applications access your microphone, GPS location, and camera.


We believe this blog will help you determine the potential signs and prevention methods of phone cloning. You need to be aware and vigilant of the vulnerability and threats to your sensitive information. Protecting your IMEI credentials, checking the carrier texts, and installing security applications would be better to avoid this situation. 

If you are concerned that your Phone has been cloned, it would be best to contact your mobile service provider asap. They can detect and block cloned mobile phones with the help of a unique radio fingerprint independent of the serial number. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do people clone a phone?

There are multiple ways you can get access to the target phone. SIM card duplication, powerful spyware, and IMEI hijacking are some techniques to clone a phone.

Is it possible to clone the latest smartphones?

Many phone manufacturers have developed advanced methods to prevent any possible vulnerability on your cell phones. You can get notified of any suspicious activities on your cell phones. However, you still need to be aware of sophisticated tools that leave no trace. You can be subject to identity theft, data breach, blackmail, or other threats. 

When someone clones your Phone, what can they see?

The hackers will be able to monitor,

  • Location
  • Incoming and outgoing calls and texts
  • Social Media Activities
  • Keyloggers and credentials

Can someone clone my Phone remotely?

Technological advances make it very much possible to clone your Phone remotely. There is a higher chance of exploitation in the existing protocol used for over-the-air carrier updates, and older phones are even more vulnerable to cloning. Spy apps, data transfer apps, and Bluetooth cloning can clone your Phone remotely.